Married co-worker part 1

I have to do some editing before posting more videos but in the meantime I thought I would share a true story. It is about the first white wife who became a regular partner. This story is 100% true and not some stolen bullshit

She sat in the cubicle next to mine so I only physically saw her about three times a day. We did converse a lot. I'm a fairly polite type of guy and will talk to anyone who is civil towards me even if I don't agree with their beliefs. I made the false assumption this woman was some far right-wing, nigger hating bible thumper. She looked the part to a tee. Imagine the whitest looking white woman imaginable, who dressed like an extra on Little House on the Prairie. She had HUGE breasts but dressed so conservatively that she seemed as modest about them as her massive size would allow. Our conversation was always about f****y and other f****y friendly, polite things. That all changed one day when I saw her observing the security guard staring at her breasts. She noticed that I noticed him doing it and we had a good laugh. She said "I did not think you noticed I was busty" and I kind of laughed and blushed at the same time because it caught me off guard despite the pg euphemism. She then revealed that she felt slighted that nobody ever passed her the adult jokes and forwards everyone sent around work. i explained that it was out of respect because she seemed so proper and prudish. Needless to say i opened Pandora's box because she let me know how wrong I was. I'm usually the type of guy that can sense when a woman wants to fuck, but she came out of nowhere and spelled it out for me. She explained that she is very dominant over her husband but submissive with other men. She had never been with a black guy but she wanted to take me home. At that point in my life, I had been with married women but never a white one yet and I had decided to leave married ones alone.. She began to tell me all of her fantasies and she had me very curious. Things changed a lot after that. We became very flirty, but very privately. Everyone thought I was just being nice to her like usual.

Our flirtatious ways continued for a few weeks until a staff meeting pretty much insured she was going to get it. She sat next to me..unusually close and I still wondered of anyone noticed how odd it was. I discovered why she wanted to be so close when she reached down casually and started stroking my cock while we listed to boring corporate drive. I had no idea what was being said in meeting but I knew this woman was going to get worn the fuck out soon. After the meeting we talked and exchanged numbers. She told me to come by her home before work. I told her I was not into the hubby watching thing and she assured me that although he was aware, he would not be around. She then went over to my desk, checked if anyone was watching, reached down her skirt and pulled out wet fingers that she proceeded to wipe on the collar of my jacket at my desk.....

shall I continue?
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7 months ago
I added part 2 but it's taking awhile to post
7 months ago
Oh yeah! Continue!!!
7 months ago
7 months ago
oh yes, would love to hear the rest
7 months ago
definatley continue