Married co-worker part 5

When I go home I kept thinking about how I had never had my dick sucked quite like that. I really loved fucking this woman. In the first four parts, I have never mentioned our connection outside the bedroom because I figured most wanted to read about sex. I won't bore your with the details, but we actually developed a close friendship. I liked her a lot. She was not who she initially projected to be. When we had sex, our time between sessions was filled with very stimulating convo. Back to the sex. The next morning, I go up very early. I had not spoken to her to let her know I was coming so I really hoped hubby had not called in sick from work. In my rush to get to her I forgot my cell so I looked carefully for another car as I was pulling into the driveway. So far, so good! I approached the door and thought about what I would say as to why I am hear without notice. She came to the door and all the words I rehearsed in my head went out the window because she threw her arms around me and started kissing me so passionately you would have sworn i had just come home from war after years away. We didn't say a word...t least not a coherent one. I went right to work eating her pussy. I bent her over hard, slid her pajamas down and started licking her already wet pussy from the rear. Her wetness began coating my tongue immediately. I reached around and slowly massaged her clit while eating her and kneading her sweet ass with my free hand.She was grinding that ass in my face until she began bucking intensely as she came hard, giving me more of her wetness to taste. I finished removing her pajama bottoms and turned her around to face me but she wanted it from behind. She told me...well more like begged me to fuck her hard . No bullshitting here. We were both clearly in a mode that we both understood was unfinished business from yesterday. I pushed myself balls deep in her on the first thrust. She yelped a little but was mostly pleasure and shock...a pleasant shock. I pulled her by her hair until my mouth was on her neck kissing her from ear to shoulder as I began pounding her pussy. She began chanting (for lack of a better word) "fuck me, fuck me ..please fuck me". I would like to say that I fucked her like that for hours...but no, I was ready to bust already. No point in lying. Fuck I had never wanted to cum inside someone so badly. Typically I could last awhile but every time her round soft ass met my strokes I felt like I was going to lose it. She was throwing the hell out of that ass and chanting nonstop for me to give it to her. I finally told her...well , grunted more like "I'm going to cum in my pussy" and she responded with a resounding "yes" and began asking for it. Scary moment in retrospect because she told me her and hubby were thinking about having a baby and she had been seeing fertility doctors and such. They had not been actively trying but she did not take birth control because they wanted to be ready to start trying when they decided the time was right. At that moment we both did not give a fuck and her pleas for my cum was the last straw in my already willing state. I let her put her head back into the pillow while I grabbed her waist firmly, pulling that ass back hard to meet the pounding she was getting. My cock felt like what I imaged a volcano must feel like because it felt like Mt St Helens was reincarnated in my nuts as I filled her. She moaned, grinding even harder , milking every drop she could. we collapsed and kissed. She finally broke the kiss and said "You better not had gotten me pregnant" wit ha smile. Sometimes I think she would not have minded being pregnant by me except the part of explaining a mixed c***d to the f****y.

The best part about cumming in her is that it meant the rest of the morning there was no point in even pretending I was not going to keep cumming in her. The mere thought made my cock harden again. she noticed and began licking head while she massaged by balls. It was probably hard enough to mount but she wanted it extra rigid and began working on it.. She reached down and got her hand very wet from the mixture of her wetness and the cum I had just put in her.she began stroking my cock with one hand while gently massaging my balls with the other, all the while circling, sucking, kissing, exploring the swelling head of my dick. I love how much she loved my cock. When she felt I could not get any harder She climbed on top, rubbing the head on her wetness. She was very full and some of my own cum oozed down on to my cock. It was a pretty nasty sight and feeling . she pushed her hips forward and slid down that dick nice and slow, before turning herself to the side, still riding slowly and looking slightly over her shoulder to watch my face as she totally broke me off with that tight pussy. I told her I would fuck her every day if I could. She said she wanted that (later i learned just how literal she was being). Her body looked amazing from that angle. Not sure how long she rode me like that but it wasn't that long before she was getting a second helping of sperm inside her already soaked walls. When she felt me cumming she grabbed my cock with her pussy, like an expert masseuse finding that right spot. The more I came in her the more I wanted to cum in her . So much that my cock did not really go down. I left it inside and we maneuvered int a spooning position, one leg raised high. I grabbed her ass hard but this time I let my thumb slowly slip[ into her ass. she gasped but settled into it. I did not thrust or do anything other than use her asshole as a grip of sorts. I used my other had to cuff her front mound, occasionally slipping my hand up to rub her clit as we went at that for about 20 minutes before I gave her a third load and we had last track of how many times she came.

As we showered, she told me her husband had not actually cum in her in years and that she also has not had sex with him in two months. I felt selfish but was glad. I really did feel like it was my pussy. Just as we were about to get out the shower she kissed me again and then told me she loved me. Oh shit. I cared for her but was not ready for that. I did not say it back but I did not make her feel bad either. Honestly can't remember what I said but i recall it all being cool and her knowing I liked her a lot....

final chapter coming soon
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2 months ago
Unfortunately i had to let her go :(
2 months ago
Please make sure you keep her around . i think i like her too . i hope she lets you record something to show us .
5 months ago
Another great one. You have her right where you want her. Great story man