Black Dick and White Whore pussy and me!

A few years ago, I'd occasionally visit a nearby whore house operated by an older black man. He had a few white women turning tricks in this establisment. Prostition was tolerated in this small Oklahoma town with two local and well known whore houses!
I'd been into bisexual interracial sex for quite a while when I visited this house for the first time. I was in all honesty looking for a black dick to suck!
I entered and was asked by one of he women what I was interested in and told her I wanted some pussy! She quoted me a price which I agreed to and went entered a rather seeding looking room which was fine with me.
After a short session of foreplay, I asked the woman how she'd feel about having sex with a black man! She said that it wouldn't be a problem and she invited the older black man that ran the place to join us.
She began by sucking his adequate black dick while I watched. Secretly I wanted his dick much more than I did her pussy. While she was sucking his black dick, I moved closer to her and began to kiss her when she'd take his dick out of her mouth! Shocked, she asked me what the fuck I was doing and I told her, I wanted some of that dick too at which the old man replied that he'd been to "those" kind of parties too so he didn't mind getting his black dick sucked by a white man!
I began to worship his lovely manhood with my lips and tongue and much to my surprise the woman got up from the bed and was out the door in no time!
I continued enjoying the old gentlemans tasty manhood and kept asking him if he was about to cum,which I was hoping for!
He told me that he could only reach an orgasm if a woman was involved! After a few minutes of enjoying his black dick in my mouth, I asked him if there was another woman there who'd like to join us. He told me he had one more woman that he'd ask.
She was a heavy girl in her late 20's or early thirties with huge tits and a rather large ass which was fine with me.
She joined in with me sucking on the old mans black dick which I could tell was exciting him more and more.
Finally he put her on her back and mounted her entering her wet white pussy with his nice black dick. He began to stroke her oht pussy harder and harder until he began to moan and grunt.
I told him softly, " I want you to cum in my mouth". After a few minutes he said to me,"Get ready"! I moved closer to his crotch and soon he pulled his throbbing black dick out of this while whore's pussy and shoved it in my waiting mouth and immediately began to gush his hot jizm down my throat which I swallowed with great vigor. After he had filled my mouth with his hot black seed, he pulled his now softening dick out of my mouth. I was still enjoying the taste of his hot spunk when he looked at his dick and seeing a drop of cum on the side of it, told me" Get all of it" Which I dutifully did!
OMG it was so hot watching him fuck this white slut then feeding me his delicious blackdick cum.
I returned on several occasions for a few similar sessions with him and various white whores but like most things nothing ever seems as good as the first time!
97% (21/1)
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3 years ago
3 years ago
great story
4 years ago
thats a real nice story...touching even, and what a gentleman that black man was letting you nurse his cock of cum...mmm I love fucking a white BBW I am willing to visit Oklahoma and help you play out your fantasy with your wife or any other woman :)
4 years ago
I like your story I wish you luck in finding some bbc to suck.
Kisses charlene
4 years ago
Ohhhh Man... As I read your story my got Longer, Harder & Stiffer and by the time I got the end... I Was Spewing Hot Sticky CUM all over the floor in front on my Computer!
(Wanna "Chat" in a Private Message?)
Johnny... in L.A.
4 years ago
good times
4 years ago
nice very nice story
4 years ago
I want you to put your lips around my dick and just suck it until there is no more cum left and I want you to deepthroat my dick and play with my balls!!!!!
4 years ago
lucky you :P
4 years ago
True story the place was called "Juniors Apts" and it burned down a few yrs after I'd been going there. Much harder to find black dicks around here now!
4 years ago