s****r inlaw

My s****r-in-law, Terri whom I have fucked several times recently admitted to me that she had been having a fantasy of being fucked by two guys. I told her I knew someone who I was sure would jump at the chance. She told me to set it up and that she couldn’t wait. I called my buddy Chris whom I had been having three ways with him and his wife. I told him that Terri wanted to be fucked by two guys and since we had already tag teamed his old lady that I figured he would like to try it with Terri. Now Chris’s wife weighs about 110 lbs and Terri is pushing two twenty so this would be quite a change up for him. He agreed right away and from the bulge in his pants I could tell he was very excited. I asked if he needed any help taming that little b**st of his and he smiled and said that we might as well but Christie was out so it would just be us two. Oh well I was horny as hell too so we went inside and got naked and started to “help” each other out. We started by taking each others cocks into our hands and started to crank each other’s cock off. Soon we were both getting quite into this and I suggested we get into a 69 and suck each other off. We had both sucked the other off before but not at the same time so this would be cool. I got on the floor cock up and Chris climbed on top of me and put his hard cock into my mouth. He slowly eased it all the way down my throat and then laid across me and took my cock into his hand and started to jerk and blow me. I tool his ass into my hands and held on as he fucked my face. We had agreed to try and time our ejaculations to happen at the same time so I told him that I was getting close. He stiffened his ass muscles and grunted that he too was about to cum. I thrust my cock up into his mouth and grabbed his ass and worked my tongue all over his pud. I groaned that I was cumming and he also grunted he was too. As I felt my cum start to rise up my shaft I also felt his cock start to jerk and that was followed by a warm sticky stream of his cum. I pulled him all the way into my throat and milked him with my throat muscles. I started to pump my cum into his mouth and we both just jerked and grunted end emptied our seed into each other’s mouths. He rolled off of me and I looked at him with a grin as sum of my cum leaked down his chin. I mentioned how much fun it was gonna be when we fucked Terri and he smiled and said he was game as soon as we could set it up.

I called Terri that evening and told her about Chris. She knew him from way back and she said that she approved very much and that she would be making a visit to our town that next weekend. Great that was the weekend my wife worked so we could do this at our place. I called Chris and set it up for that Saturday morning.

