cruisin the park for sex

when I started crossdressing,I was bout 15,a few later I got my own place,and was able to do more,except getting in clubs.I was 19yrs old when I got my first appartment,and was not able to get in,cause at the time,the drinking age was 21.and the club,Call club park avenue,hottest gay cub in town,well it was the only one.well I would crise the park where the club was,which was uptown in a very nice on fridays,and sats nights,I drive around the park looking for hot guys to have sex withI would all way wear a short sexy skirt,and a low cut top,under that a bra,panties,matching gartbelt,and lace stockings.first time I hook with this guy,who live close by the park,we got to talking,and before we knew we were back at his place,he was hot,6ft,200pds with a 10inch cock.myself standing without heels 5ft9,with 6ft,strawberry blonde hair,32-30-34,8inch cockhe kissed with tenderly,and slowly,telling me how hot I lookpulling off my top,to suck on my tits,going back up to my lips,my neck,ears.I started to take his clothes off,wanting to see that cock,he then reach down to pull down my panties,and took my cock into his mouth,oh it felt good,as he was licking the shaft going all the way to my balls,then to my ass,he was tell me how much he wanted to fuck me,I said well we first got to get your cock wet,and hard,so he got up,and stood in front me wear I was on my knees licking,and sucking his cock,he was turning on so much that I couldn't get enough sucking his cock.then I was ready to take his cock,he got on top,and slide his cock deep inside,he started slow,i was alittle tight,and was going take while to get me loose.he then flip me over got behind me slide his cock in,grabing my ass cheeks,and started pounding his cock,grinding into it,telling how good it felt in my pussy,he treated like a girl should be treatedhe fuck me like this for along time,I then got up to suck his cock some more,wanted to keep him going,then I got on top,and sat on his cock,oh your cock feels good,i'm going fuck that cock hard,going to ride like a cowgirl.I then jump off him to suck him some more,then I got him to fuck me doggystyle,till he was ready to cum,and when he did ,he came real good,and he was a heavy loader,shooting cum in my ass.he pulled out,came around and watch me cum,while I suck,and clean his cock,he came some more in my mouth,sqirting some on my face,my lipswe took a breack,he wanted more,we end up having sex all night.since then,I continue to cruise the park,till I was able to get in the club,but beats that first time in the park.
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2 years ago
i love the park ;))
2 years ago
thanks for posting sweetie!