Talented Olivia

“Come on, Baxter,” Olivia said in a wheedling tone as she tried to pull him along with her. “I promise you are going to love it!”
“Oh I don’t doubt that, Liv,” he replied. “But you know, it’s you. I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with doing that with you.”
“What? You don’t find me attractive?”
“Of course, I do! It’s just that we’ve been friends for so long and I would really rather not take a chance of messing that up.”
“Baxter,” Olivia said in a tone that sounded like she was addressing a c***d. “We are not going to mess anything up. It is just a blow job.”
Baxter tried to stand his ground but she could see that she was starting to weaken him. Moving in closer to him, she was only inches from his body. Slowly, she moved her hand down between them and massaged the bulge in his pants.
“See? I knew you wanted it!” she crowed gleefully. “Look how hard you are. Can’t you just imagine how my mouth would feel wrapped around your cock right now? All warm and wet as I suck you into the back of my throat.”
Baxter groaned in spite of himself.
“Olivia, stop,” he said, trying to sound f***eful.
“You don’t want me to stop,” she whispered with a wicked smile on her face. “Besides, I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not like I am expecting you to do anything for me. I just want to suck your cock. Why does that bother you?”
“It bothers me because it is you, Olivia.”
“I just don’t get that,” she replied. “I would think that it would make you more comfortable or something.”
“I don’t know how to explain it,” Baxter said.
“You are so silly,” she laughed.
Grabbing his hand, she started to f***efully pull him behind her.
“Come with me,” she demanded.
Baxter still tried half-heartedly to hang back but Olivia proved to be too much for him.
As they left the crowds at the park behind them, they entered an area of lush, green forest. The atmosphere changed almost instantly. It was quiet here except for the occasional bird call. With the sun behind them, there was a coolness that was a huge relief from the heat.
Olivia continued to pull him along with her. As they moved deeper into the forest, the sound of rushing water reached them. Suddenly, Baxter knew where she was taking them. The waterfalls. He had not been there in years but he had always loved them. In fact, it was at these waterfalls that he had gone skinny dipping for the first time. Just remembering that night made his cock even harder, but he wasn’t about to share that memory with Olivia.
Gradually, he started to resist her less and less. She was right, of course. He was being an idiot. His cock was achingly hard and Olivia was insistent on helping him out with that little problem. His mind and body were both betraying him now. While he still felt that this wasn’t the best idea, he started not to mind that part so much.
Olivia continued to hold his hand but, by the time they reached her intended destination, they were practically walking side by side. Stopping, they both gazed at the lovely waterfalls.
“See?” Olivia said. “Isn’t this beautiful? You cannot argue that this is the perfect place to enjoy a world class blow job.”
Baxter had to smile at her tenaciousness. Of course, now he was more than ready to give into her demands. After all, who was he to deny her the pleasure of sucking his cock when it seemed to be something that she really wanted to do?
Olivia surprised Baxter by suddenly kissing him. As he started to pull back a little, she whispered, “Just go with it.”
She was so good at kissing that he decided she was right. He should just go with it and see what happened next.
That turned out to be Olivia sliding down his body until she was kneeling before him. He could feel her fingers working at his zipper and, within seconds, his throbbing cock was springing forth from its prison and into her warm and coddling hands.
Baxter shivered from head to toe as Olivia ran her tongue the full length of his shaft and over his burgeoning mushroom head. He had not fully recovered from the delightful sensation when she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started to suck him into her warm, wet and willing mouth. Just as she had promised, she took him all the way to the back of her throat. Then she swirled her tongue around and around it as she moved her mouth up and down.
As an extra added touch, she grasped the bottom of his cock with her hands and used them in conjunction with her mouth, leaving no part of him untouched. It was that feeling of being totally cocooned that did him in every time.
Oh yes, Olivia had a very talented mouth and he was very thankful at the moment to be the recipient of it. She moved one of her hands down to his full, swollen balls and started to gently squeeze them.
“Oh god,” he moaned. “If you keep doing that, it’s going to be over pretty fast.”
“Just leave that part up to me,” she said.
And, sure enough, just when he was positive that he was going to empty himself into her mouth, she switched gears. Her mouth and hand worked around his cock as she moved the other hand to that delightful little area behind his balls. She massaged him there with her fingertip. It was just enough of a surprise that he momentarily forgot that he had been about to cum.
Now, he just relaxed into it moving his hips rhythmically as her mouth kept time with him. Why had he fought her so hard on this? It was exactly what he wanted!
Allowing the sensations to wash over him as Olivia continued to have control, Baxter made up his mind that she could suck his cock anytime she wanted.
As he thought that, he realized that he had relaxed a little too much into the action. He could feel his balls tighten as they pushed his white hot cream up his shaft. Knowing that he was about to explode like a small volcano, he attempted to warn Olivia, but she simply sucked him harder and faster.
With a roar, he came in her mouth, shooting directly down her throat. She swallowed every drop and then went about licking him clean. When she was finished, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and got to her feet.
“Now tell me that wasn’t the best blow job you ever had,” she demanded.
“I can’t actually do that,” Baxter replied. “Because that was, without a doubt, the best blow job I have ever had.”
“See? I told you so.”
“You did, indeed. Now, give me a few minutes to recover and I am going to show you what I can do.”
Olivia threw back her head and laughed.
“Well, I would never deny you the pleasure of doing something you truly wanted to do,” she said in a teasing voice. “So you just rest a bit and then show me what you’ve got.”

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