Love and revenge

It had been agreed.

That was the only thought that she could hold in her mind to give her the slightest comfort. Everything else about her present situation was certainly far from that.


It was a Thursday, of all days, when she returned home early from work following a particularly quiet shift at the hotel. Her mind had been full of all the usual sick fantasies that her loving husband knew nothing about. It had already been 6 months since she had walked into the hotel kitchen to witness Claude the head chef brutally b**sting the new waitress Dani. They had been lost in sweat and slapping thrusts, so she had escaped unnoticed - her accidental trip to becoming voyeur remaining secret - yet she had seen enough to know that Dani was taking it in the ass. And loving it.

She hadn't even made it halfway home that day before she had to pull the car into a lay-by and get herself off hard. Three juddering orgasms, and the last with her thumb jammed into her tightest hole. That experience had formed her first journal entry, and she was keen to get back to writing about her latest sordid mental adventure.

Thursday afternoon and all was well. She opened her bottom drawer and immediately knew that she had been discovered. The small leather book was in its usual place, but something was wrong. She remembered placing her tiniest red thong in there that morning - in preparation for her "dress up and blow" night for Adam the following evening. Looking around, she noticed the thong on the bed and she didn't have to investigate further to know that it was soaked with cum.



Adam whistled contentedly as he applied the finishing touches to the cellar. It had been a long and fruitful day, and he had tried to remove the manic smirk that had appeared in the mirror when he caught his own reflection. She can't know. It has to be this way.

He briefly considered sweeping up the sawdust that resulted from his efforts, but felt that it lent an earthy element to the scene. Oh, how his perfect little slut whore of a wife must have felt through these years of frustration. When he himself had craved the self-same things. The irony was perfect. Well, almost perfect. If Linda hadn't decided to get down on her knees and suck off her boss to keep her job, that was. But things would soon be balanced. Nicely balanced.

A noise from upstairs made him stop suddenly. She was back. A dark grin oozed onto his face as he wondered about her reaction to the thong. It was his little clue to her. His one concession to giving fear. Now was the time to "make it up to her"


They made love that night. Adam apologised for the stains on her thong, explaining that he had been bored and horny and just wanted something of Linda's to help him get off. "I feel guilty watching porn without you," he said.

Linda was still on edge, but realised that she was going to have to keep her fantasies in her head. It was the most tender experience of her life. He had been so gentle. So giving. So fucking boring. But she appreciated these loving moments. She had cum because he had played with her clit toward the end. She had felt nothing close to passion. Maybe it was time for a rethink.


She didn't even have to get on her knees on Friday. Adam worked late, and then worked on his damn trains in the cellar. She brought herself off 3 times and didn't even think about the noise. The neighbours should have heard her, but Adam didn't even notice. Fucking typical. When she heard footsteps in the hallway, she didn't even get under the covers or adjust her skirt.

"What do you want?" Her tone was more bitter than she had intended, and she bit her lip as she silently cursed herself.

Adam strolled into the room and looked her over. Slowly. Lasciviously. There was some new expression on his face. She felt ashamed of her exposure now, and pulled her skirt down to cover her naked sex.

"Just to know if you're all talk or if you can live up to something." His voice was leaden.

"Adam? Are you OK?"

"Open the drawer, Linda"

Shit. This was it. Had she written about her boss? Fuck, she had. "Adam, I... I like to fantasise... I'm sorry!" She realised her voice was trembling.

"Sorry? For this?" He pulled her journal - her PRIVATE journal - out of his pocket. "Tell me. And tell me truthfully... is this what you want?"

The moment of silence could have been an hour. Truth was the only option.

"Yes, Adam. It is. It's what I've always needed. And you are just too..."

She hadn't noticed him move towards her. He had known this would come, and had been waiting for it. He lunged across at her and jammed his open hand over her mouth.

"Listen to me, Linda. Easy questions. Yes or no answers, OK?"

Her heart beat traitorously against her ribs as she realised she felt fear for this gentle man of love. What was happening to her...


Linda's lips were too muffled to speak, so she nodded her head dumbly.


Tears welled in her eyes. Earlier, she had considered leaving him. Now, he was the only thing she had ever wanted. And he would go.

