Pussy licking in the lingerie cubicle

Amy shops for some sexy new underwear, and finds a delightful salesgirl that provides full customer satisfaction


Lingerie shop changing room

It was an unseasonably warm spring day as Amy drove towards the shopping Mall. She smiled to herself feeling the sunshine through the sunroof of her BMW coupe. She was so pleased the warm weather was almost back, mainly because she loved to wear pretty clothes, and that was a no-no in the depths of winter. Its also meant she could indulge in one of her favourite pastimes. Going out in public wearing a short shirt and no panties.

She pulled into the multi storey car park quickly found a parking space. Stepping out of the car, her long legs looked divine and she slung them out of the side of the low riding car. With her delectable patent black heels finishing off her long tanned shaved legs, she was a feast for the eyes of any man passing by.

She was used to attracting the attention of men. Ever since she left school and suddenly seemed to turn into a woman when she lost the geeky glasses and braces on her teeth. All of a sudden she found herself constantly in the attention of men. Not only was she naturally very attractive, she had a fabulous body, perfectly shaped 36c breasts, a firm pert ass, and long shapely legs.

She’d had a lot of fun in her young life and at only the age of 31, she had already been married twice. Firstly to a professional footballer and then to an Internet whiz k**. Both marriages were short, intense and doomed, mainly due to the fact that Amy struggled to be faithful. But then with all the attention she got, it was hardly surprising.

She was now dating Tim, another wealthy guy, this time into property, and it was especially for him that she was visiting the shopping Mall. This weekend was the anniversary of their first year together and Tim was whisking them both off to the Maldives for a romantic break. Amy was shopping for new lingerie. She felt the irony in doing this because she generally preferred not to wear underwear, at least not panties. But she knew how much expensive lingerie turned him and she loved dressing up for him too.

Amy entered the shopping mall and strolled along the various shops and stores. She’d never visited this particular store before, but a friend had recommended it. The Mall was filled with the usually weekday shoppers, k**s skiving off school, office workers on lunch break and couples shopping together.

A short walk along and she came across the shop.

“Ah, this is it” she thought to herself.

It was a high end store, and amongst the mannequins d****d with every kind of sexy underwear, she found a section with some very expensive French lingerie, this was just the type Tim loved and she gently looked through the display to find her correct size, then she heard the voice of a young lady.

“Hello there, can I help you?” chirped the shop assistant.

Amy looked up to be met by a beaming young girl, probably around 18 years old, very pretty face, blonde hair, dressed all in back, shirt and trousers

“Hi” smiled Amy, “Yes I’m looking for my size in this set, can you help?”

“Sure, said the girl, you look a 36c, right?

Amy laughed, “Wow you are good”

The girl smiled and giggled, “well you get used to it, I only wish mine were that size”

She delved a little further into the row of garments and found Amy’s size.

“Great, we’ve got it, her you go, would you like to try it on?”

“ow yes please” said Amy.

“Ok, just to say, we are doing a free bra measuring service right now, its really important you wear the right size, lots of women end up with slightly the wrong size and it can be uncomfortable. It can also make a real difference to the look of the bra, would you be interested?” said the salesgirl cheerily.

Amy thought for a second “yes why not” she smiled. Not only would it be handy to be professionally measured up, but she also liked the idea of flirting with the salesgirl, she found her quite cute.

“OK that’s great,” grinned the salesgirl. “By the way, my names Emma, and don’t worry your in safe hands” they both laughed

Emma called out to another woman that she was taking a fitting and asked Amy to follow her to the changing area.

Walking behind Emma, Amy could not help but admire her figure. Her black trousers were almost lycra they hugged her body so closely and she had a fantastic pert ass. Her blonde was hair tied back in a ponytail bobbing behind her and her black shirt was undone to reveal a subtle amount of cleavage. Her boobs were quite small but perfectly complemented her petite body.

“Ok here we go” Emma held the door open and beckoned Amy into the changing room.

It was the usually size, a few feet square with a wall completely mirrored and a bar stool for the only furniture.

“Ok, so first of all, we need to make sure this really is your size, so if I could ask you to undress, well at least the top half”

They both laughed, as Amy proceeded to undress while Emma took her measuring tape from its case.

