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"In my second scene ever, my agent put me with Shane Diesel. Worst experience of my fucking life. While I was waiting for him to arrive, I got curious and looked him up on the computer. When I saw how big his cock was, I was horrified. I was scared to fucking death! When I came into this industry, I had only had sex three times. But I'm very intimate and sexual in my own mind. The first thing I did was I went downstairs, found a bottle of rum and gulped it down. It was a horrible scene, dude. But I really needed money at the time. It was for Hush Hush Productions for a site called My Daughter Is Fucking A Black Dude. It hurt so bad. I was crying during the scene. After that, I quit porn. I started working as a sales rep at a normal company. I was like no more of that shit. I'm done."

Just a heads up to fans of her and if your wondering why you haven't seen her in anything of late
90% (8/1)
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2 years ago
Ive enjoyed Shane in the cum eating cuckolds series he's been doing. I've noticed some of the guys doing the genre will let the cuckolds suck them. I saw one where the black dude actually fucked the cuckold some.
All that to point out that Shane seems to bring up the fact that he will not be letting guys so much as touch his cock.
IMO a person that was truly into the Cuckold ideas and wanted to be the Dominant Black Bull , he would be bitchin down these white bfs, and husbamds at all opportumities.
In conclusion, I don't go out of my way to watch Shane . If it happens to be on the screen ,,sometimezs Ill watch....c-ya
2 years ago
At least thats all it took for her to realize that porn wasnt for her. She got her some real BBC B 4 hitting the door. Even if Shane wanted to bang her nice or soft or what ever it still wouldnt do her any good. Shane has a MONSTER COCK! need I say more.
2 years ago
i cant stand this shane dude wish he would quit
2 years ago

Above is a link to a "first scene" by Marie Luv, made in 2003. It was her first time using that stage name.

She had earlier been a mainstream model and made a couple of porn scenes under the name Destiny but got embarrassed when people who knew her found out. She quit porn to concentrate on mainstream modelling but after a couple of years away, decided to go back in 2003.

She said in an interview that in the 2 years before going back she had no sex and this scene was the first time she had been fucked in all that time. She asked for a smaller cock guy as she was worrited about size and wanted a gentle re-introduction, especially as her cunt was unused to being penetrated.

She showed up for the scene and shot the soft stuff outside, then Mandingo showed up and she was aghast but went through with the scene. She said it was painful but she adapted to it and went on to have a great career - indeed becoming an anal queen....
3 years ago
Heard of Shane. But not heard of her before.
3 years ago
if someone knows where to find the vid, id appreciate it
3 years ago
I hope he bottomed out in that bitch and ripped her pussy up good.