Black Wife In Vegas First MFM And He Was A Hung Wh

Black Wife In Vegas First MFM And He Was A Hung White Guy!!!!

Her First MFM 3sums was with this guy named Steve. I know Steve for a few yes I met him back when I had these ladies friends/sluts whom was (2) blacks (1) Latina/white mixed and The Infamous White Gang Bang Slut Of Pahrump NV.!
Angel being the shy that she is “Have Not/ Did Not" “totally agree to have a 3sum but we have been talking about Our fantasies, Her biggest fantasy would happened to be her being somewhat A sub wife being f***ed into receiving Oral Pleasures from head to her toes, 2 cocks at the same time. It has been heavy on my mind to share her, but not just to share my (B.B.W) Beautiful Black Wife but to have her fucked by one of my White Buddies who was packing a Big White Cock!!! Ok back to the present time Angel was getting into the role play every time we would fuck so I thought hell is she doesn’t make any of her thoughts a reality that I would have to take matters into my own hands!! Remembering how I had talked her into letting me tie her up and blindfold her a few times, so when I ask her again she wouldn’t think I was up to something and go right along with my request. Now I had a plan the next thing I had to do was to contact one of the heavy hitters (Big Cock) Swinger Buddies. So first I had called this guy Chris because he has a thick 9” cock and can fuck a long time and I know he was STD Free (I Have shared a few sluts with Him B4) but he was out of town. That’s when I thought about Steve he had a 9 ½” cock but not as thick as Chris’s, anyway we spoke and he was game and super excited that he gets to fuck a black chick! I explained to him that Angel is Very Shy and it would be her first time having a 3sum and getting pounded by a big white cock so he had to take it easy and not to be so rough with her like he had my ex that meant No hard biting or slapping her around No choking and most defiantly no Bare Backing (fucking a freshly creamed pussy is my favorite). He agreed so I told him to come over around 8:00 pm that night so they can both meet and to see if Angel would like him and would flirt like she always does when she around some handsome guys (another story or 2) so he shows up right after we ate a late dinner and had settle down to smoke a joint and he had a bottle of Cognac, I’m not a big drinker like my younger days but Angel loves to drink so I thought to myself a couple of drinks should get her in the mood. We all sat having small talk and somehow it turned sex! He asks if we would like a cocktail I said no cocktail for me Angel said “Yes I would like A Glass Please”. He was real prepared, opening up the gift box the liquor came in it had a couple of glasses and a small bottle of cola, After mixing the drinks he walked over to her and reached out to pass her the extra strong drink Angel took glass smelled it and says “ No I am going to need some ice”! So before either one of them could say something I jumped up and grabbed her glass and went to get her some ice. By time I returned from the kitchen He was sitting on the couch next to her with his hand on her thigh tell her how Beautiful she was real touchy feely! She was playing it off let it was nothing it meant nothing I told her whenever she was ready that Steve would be a cool guy for her to play with and she turned beet red! He kept making passes but she didn’t go for it, she wasn’t rude or mad at us but seem nervous or uncomfortable so we stopped pushing the issue so she wouldn’t become to scared to play at all she said that she was getting sl**py and was going to get in the shower and go to bed. She told Steve it was nice meeting him and gave me a kiss and walked off. Now alone with my buddy I told him I have another plan but we can’t talk about it right then so I asked him to run me to the store for some smokes and gave him a wink just in case Angel was listening, I went to tell her I was going to the store to grab some things and he was going to take me and drop me back off and “no he is not going to stay”
On the way to the store I told him how she has been submitting to me plus has let me tie her up and blindfolding her and I had come up with a good plan!! I was to go in let her know that I was back and alone, but he was sitting in his car till I text him that the coast was clear for him to come in. I let the door unlocked and went to talk to her, she told me she was a little scared of what just happened I insured her that it was all up too her when she was ready to play. We started kiss and I asked her if I could tie and blind her like the last 2days, she yes so I went to work on her making sure that she was naked, blinded and tied plus I also made sure she couldn’t hear so I placed a pair of headphone on her ears and cranked up the music so that she was not be able to hear what was going on. So after getting her tied bound with music blasting in her ears I texted him letting him everything was set like right the way I planned and all he had to do was to be nice so that she would be more willing to play when she ready, I heard the front door open and closed and a few seconds later I heard some foot steeps and he appeared at our bedroom door with a big smile on his face and was really drooling. I signed for him to come in when he walked in her had already taking off his pants and was making his way to the bed. I whispered to him man be gentle with her and go slow and take his time.
