transforming into ashley crossdresser

durring the day,i'm working i'm dressed in my work clothes,but when I come home I take a hot bath washing all over my body,then shave my legs,arms chest,and face.I even add babyoil in the water so that my skin becomes soft.then I will clean myself ass inside/out.then as i'm drying off i'll start ptting on my makeup,this takes me about an hour,I like taking my time so that my makeup looks perfect,so that when I put my wig on I'll have that female look.then go in the bedroom pick out something to wear.I more less like wearing short miniskirt,to feel a brezze up my skirt,such a turn on.but first I'll put on a lacy bra garterbelt matching panties,and stockings.then skirt,and dressing in black,and when i'm all i'm finshed,which takes all of 1hr/haft,i'll turn to the mirror and gaze at myself to see that I look passable.its amazing how I can change from being a guy,to being a female.Ilove it.start rubbing myself,caressing my breast,as I look in the mirror,going down my legs,then pulling up my skirt around my waist.looking in the mirror and seeing this hot girl playing with herself,pulling out her cock and rubbing it to get it hard.sticking fingers in my ass at the same time.then I'll sit in my chair,and stradle it with a dildo,and fuck myself till I cum,then taste my own cum.think I much rather be a female,than a male.for along time I felt trap,like i'm in the wrong body.I like both men and women,tv's ts's,and cd's,when it comes to to be able to live as female full time.I do not want to take hormon pills,just be natural.and I know that there are others that are like me.
89% (9/1)
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5 months ago
me to, trapped
2 years ago
I wish I could live that life...but alas I have flatmates :(
2 years ago
awwww HUUUGS!
2 years ago
wow what a home life