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[image] old friend of mine I use to work with named Jim fucked My Wife Angel and yes he did fuck her bare back! she told him to put one on so i gave him the only one i had, he put it on and said "man let me in her first" i told him to give it to her! he was trying to fuck her but he was getting up set because he don't like the way they feel and steeped out of the way and i thought she must have dried out due to him rubbing her with his condom covered cock. but Angel's pussy was soaked with pussy juice, she was telling us that one of us need to fuck her so i slammed my cock in her and started fucking her! so jim was standing there cock in hand trying to get some kind of hardness was getting frustrated and said fuck this and went over to her face and told Angel " you pretty fucking slut suck me cock back hard" she was into the fucking i was giving her and didn't react so he grabbed her by the hair with 1 hand and with the other held his cock towards her mouth! as he pulled her head to his cock she opened her mouth and sucked his whole cock in. the harder i pound her the more he was getting into it, telling her he loved her juicy black lips wrapped around his big white cock and how much shes going to love it when he fuck the hell out of her married pussy. he kept asking her if she wanted his big cock in her pussy? she pulled her mouth off his cock and said i guess so. he then said to me move a side b*o i'm going to give her a guess so! i pumped her a few more times hard and deep telling her his cock is way bigger then mine and she agreed that it was and for him to hurry and wrap it up she was ready to cum again!!! he tapped me on the arm and whispered no more condoms! She like to play safe when it comes to fucking her because she was off of BC and it would be a prego risk. now me on the other hand i love to fuck a freshly creamed pussy so i pointed to the one he took off and had him fake like he was putting one on had the thing snapping like it was going on his cock tight. when i pulled out of her she was trying to look back to see if he had actually put it on he tossed the wrapper towards her so she would believe it was all good, she grab my cock and pulled me into her face and she pushed her ass back to Jim. i leaned over to hold her open thats when i saw how big his dick was! he was looking down at her spread open and asked her if she was ready for his 9" white monster she mumble um-mm um mm. he then slapped her ass and said slut i asked are you ready, she pulled her mouth off my cock and said yes yes i been ready!!!!! with that he ask me if is was sure about him fucking her bare? i just told him to pound my bitch's pussy like he own it! he rubbed it up and down a couple of time and then f***ed himself all the way in her ! she tried to moved but he said you are not going anywhere bitch! you wanted it now you are getting it!! she was moaning real loud and squeezing my cock harder every time he pulled out and slammed all the way back deep in her. he was saying "man shes working my cock with her pussy muscles" we can tell she was about to cum the way she was shaking so i started pulling and twisting her nipples , jim was slapping her ass hard making her beg for his cock!! she was screaming for him to fuck her harder as she was pushing her ass back to him! he kept tell me how much he he had in her and that he was hitting bottom! even told her that he couldn't put any more in her she was working her hips grinding him deeper she yelled for her slow down before he cum, she just kept going tell me she was cumming again! jim tried to hold her in place but that didn't work, she pulled her legs up hold him deep and rocked sideways. he grabbed her by the shoulders and was really driving into her i could hear they'er bodies slapping. he plunged one good time and yelled out here it comes you fucking slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was staring me in the eyes screaming she loved me! when her eyes opened up wide and had a scary look o her face! at the same time Jim was telling her he was filling her up with baby juice, she tried to get up but he held her tight saying don't move bitch til i'm done! he pulled his cock out slowly and i went to see how big of a mess he made! i was like fuck he really shot a huge load in her it was running out of her pussy landing on the carpet, he kept her bent over with his hand on her back as i took my cock scooped up some cum with the head of my cock and pushed it back in her!! i fucked her like a mad man for like 7 or 8 min when i couldn't hold it any longer and added my cum with his, she was breathing real hard and i laid on her back telling her how good she was and how much i loved her. jim said he had to get home to his wife and he had to work in the am. he put on his clothes and shook my hand and thanked me, he gave Angel and hug and kissed her deep as he held the back of her head and told her she was one hot piece of ass and he can't wait for the next time to fill her up! i walked him to the door locked it after he left . when i get back in the room Angel was looking at me with that Mad look on her face! i was like what?[/image]
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3 months ago
men there was to hot and realy nasty XD
4 months ago
great story! what a lucky guy you are to have such a dirty wife!
5 months ago
Sexy damned wife... we should double-down on her TOGETHER. I'll bet she looks GOOD with two cocks rubbing against eachother in her mouth at the same time.
6 months ago
What a hot fucking night
11 months ago
so fucking hot, i would love to leave my load in her