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The anti porn brigade has gotten stronger over the years and delivered another blow to porn lovers by attacking the ones we like to watch. They is a website that now not only slanders pornstars but now puts up their real names and even the names of their f****y and friends which is terrible for security reasons of these pornstars. Hopefully the website will be taken down soon and pornstars who quit the business can relax and live in piece from prying eyes.

Porn industry was hit in the latter months of 2010 when another case of HIV broke out and 11 actors and actresses were said to contracted it and have thus retired. once again the out break was caused by an actor who did both gay and straight porn causing increased pressure for the gay porn industry to make their actors wear condoms.

Sasha Grey has quit the porn industry in april 2011 but some say she will return later on in life maybe as a milf.

if you want to know whether your favourite porn actress has retired feel free to message me with their names. That is all for now on porn news good night.
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3 years ago
hey bro i tried to message u but did not work i got a question about some of my favorite actresses if they are still working or retired any info would be appreciate it..

flower tucci
joyce olivera
jenny hendrix
mellanie monroe
3 years ago
I love porn!!
3 years ago
They're scared because porn acceptance has been steadily increasing; and nobody with more than four neurons believes their blabbing nonsensical tired cliches anymore. But 100% anonymity is impossible; so they were bound to found out their true identities sooner or later. Troubling part is what they wanted the info for; I mean it's one thing to reveal a first and last name for doc purpose; like wikipedia. And another to disclose your entire name and family tree with addresses. It was all like "We're out and going to get you @#$!" STDs were also unavoidable; people doesn't like wearing condoms; let alone stand the sight of them. It was consequential also; since they only reduce the odds; doesn't nullifies them. So blood test's are fine. And finally; I for once, would like to see more people continue into the "granny" and "daddy" niches; or at least do some other porn related work. It obv seems more real than the overly fantasized behavior and plastic physiques of the main stream current.
3 years ago
maybe it will lead to better productions
3 years ago
yeah maybe more open to it. but at the same time porn sometimes shows a unreal view of sex.
3 years ago
You can't deny porn has made sex better the world over.