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my desires as a cd girl

my name is ashley,its not a stage name its my real name,see it works bothways.for along time since I started dressing up as a female,I've had these desires to work in adult movies,watching porn has made me want to become an actress.when I'm watching ,I see myself as one of the tgirls getting her as fuck,or sucking on some cock,I see me.I see me taking a cock in my mouth,as well as my ass,or getting stuffed by 2 cocks,or having a group of guys banging me,taking all of there cum.or I'm with a real woman,and we fck each other.and knowing that millions of ppl are watching,getting off on me,would be such a turn on.and i have so many wonderfull ideas for a movie title.title like my first time,my roommate a cd,or oler men/with youger cd girls.i've even have desires of becoming a real girl,wishing I could live a day as a womanwanting to have another woman touch me,fell me,show me how it feels to be a lesbian .useing strapon,and dildo's on my hot pussy,or even geing gangbang my a group of men,as there fucking with there cocks,exploding there hot cum all over my face,mouth,and lips,as I swallow there is though,i'm trap in the wrong body.I feel as I was ment to be a girl.its my desire to become a beutifull young sexy girl.
Posted by blonde68 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Super hot!