Terri was the first to arrive so we both got naked and started to make out. About five minutes later the doorbell rang and I suggested that she answer it and surprise Chris with her nakedness. I followed her watching her ample ass wiggle as she walked sexily to the door. She flung to door open and Chris almost fell over when he saw her naked body. He was staring at her ample breasts and her hairy pussy. He looked over at me and saw my hard on. He asked if we had started without him and I told him we had just been making out. Terri started to rub her hand up and down the front of his jeans and I knew he was getting rather uncomfortable. I suggested we get him naked as soon as possible and then get to the business of fucking Terri’s brains out. Terri gave me an evil grin and Chris climbed out of his clothes and his stiff wiener popped out and up. Terri slid down in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. Chris groaned and thrust his cock into her mouth. I mentioned that he tastes pretty good huh and she looked kinda surprised and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She asked if I had sucked Chris’s cock and I responded that I had and he had also sucked mine. We told her the story about how I had asked him to join us and what had happened and how we had been fucking his wife and she just beamed. She said that she wanted to get into a 69 with Chris and she pushed him to the ground. She climbed on top of him and I got behind her and watched as his face appeared between her legs. She started to gobble his cock and he looked up at me past her huge ass and I knew he was having a great time. He dove right into her cunt and soon his face was covered with her pussy juices. Well I couldn’t take anymore of this and so I lined my cock up with her pussy and I slid into her easily. I could feel Chris’s tongue on her clitty as he worked on her little bud while I plunged my cock in and out of her soppy cunt. I started to warn him that when she cums it is like a river but just then her ass tensed up and she came. Her pussy pushed my cock out and her cum sprayed out all over his face almost drowning him. He was sputtering and choking and I started to laugh. She rolled off of him and said that she was sorry but when she cums she really cums. I threw him a towel and he wiped his face off. I asked if he would like to fuck her now and he smiled and said he sure would. She turned around and climbed back on top of him and I helped to guide his cock into her soaking pussy. She sat down on him with a smack and I heard him grunt. He was used to fucking a woman half her size and he was kind of a little guy himself. Terri laughed and started to feed him one of her tittles. I was sitting there watching her ass rise and fall on his cock and I needed a place to put mine. I went around stuck my cock in their faces. They both started to lick up and down my shaft and Terri said that she wanted to see him suck my cock. He swallowed my whole and she groaned and ground her pussy down on his lap. I fucked Chris’s face for about a minute and then I said that this was supposed to be about the two of us fucking Terri so I pulled out and went back around to Terri’s ass. My cock was very wet from Chris’s mouth but I needed something else. I pulled Chris’s cock out of her pussy and he started to complain. I assured him it wasn’t permanent and I thrust my cock into Terri’s pussy and got my cock all soaking wet. I them pulled out and told Chris to go ahead and get back in and I dragged a bunch of pussy juices up to Terri’s asshole. Her little rosebud winked back at me and I started to push my cock into her ass. As soon as I was all the way in I could feel Chris’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I started to pump in and out of her ass and she responded by groaning and begging us to fuck her like the tramp she was. Chris’s face was buried in her ample cleavage and he was mauling her boobs and sucking her nipples. We were both fucking her fast now and Chris started to breathe hard and I recognized that he was about to cum. I picked up the pace and told Terri we were both about to pump our loads into her. She let out a wail and I felt her orgasm. He ass tightened up around my thrusting cock and she started to soak Chris’s nuts. Chris started to grunt and thrust as he emptied his nuts into her cunt. I grabbed her ass and slammed my cock as deep into her ass as I could and I emptied my balls into her as well. As soon as I had finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her ass and watched as sum of my cum leaked out and ran down onto Chris’s nuts. Terri pulled off of him and some of his cum leaked out onto his nuts as well. Terri turned around and saw our cum on his sack and she grabbed his softening cock and cobbled it up taking both of our sperm into her mouth. She looked up at me with cum all over her face and smiled.

We got into the shower to clean up and when we were done both Chris and I were raring to go again. Terri said that she wanted us to both cum all over her naked body and that she wanted us to really make a mess on her. We told her to get on the floor and we both started to take turns fucking her. I started and I thrust my cock into her pussy. I could feel some of Chris’s cum still in there and she was really gooey. I told her she was a dirty whore for letting us both fuck her like this and she rewarded me with a geyser of her cum as she had an intense orgasm. Her pussy pushed me out and I offered her wet puss to Chris. He climbed onto her and he looked kind of funny. It was like watching a stick fuck a pillow. He was so skinny and she is pretty big. She looked up at me as he fucked her pussy. She mouthed that she loved me and that kind of surprised me. We took several turns fucking her and when we were both close enough we told her that we were going to jerk each other’s cocks off and cum all over her. We kneeled one on each side of her with our cocks pointing at her tits and face. I took Chris’s cock and started to pump it and he did the same with mine. Terri stuck three of her fingers into her pussy and was figging herself and screaming for us to cum on her face. She then came again and as soon as she came down she said she wanted to pump our cocks. She took one in each hand and started to jerk us off fevorously. I started to grunt and very soon my cum shot out of my cock and landed all over her chest and face and hair. Christ started to moan and thrust and I watched as his cum sprayed out of his cock and also doused her face and hair. She let goof each of our puds and went for her pussy again and worked herself into a cum and Chris and I took our cocks and milked the rest of our sperm into her mouth. That was all we could stand and when we got cleaned up and Chris went home both Terri and I had to sl**p. When I woke up it was to Terri sucking my cock and after I dumped yet another load into her mouth she thanked me for a great time and she left. I then drifted off to sl**p once again and when I woke up an hour later my balls hurt but it was worth it.

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