The GloryHole [true story]

one evening,I was feeling realy horny,so I got dressed to go to the local adult x store.wearing nothing than a strapless black lace corset,no panties,short mini skirt,and a pair of thigh high boots.and went with a short blonde wig.well walking thru the door,I turn to the left wear the door stood to the rooms,I could tell it was crowded,and there were alot of guys either standing around,or walking.well I found myself a cubicle,and went inside,slip a few bucks in to turn on video.a few seconds later I had a big cock sliding thru the hole as I reach down to pull it in my mouth licking it,and stroking this big hard cock,then I heard him asking if he could join me,I say he came in he shuts the door,comes up behind me running his tounge behind my ear,asking if these were my wife clothes I was wearing,told him no,that they were mine,and that I love dressing,and acting like a woman.he percided to pull my skirt up sliding his big cock up,and down the back of my ass,which was getting wet,he then push his cock inside of my ass,and started to fuck me me,slow at first.just then a nother cock comes sliding thru the hole,I started to suck this cock off,while being fuck by another.and he fuck me for along time,I must have sucked more than 15 cocks,while this guy was fucking me,he ask wear would you like me to cum,I told him wear ever you like,just then I could feel his cock swell up,and soon I felt his hot load shooting up my ass,could feel it running down my legs,as I was coverd in cum,my mouth,lips ,and my was the best session I'VE had in along time.thought about going one night as slutty schoolgirl,but that will be another story.
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1 year ago
love the story wish i could find you there.
2 years ago
same here ;))
2 years ago
Done that quit a few times myself.
2 years ago
liked this story