Again, she nodded.

"So it's agreed then?"

A single tear spilled down her cheek and onto his hand. Oh, God... was he enjoying this?

He removed his hand and licked at the tear.

"Adam, I don't know what you mean" Her voice was small, c***d-like and frightened.

"Everything you want is in there. And you get it all. Agreed?"

Linda's thoughts raced... what the hell had she written about? There was so much...

"Concentrate, Linda... You have 5... 4... 3... 2..."

"YES... yes, yes, yes Adam... just stop acting this way. Yes, anything, yes"


The backhanded slap had knocked her out cold. Her head was still fuzzy at the edges, but she now knew what was happening. And where she was. When was the last time she had been in this cellar?

He had made some adaptations, to put it mildly. She was in stocks - improvised from a workbench and too tight around her neck and wrists. She was facing the walk-in cupboard, so the main cellar door was to her right. There was something sharp under each foot, so she was f***ed to stand on tiptoe to avoid the pain. That had been Adam's little wake-up present.

Her head was at crotch level. That'll be the throat-fucking, she thought, without humour. She could feel something in her ass. Butt plug. Tick 2 off the list. Ass-r****g will be 3. Oh, God. Well, maybe it was what she needed. If she managed to survive, that was. She realised how clinical her thoughts were. Maybe this should just have been fantasy. Too late now.

As her thoughts raced, Adam stood and watched through a crack in the door. He was a little disappointed to see that she had given up the struggle so quickly. Well, that would change.

Entering the room, he approached her directly from the front for the first time. She was speaking, but he couldn't even understand the words. Something whiny. Something needy.

"Stick out your tongue, cunt."

The silence was perfect. Her tongue came out slowly, but obediently enough. Ahhh, bless - she thinks I'm gonna fuck her throat. Maybe... NO! Dammit, need to keep control.

He ignored her facial puzzlement as he removed her tongue stud. In its place, he threaded a hook. The hook was fastened to elastic, which in turn was fastened to a collar. He fixed the collar in place and slowly let the elastic tighten between neck and tongue. God, he was proud of that. Within seconds, her drool had begun to gather around the hook.

He blindfolded her. The hood was too much. She needed to smell and taste the air. Besides, the view of her tongue hanging like a bitch on heat was fucking hot.

Self-control, he reminded himself. And then opened the door to the cupboard inset into the wall.

The soundproofing had silenced the struggles of the girl inside. She was chained head to foot and suspended from the roof of the cupboard. A ball gag was firmly wedged into her mouth.

"Come on in, my dear. I'd like you to meet my wife."

Blind and effectively dumb, Linda could only imagine what was going on. She realised that her ears were her only conduit to her surroundings. She sank into a cold dread. Who the hell was there? Was it anyone at all?

The clink of chain and the sound of a muffled female grunt confirmed that they were not alone. What was Adam thinking? What would she have to do with this stranger? And why was the cold turning to heat inside of her?


Adam took his time with the pretty little brunette. As soon as he had seen the look in her eyes, he had known that she was a deviant little sub. He had given this up years ago to be with Linda, but he still had the knack. After a single drink, he had asked her straight out - "You're a dirty little subbie, aren't you?" The girl had nearly choked on her drink. The conversation afterward had been brief, courteous, and full of
detail. She had agreed to it all.

He had chained her carefully and hobbled her with a leg spreader. When he pulled her forwards and lowered her to the ground, her breasts swayed pleasingly. So here it was - chalk and cheese. Well, not so different after all. But this was the last time that his wife could have pretensions of innocence.

With her long blonde-ish hair, small breasts, slim hips and long, long legs, Linda was the stereotypical English rose. Thin lips that flushed into sensuality with every orgasm. And a completely naked and hairless little pussy. If only she knew his plans. Allowing himself a quick look behind the stocks, he was unsurprised to see that her nipples were hard and there was already a faint smell of her sex in the air.

The girl was a stark physical contrast to his wife. The only similarity was their tone. Both were trim around the waist and had firm bodies. The girl was firmer though. And shorter. At only 5'2", he towered over her. Her short brown hair only just covered her ears. He didn't mind this at all, as he liked to watch her ample, firm breasts sway in front of him. She couldn't have been more than 20 years old. He
realised that he had forgotten to ask her age. Ah, fuck it - she's old enough to want it and experienced enough to know what it is she wants!

