crossdresser ashley[this my story]

hi my name is ashley,I'm 48,and have been crossdrssing since I was 14.its about the time I discover masturbation.when ever I would take a bath or a shower I would take out of the hamper my s****r panties and bra sit the and stroke my cock thru the material.often I'd find a pair of pantyhose,and would slip them on.felt so hot wearing them,I even wore them to school.lot times if no one was home I would sneek down to our shop that we had out back where you could not see it.inside I would strech out on the table and rub my cock getting it nice and hard sticking a finger in my ass,it felt strange,but it also felt good.I mean I like girls,but here I am putting there clothes on.don't think anyone supected anything going on.few later after my s****r had move out she had left a few hings behind including her majorett outfits,there were two of was a two pease set solid gold,and the other was a one peasr that was gold/green with white boots,naturly I'd tryed them on,look very hot in them,did this while no one was at home.few years later I was out on my on,and had allready started buying female attire.there a feeling you get when you dress up,it totaly does sothing to you.the way the stocking clasping against your legs feels like a cool breaze,and the way a bra feels ,hugging your chest,or a corset for that matter.and the panties,a wide varity of panties,and style.the way they ride up your ass,rubbing yourself,looking in the mirror,gazing at your image as you see yourself as a girl.over the years I've had a lot of fun crossdressing,and lots of hot sex.and judging from my favorite video collection tells what I like.and strange as it sounds somtimes when ever I watch a video.especaily old/younger lesbians I fantasize that I'm the younger girl,being sedused by the older woman.I even imagine i'm being fuck by a hot guy as he's banging my pussy.feeling that cock going in/out of me,spwewing his cum on my pussy.but some day,I 'd like to find a woman who could teach me to be,and feel like a woman.well this was my story,love to hear your comments on this story.
73% (7/3)
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2 years ago
awww nice lil testimonial