Amy released her breast from her bra just as Emma looked round,

“Wow you are lucky” chirped Emma, smiling. My boyfriend would die for me to have boobs like yours, she laughed

Amy laughed “ow thanks, though I don’t know, sometimes think id rather have smaller ones, besides your very much in proportion, I’m sure your boyfriend is very happy, you would not believe the trouble these things get me into” they both laughed

Amy sensed a mutual attraction. Emma was really nice, and she could not work out if she was just genuinely being friendly, or if this was flirting?

Amy very much had a thing for women, maybe sometimes more than she did for guys. She loved having her pussy sucked by another girl, and giving also. There was something special about licking another girl’s pussy, probably due to the fact that they knew what felt good. But it wasn’t just that, it was the erotism of being with another woman, so sensual and erotic. Amy already had thoughts running through her mind about Emma and hoped the feeling was mutual.

“OK, now if I can just wrap this around you, can you hold your arms up a second?”

Amy dutifully lifted up her arms above her head, which only made her glorious breasts look even more fantastic. With Emma standing in front of her she reached round to pass the tape from end to end. In doing this, they both came very close together, and as Emma fumbled the tape between her hands, Amy felt her breath on her neck and had to resist the temptation to instinctively kiss her.

They both giggled as they stood toe to toe, Emma finally managed to get both ends of the tape together and drew them along the front of Amy’s breast, right along the line of her nipples, which Amy was struggling to stop from hardening”

Emma presented with this stunning pair of breast made a discreet gulp and u*********sly licked her lips. Amy felt real attraction now, and felt like she was seducing this pretty young thing, or maybe it was the other way round, was Amy being seduced?

“Ok, yes there are defiantly 36c” smiled Emma, “no doubt” they both laughed.

I just need to check the shape, to make sure they are right for the bra”

“Ok” smiled Amy, she had never heard of this before but hey it sounded interesting..

Emma came behind Amy and put her hands on her hips, “ok if you can keep your hands up just a little longer, it best you keep them up, that way your breast are unsupported and I can check on the density and shape, so we get you the right bra”

“Ok, I just hope your hands are warm” laughed Amy, they both giggled and Amy felt her hands underneath her breast, her hands perfectly cupped them and Amy could not help but admire the view in the mirror of this sexy young girl innocently fondling her boobs. She felt Emma’s hands gently weigh her boobs in her hands and they felt delightful cupped in her hands. She could feel her nipples hardening some more as Emma’s fingers gently passed over them. It felt like an eternity and Amy loved the feeling.

“Ok” said Emma, releasing her hands from her boobs, “your what we call a set 36c , which is pretty much perfect in roundness and weight, so this bra should be just right for you”

Emma passed the bra to Amy; “do you also want to try the panties?” enquired Emma

“Yes id love to but I don’t think you’ll let me” smiled Amy

“Why on earth not?” smiled Emma”

“Well I’m not wearing any panties of my own to try them on top of”

“Ow wow said Emma, well I can make an exception for you, plus your going to look so good in them, I just know you will buy them” they both laughed.

Amy reached to her side and unbuttoned and unzipped her short pencil shirt, Steeping out of it she stood naked but for her black patent heels, looking incredible.

“Ow wow” gushed Emma, “you shave you pussy?”

Amy laughed and looked at herself in the mirror “ow yeah of course babe, I love it”

“I keep thinking about doing mine, my boyfriend begs me to, I just haven’t got the nerve to do it yet, it looks fantastic, so sexy”

“How does it feel?” asked Emma

“It gorgeous so sexy” said Amy

“You wouldn’t… no sorry -I mustn’t ask” said Emma, bashfully dropping her head down.

“Don’t be silly – what is it?” said Amy

“Well could I just touch it? It looks so smooth” said Emma timidly

“Sure” said Amy, she lent back slightly against the bar stool and put one foot up on the cross bar on the bottom of the stool, Emma came closer and gently ran her hand down the side of Amy’s pussy, then stroked a finger down each side of the shaved skin.

“Wow it feels so good” gushed Emma.