So, one english rose... one latino little girl. A girl who had already signed a play contract, and a wife who would deserve everything she got.

As he pulled the hood over the girl's pretty face, he removed the gag and brought her to her knees with a clank of chain and a the sharp sound of her breath being caught. Linda was beginning to struggle a little now, trying to talk. Adam grinned broadly at the blinded captives. He was smug again at the thought of the velcro mouth hole in the hood. Re-sealable. Perfect.

Last two touches. He reached for the weapon of choice and flicked the switch so that the room was flooded in an unforgiving white light.


He had to suppress a snigger as both captives tried to answer. One muffled by hood, one trying to move her tongue through her own drool. He moved to his "darling wife" and removed the blindfold.

"You're not going to like this, Linda"

He knelt in front of her as her startled eyes began to find focus. He knew he would be silhouetted in the light behind him, and also positioned himself so Linda could see the naked, kneeling girl.

"You're my wife, Linda. So it's only fair and loving of me to let you know what to expect. I'm going to use that girl in all the ways I am going to use you. And you are going to watch. If you turn away or close your eyes, I will beat her with this."

Adam held the riding crop aloft. Bringing it down slowly and with love, he gently slid the length of the handle across Linda's tongue, coating it in her saliva. Carefully soaking the tip of the crop, he then moved behind her to where she couldn't see and brought the crop down only once. Hard. Far TOO hard on Linda's right buttock. She gave a gargling scream and closed her eyes tightly to try to block out the pain. She
couldn't even bite! It was all she could do.

He was expecting this, and had moved quickly to the girl and Linda only registered the sound after the third or fourth scream from the girl. She opened her eyes wide and made urgent noises - gutteral, a****l sounds - to demand his attention. She was watching! Watching everything! My God, this crazy fuck was going to beat this girl half to death if she didn't watch every move. And still, her juices betrayed her mind.

"Good girl, Linda! Now, bitch. Oh, sorry - the bitch in the hood. You know the rules about talking, don't

The hooded figure gave an exaggerated nod. "That's right - bad girls only talk with their mouth full"

"Remember this, Linda?" he stripped off his top and unfastened his zip. Linda couldn't help but ogle at the cock she had known for so long. It was at its fullest and hardest - like he was about to cum already. It stood hard and unwaving in the light. An ugly thing, a thing that would no doubt violate her in ways she had confined to fantasy for all this time. A tear escaped each eye and cast a glistening trail down each cheek. Her mind screamed for an end, and her body screamed for more. Her body was winning. She began to
cry softly even as she realised that she was bucking her ass like a mating bitch.

Adam crowed to himself. He maintained his smug exterior, but he was loving this more than he thought possible. And despite his wife's reservations, he knew her body better than anyone on earth. He could tell just from the flush in her cheek how much she was enjoying this. And damn... he really wanted those tears to wash away his cum from her face...

But self-control is key! He opened the mouth-hole and roughly jabbed his cock inside. First thrust must have almost bruised the girl's cheek, he thought. Oh, well. God loves a trier. He withdrew and jabbed again, carelessly. This time, she had positioned her mouth well and the top few inches of his cock felt her hot wet mouth. He squeezed the base of his cock to make it throb in her mouth and turned to face Linda.

"That feels so good." He was looking deeper into her eyes than she had ever known. "So, damn good. Now, whore... the whore sucking my cock... say thank you to my wife for watching and keeping her eyes open so that you don't feel that crop anymore."

A gargling "haaanng hoo" came from the hood. Linda finally felt her juices on her inner thigh. The horniest she had ever been before this without being touched was when she saw the chef sodomising the waitress. This felt a hundred times more intense. The thought combined with the view in front of her made her crave cock in her ass. She had never done it. And now she felt her puckered hole opening and clenching again as though it was trying to accept an invisible guest.

Adam was happily fucking the girl's mouth as he watched Linda's reaction. With every thrust, he got a little deeper. Deeper and deeper still. There was only another inch to go and the little cunt would be gobbling all 9 inches. Only one thing for it then. He withdrew, instructed her to catch her breath and thrust slowly and completely into her throat. She gagged horribly and he withdrew. "Here it comes again. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." and he slammed it back into her throat.

