Shower Fantasy! Girl's POV

Shower Fantasy I just got out of the shower, having spent about the last half hour in there by myself and thinking of you. You were there with me, in my fantasy only, but still very much there and we had a wonderful time. A very much needed time...

I got into the shower and fel the hot water streaming down over my body. As hot as I was, I could still feel it's heat on my skin and felt my body come alive as my hands moved over it, washing my skin with the bar of soap. I always loved the feeling of my soapy body, wet and slippery and feeling as my body reacts to my touch.....your touch in my mind. My tits, firm and now soapy, slippery as my hands glide over them, soft and smooth expcept for my nipples which are now hard and erect. They tingle as my hands move over them and I can feel it all the way down in between my legs....just a small jolt of electricity and my pussy reacts with the faint throbbing back. The shower itself arouses me and with your hands there all over my naked body, it only helps as my arousal becomes horniness and I need to find its relief.

Lifting my tit as I lower my mouth to it, I can lick my nipple, suck it into my mouth and run my tongue over it, again and again. My hands sliding over my body finding at last, my pussy. I can feel the hair there, wet and also soapy and feel it throb against my hand as I press gently against it. My other hand, having let my tits, has move around and is gliding over my ass. It tightens at my touch and then relaxes again as my fingers slide in between my cheeks and over my hole. Fingers resting at my pussy and fingers resting at my asshole, my body is on fire and I feel your hot breath against me, on my neck and your soft kisses moving down over my chest. I hear myself whimper quietly and feel my fingers move, slowly penetrating each of my holes. Sliding inside, I open and stretch around my fingers as I slide up inside and feel myself tighten again around them as my muscles tense, readying itself for the inevitable.

I see you there, standing in front of me. Your body is hard and wet, glistening as the water runs over you. You penis is swollen and hard, standing straight out pointing towards me. It bobs in the air each time it throbs, as though it's reaching out for me, also looking for its own relief. I take you in my hand and slowly stroke you up and down, tightening my hold on you and then loosening it again. I want you, my pussy wants you. I feel myself longing for you, to feel you inside me, feel you thrusting into me over and over. Again, I tight around my own fingers inside myself and my thumb finds and rubs against my clit. A low moan rises in my throat and I know it won't take much before my release is found.

As my fingers move inside me, I see you there before me and you are ready, you want me and with your hands on my ass, you pull me towards you. Your hard cock somehow finds and f***es itself up into me and in one swift thrust, you are fully emerged into me. I gasp and hold my breath, waiting for you to start moving. You do so and immediately my body responds, tightens around your shaft, my breathing quickens even more as you start thrusting hard into me. Your hands still on my ass and still pulling me towards you with each thrust as your fingers find there way to my asshole and being to probe, teasing me as they poke just inside me and then out again, faster than your thrusts and my body struggles on which to follow. Your long deep slow thrusts into my pussy, over and over again, filling me, stretching me, moving through my tight opening.....or the short gentle probing at my back door, going in just deep enough so I can feel you there, feel my hole open and stretched around your fingers, moving inside further with each short thrust. Finally, I feel your fingers fully inside me in my ass as you hold them there and continue thrusting into my pussy. My entire body is tense, very tense and very tight and I hear you strugging to stay in control as your body becomes much too excited and needs to find that relief.

There it is, I feel it start to wash over me. My body heats up, my muscles tighten further and then it happens. My entire body tenses I feel you inside me everywhere, unable to move within for a moment as I explode around you. I cum hard, so intense and it take everything you have to hold on through my orgasm. Slowly my body relaxes and you can move again inside me, thrusting again with long strokes, though faster than before and I move with you. You take my tits in each of your hands now, lifting them to your mouth and sucking on my nipples which are hard and swollen and fit so nicely in your mouth. I arch my back and push them towards you, forcing them into your mouth, pressing hard against your lips. You are thrusting long even strokes, moving within me. I feel you getting close, you are so close....I can tell by the feel of your body against me, the grunts I hear in your throat and by your breathing, hard uneven breaths. You are sucking onto my tit, sucking hard to the point it almost hurts but at that moment, it feels so good.

My own hands on my clit, rubbing hard and fast as you repeatedly thrust inside me. You are moving faster now, harder, you are nearing your orgasm now and I can feel it. Can feel you straining deep inside me, each thrust forcing yourself deeper and deeper and as I feel you nearing orgasm I feel myself nearing another orgasm too. Knowing how close you are makes my orgasm build fast, so fast that it's there instantly and I feel myself being thrown upwards as you slam hard again into me. I cry out your name and all at once I explode around you for a second time. My tightness around you becomes too much and you too begin to explode. With one hard thrust you shoot deep inside me, I hear you moaning a long deep moan as you start to cum. Another thrust, trying to get deep inside and another loud groan, you mutter some words I cannot understand and again shoot into me. And then again almost immediately until finally, I feel you relax a little though I can feel you inside me still, as you begin to soften, throbbing, expelling every last drop out of you and inside me.

My body starts to relax. I open my eyes and you are gone. Once again, it's just me alone in the shower. But I can feel you were there as my entire body aches from your thrusts, your pokes, your touch, your orgasms and mine. But finally, my body feels relief and while my pussy continues to throb faintly, ready still to go again, I feel good and I finish washing, stopping only twice to briefly rub myself and enjoy two more orgasms before my shower is over.

I stand for a moment under the now only luke-warm water and close my eyes where I can see you again. You take and hold me close, softly against you and kiss me lightly. Suddenly, I feel the shock and my eyes open, the water has turned cold and I'm shivering...time to get out, time to say goodbye to you. I towel off, my thoughts drifting back to the shower, back to my fantasy and feeling you there with me. I want you again already but it will wait until next time......
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