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why are some of the bi or lesbein girls so hot but dont want guy friends? i know your gay and all but it dont mean we cant be friends.... if i know you are a les i wont hit on you... i would like to talk and get to know people is that a fucking crime? so let me know what you all think of this

Posted by bliebent 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I agree with enc_gal, but a girl freind of mine is on here when I suggested she join... girls get hit on like a THOUSAND times day here... it gets pretty overwhelming for her... she wants to be nice to everyone, but there are so many guys wanting to talk, and wanting attentions...

I am lucky if I get like 10 messages in a day... she gets 100...

(but then, she is younger, and A LOT hotter than I am - haha!!)
3 years ago
I think it's because so many women, whether bi, lesbian, or straight, are so self-absorbed... so many folks out there just really aren't "for real" anymore... Sad, really... :p