He wondered if his wife could take much more. He would see.

Picking the girl up, and using the cuffs behind her back as leverage, he bent her over in profile and shuffled her sideways until her left buttock was touching Linda's left cheek. Breathing deeply, there was no more time for words.
Adam slopped up some of his wife's drool and smeared it into the girl's ass. Then, using the same fingers, repeated the motion until Linda could see the spit drip down over the back of the girl's hairy pussy. He pushed his cock close to his wife's face and she was horribly surprised at the joy that surged through her at the thought of tasting him at last.

But something changed. He stopped, and dipped his fingers into her mouth again to slick them all and transfer the lube to his swollen head. He positioned the girl carefully so that Linda was practically looking into her anus and then lined up with the hole. He didn't even pause. He just thrust in as far as he could, and this brought a scream from the hood. Out a little, in a lot. Another scream. And a sob. And then a moan.

Fingers in his wife's mouth again. This time the lube to the base of his cock as the rest of it continued its fuck of the ass. Almost as quiet as breathing, he paused and murmured "5, 4, 3..."

After one, he rammed the full length into the girl and kept slamming harder... and harder... and harder into her. Her screams were surreal. The occasional sound could have been misconstrued as pleasure, but could it be? Linda could smell the sweat of her husband's balls mixed with the dirtiness of the stranger and the almost familiar smell of juice. The girl's juice. Oh, God... she was loving it! This time, Linda wriggled so much that the pins under her feet fell to the floor. She feel to her knees and rose up again... wanton and abandoned. Her dumb noises ever more desperate and without care.

Then there was a hand in her hair and Adam was shouting "I'm cumming in this cunt's ass. And you're next, bitch!"

The girl continued to scream, but to Linda it was muted. She would taste his cum from her ass. It was the
final humiliation. And she was ready. Yes... he was making her bend over in front of her. Closer and closer
to her tongue. She would be unable to resist and she would reclaim his seed for her own. But no... he
stopped her. Millimetres from her tongue. No... surely not?

"Keep your fucking eyes open, Linda. You don't want me to make this bad for you, do you?"

She couldn't even look in his direction - she was mesmerised. And drop by drop, with agonising slowness, his semen began to drip out of the girl's ass to be soaked up and wasted on the sawdust of the floor beneath.

Adam uncuffed the girl and loosened her chains before laying her down on the floor and unfastening the spreader. There was tenderness in his voice as he said "Ahhh, you've been a good little cunt. You can play with yourself now." The hooded girl needed no second invitation, and began to work on her clit in earnest.

He moved across to his wife and unhooked her tongue. Fuck, that hurt. And she still couldn't speak. There were no words. And more to the point, her tongue was numb and her throat was bone dry. Now he would f***e her to clean him. Maybe she would even be his toilet.

Wrong again. He moved to the girl and lifted up the bottom of the hood to allow his wife a look as he slipped his cock into her mouth again to be licked and cleaned almost lovingly.

Linda found voice at last... "Get her out of here and fuck me.. please fuck me. Oh, fuck it - let her watch! I don't care. Just fuck me anywhere. Touch me, dammit. Please.... PLEASE FUCK ME!!!" She was beyond the point of shocking herself. She was need and need was all. And the little bitch was about to get off!

As the girl became more frantic, Adam shouted over the moans around his cock as he removed the hood...

"You know Dani, don't you - don't you two work together?"


The tears were streaming freely now as Adam led Dani to the door to exit the cellar. As he opened it, he turned and gave a wink. "I'll see you on Monday. And don't forget to add all of your dirty little thoughts to your journal."


There were... no.. were there? Figures in the doorway?

Adam's final words were unclear. But later, she could have sworn that they were "You heard the lady. Fuck her up, boys"

Adam left, his last words echoing in her mind.
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3 years ago
excellent but what happened next to her?????
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Thanks guys - just let me know if you want any particular subjects covered and I'll get another one up! :D
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Outstanding story!
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Great story! you're a talented writer. thanks for the post.