Well he did taking it slow and was soft with her kissing her tits and rubbing her all over and when he got to her pussy she was soaking until he was fingering her hard and wild, he was shaking her pussy with his fingers just like those Japanese Guys Forcing Girls and Women to Cum! Well Juts Like That! and the way he used his in her was making her pussy sloppy wet!
He was the first to fuck her, Steve put the rubber on and get on top of her and started rubbing his dick head up and down her pussy and he rested the tip at her sweet pink hole then pushed all the way in her
This Tall skinny White boy had a 1/2" cock it was fat as a red bull can! He Had A cock ring on which made his cock swell up He was sucking, pulling and twisting her nipple making her moan even louder. By this time Steve was really getting into it He untied her legs and put them on his shoulders and started to pound the shit out of her! He kept saying that "this is how you supposed to fuck some black pussy!
He would go fast slamming her and then stop and make her beg for more! that’s the night i found out there’s a lot of freaky shit she got off too!
Like having her ass fingered while she’s getting fucked and he even choked her a little. the more she let him get away with the more aggressive he got! that’s when he calling her names and grinding deeper in her! He had told me that he wanted to feel her pussy bare, i told him what the deal was and how she likes to play Safe but he kept asking her something and she was shaking her head no, i thought he was asking to fuck her ass with that big ass dick! all i know is that he was grunting and told her "Oh Well That's To Fucking Bad You Black Slut"! Steve then looked at me with a crazy look on his face and smiled at me. i thought he was going to guide his cock in her ass when out of nowhere he pulled the condom off lined his cock up with her Gaping hole and Slammed his cock in her bare back all the way to his ball was resting on her ass
he started telling her how better her pussy feels and that he was going to fill her up with his cum till it's running out of her. he fucked her like a porn star, she was trying to get him to take a easy but he had his own plans
she’s was Cuming back to back, he took the blindfold off her face her eyes were rolling in the back of her head tears running down her face as he f***ed a sloppy kiss in her mouth she was saying hell no! no kissing my mouth!! he untied her arms flipped her over on all fours and put his face in her ass and was licking her ass and pussy, he was telling her how good of a slut she was and that she will be both of our sluts for now on! he told her to suck my cock she just looked at me with those eyes looking like I’m sorry for being his whore lol I was stroking the whole time. so I went to the top of the bed and put it in her face, she was super horny or something because she was going all the way down on my cock, he was telling her what to do like we always did to Slut, he was stroking slow and long as he was watching us
guess he was ready to leave his mark, he grabbed her hips like you did! his dick was sticking straight at her wet pussy when he just slammed in her again and started pounded her even harder, she was trying to get away from it hitting her insides so deep lol. she kept saying babe can u do me now? lmao I told her this is want you need! he was turning red and breathing hard as fucked her. He was sweating and grunting loud he took the condom off she was moving forward but he held on and I was pushing her back to meet his strokes. he mention for me to cum down to the end of the bed. So I jumped up and went to watch his BWC owning her pussy! He grabbed her by arms pulled them behind her back and pushed deep in her and stayed there! The now he yelled out he was Shooting His Load In deep in her!! she was saying no, not in me
he was really serious as he held her tight and close making her say she love his big white cock! I almost came on myself it was so wild! I started smacking her ass telling her that I loved her and how good she was and it was my turn . I watch as he pulled out of her well used sloppy creamy pussy! her pussy was farting and made a flop sound as his cum started leaking out of her pussy falling all on the covers and had some running down her legs, she started to get mad so I got behind her and started fucking her with this his nut deep in her. he even made her suck his cock! her first time doing another guy. Making him hard again and wanting some more pussy but after I came she jumped up and ran in the bath room and locked the door. she didn’t come out till he left. The funny shit is that she was fucked by him about 3 or 4 times after that happen. he would still be fucking her if he didn’t moved out of state!.

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2 months ago
I love reading about your slut wife, one of these days I'd love to fuck her too!
4 months ago
100% Real and Looking for new guys to use her so we have more stories to add!!
5 months ago
Damn. HOTwife. HOT scene.
7 months ago
Super hot story. I've got to check out your profile here guys. Thanks for sharing.
9 months ago
Wow this is one of the best stories I've read
1 year ago
Great Story... Less than half way through it, my Fat Cock was Stiff, Throbbing and Tingling like Hell with pre-cum seeping from my tiny cock slit.... Yesss, I'm Jacking Off now and about to Cum Again... Johnny in sunny L.A., Ca.!
1 year ago
Love this story!