The Birthday Party pt.2

Did I mention that Chris was a squirter;well she really surprised Milly as she shot off onto her face,seeing that I guess sparked something in Ron,he shoved his cock into Chris' mouth, she sucked his cock deep and wet, slurping and moaning as she senced that Ron was adout to cum in her mouth,“Yea baby,suck my cock,I'm gonna cum!”. I really wanted to see Chris with a load all over her milky face “Yo, pull out and cum on her face man!” I said to Ron, he nodded to me just before he pulled his cock out of Chris' mouth,Skeet Skeet... Hot cum flies across Chris' face as she laps at his cock. While watching the action I'm eating Milly's sloppy cunt,but what she really wants at the moment is Chris' cunt, “Sit on my face,baby!” Milly moans. As Chris goes to sit on Milly's face I move so Ron could eat my slut's wet pussy, you see Milly has a wet cunt as it is but, when eating on a wet cunt it gets like a mini sauna, I felt Ron should experience it! Not to be left out I stood over Chris so she could suck my cock, I stuffed her face with black cockmeat while her husband proceded to eat my Milly!“ I gotta get my cock in this fucking cunt!” Ron blurtted just as Chris starts to shiver“Damn, she's making me cum again!”. I thought Milly was gonna drown as she gulped and gaged on Chris' cum! Chris starts to go limp, so I pull her off and lay her on the bed so I could slide my my cock into her,“I gotta take a break, hold on for a sec.”

pt.3 soon
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4 years ago
nice , hold on for a sec