Amy was getting really turned on now. Here she was naked in a cubicle of a shop with a girl she’d never met before - with her stroking her pussy. Amy instinctively reached up and began to stroke Emma’s hair as she watched in the mirror as Emma’s face transfixed on stoking her pussy.

Suddenly Emma dropped to her knees in front of Amy, she looked up at her while Amy gently stroked her hair.

“You won’t mind will you?”

Amy looked down at the innocent look on Emma’s face, and then suddenly felt her tongue gently lick the length of her pussy, before looking backup at Amy again, she threw her head back and gasped at the feeling

“Im sorry, I cant resist” said Emma nervously.

Amy gently cupped her hand around the back of Emma’s head, “ow baby suck me” and she gently pushed Emma’s face closer to her pussy. She heard a sight groan and then Emma’s tongue gently licked her moist pussy, kissing and licking like an obedient pussycat feeding on its cream. Amy was in rapture; she looked in the mirror at the delightful sight of this cute girl feasting on her wet pussy.

Emma was completely consumed with eating Amy’s hot pussy, her tongue deliriously feasted on her, Sucking her clit and kissing her juicily pussy, her face was becoming smothered in Amy hot sticky juices. She stood up and both girls feverously darted their tongues in each other’s mouths, kissing each other intensely.

Emma grasped Amy’s heaving tits with both hands and whispered in her ear, “God I wanted to fuck you as soon as you stepped in the store”

Their tongues disappeared in each other’s mouths again. Emma squeezed Amy’s firm tits and sunk her mouth over her erect nipples, biting licking and flicking them with her tongue. Amy sat up on the stool and hooked her legs over the arms of the stool, still kissing Emma as she fingered her wet pussy. She slide two of her fingers deep inside her wet hole and then fed them into Emma’s wanton mouth. Watching her suck and licked the juice from her fingers before she dropped to her knees again.

Amy’s pussy was begging to be devoured, and she leant back and thrashed her hair back as Emma’s tongue retuned to her juicy pussy. She lapped away at the juices and kissed and sucked her clit. Amy was close to Cumming now and could feel her first orgasm building in her body. She glanced in the mirror at the sexy scene and her body jerked as Emma’s tongue brought her to a climax.

Amy’s body bucked and she gripped Emma’s face with one hand, rubbing her pussy into her face, while she held onto the chair with her other hand as the orgasm ripped through her body. She could her Emma’s moans as she sucked her pussy to a climax driving her tongue deep inside her pussy and holding her clit open with her fingers and sucking and licking it feverously.

Amy gripped her tits and held Emma’s head as her delightful tongue continued to dance insider her pussy, then all of a sudden, the mood was shattered by a sharp rap on the door.

“Emma, are you finished in there? We have a queue of people in the store”

It was the store manager and both girls seemed frozen in animation.

“Yes one sec” answered Emma in her broken voice, still on her knees facing Amy’s throbbing pussy.

“Ok, just hurry up” came the reply.

Emma buried her head back in between Amy’s legs in between speaking.

“Shit babe, I’ve got to go, I want to lick you all day”

Amy held her head savouring the last pleasures of her mouth and hoped off the stool.
They both stood up and feasted their tongues in each other’s mouths one last time.

“Ow god - give me your number babe” breathed Amy “I’ve got to see you again”

They exchanged numbers and Amy tried to pull herself together while Emma left the cubicle.

A few minutes later Amy gingerly made her way to the counter and joined the small queue to pay for the lingerie.

“Ok that’s £95 please madam,” said the lady behind the counter, Amy recognised the same voice, which ended Emma’s delightful licking of her pussy in the cubicle.

The lady took the payment from the card and handed Amy her bag”

“Thanks for coming” smiled the woman, “I hope I get the pleasure to serve you next time” her tongue gently parting her lips.

Amy smiled as she turned away, “does she mean what I think she means!” she thought…

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2 years ago
when's part 2
2 years ago
Great really hot story. A bit of a fantasy of mine, so it's nice to see it put into words.
Thanks for writing.
3 years ago
Great story im looking forward to part2
3 years ago
very good & more
4 years ago
great story do a follow up
4 years ago
Hi, Thanks for that! glad you enjoyed it :o)
i am looking to do a part2

also have some other stories im posting
4 years ago
great story any follow ups?