A chance meeting

It was like any Friday night that my girls and I went to party. I never really had any interest in meeting anyone; the scars I bore wouldn't let me. I had just come from a bl**d-sucking break up and my friends had to drag me out of my misery. It was already past midnight and the reveling crowd was draining the life out of me. “Guys I have to leave.” I told my herd. They didn't like the idea but they knew they wouldn’t make me stay. I pulled out my purse about to pay for my drink and a voice from behind startled me, “I’ll pay for that!”
I turned around to see the kind stranger; he was an awe-striking Adonis- tall, handsome with a beautifully-chiseled face, blue stunning eyes and a strong built body that caused my nerves to twitch. “No thanks, I’ll take care of it.” I shrugged almost offended. He insisted and went ahead to pay it. I smiled but not enough to stroke his ego.
“May I have the honor of knowing your sweet name? I hesitated and his eyes gleamed. “Claire...”
“I’m Baxtor. You look amazing Claire.” I blushed, “Thank you. I was just headed out” I said to avoid conversation; my friends had already started chuckling.
“Could you join me for a drink Claire?” He asked cordially. I shook my head; I wanted to get out of there pronto.
“Just one Claire, that’s it” He was smiling making his beautiful eyes glint adorably. My pack interjected on my behalf, “She can join you!” I gave them my ‘I’ll kill you for this eyes’
I gave in. “Fine, just one” He led me to his private table on the roof top and had them serve us some exotic dish. We talked about general stuff; I didn’t want to get too personal. I was warming up to him though; we had so much in common and we chattered the night away.
The mood was set, the music was enchanting and the candles where were flickering beautifully sparking a magnetic attraction between us. He moved closer and I winced. Then he looked deeply into my eyes. “I watched you all night Claire, I just had to get close to you” he whispered in my ear. His warm breath clinched my insides.
“Its fine Claire, you don't have to be afraid. “ I heaved; his proximity had a drawing effect on me.
“I can’t….” I was going to protest but he stopped me. “Shhhh…Just relax Claire. It doesn't have to be complicated”

Then he went on to trace his finger tips on my neck, then slowly to the center of my chest; I was already hypnotized.
“I have to go” I got on my feet and strut quickly past him but he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his lap. “There’s no need to run Claire, it’s just for one night” His hands on my body paralyzed me; I no longer had any will to fight.
He breathed lustfully on my neck and slid his hand under my black dress and felt my stockings- his erection poked hard against me. “I can’t wait to pull these off”, he smiled wickedly. Then he hastily scrambled away the china on our table and laid me on it and I couldn't believe that it was actually happening.
He leaned towards me and started to kiss me passionately, dipping his tongue in my mouth, sucking and biting my lips as ran his agile hands all over my breasts.
He went on planting wet shivering kisses so seductively going lower, to my neck where he nibbled my skin with his lips and I sighed with the sensations. He took his time, and then unzipped the top of my dress exposing my black lace bra and my nipples stiffened. He sluggishly etched his fingers along the hem following them with soft luscious kisses. Then he finally took it off and disclosed my hardened eager nipples; he seemed quite jubilant to see them.He wrapped his lips on one as he pinched the other, sucking, and licking it and I moaned daintily overwhelmed by the pleasure. He sucked and pinched each one of them making sure I was completely breathless.
His sweet kisses traced from my breasts all the way to my navel. I was vulnerably laying there, legs in the air and my hands behind my head; taken.
He removed what was left of my dress and started to slither his naughty hands on my legs, going higher and higher headed for the trim of my stockings and when he finally got to the top, I gasped, my cunt was throbbing.
He tore them mercilessly like a hungry b**st and leisurely shed them off; building up my anticipation.
He didn't waste a second, he rolled a condom on his thick cock and slammed in my wet cunt and I groaned so recklessly oblivious of the people in the next room. He pumped deliciously, a slow steady pace, stirring up my soaking loins as he clutched on my waist tightly.
I moaned and writhed; I had never felt so good. Our eyes were fixed on each others, silently communicating our burning passion.
”Faster” I begged him.
“Faster you'll get Claire!” He went on primal mode, fucking me harder and harder, our table vibrating to our wild rhythm. He was grunting and I was screaming as he took us both to the edge. He went faster and faster until I climaxed to a ginormous earth-shuddering orgasm. I let out a long cry splashing my juice all over him and he soon followed collapsing on top of me. An unforgettable one night stand.
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