santa's visit

i was trying to sl**p in my bed and waiting for my eyes to shut.. than i heard a sc**** on my roof.. I looked up and heard nothing.. so i thought it was just the snow sliding off.. i laid there and about a min. later i heard foot steps and a person saying shit what a small and tight hole i got to go down in.. my first thought was a person trying to rob me but than i remember it was christmas and i knew it was santa.. so i got up out of my bed and went to to fireplace..

when i got there i saw santa coming out of my fireplace.. he was tall and skinny.. damn i thought he was going to be fat oh well i was wrong.. so i asked santa what he braught me.. he said well you HO HO HO little slut i got you this sack and big dick for you to suck and fuck on ...

i got on my knees and start to lick his nice long cock than i sucked on his tip and it teasted like a candy cane.. it was frutie and teasted so great that i wanted to suck him all night long.. i try to put it all the way in my mouth but it was so big i start to gag.. all santa did was say HO HO HO... i licke his balls and lick some more on him while i undress my self..

my pussy was so wet and ready for santa to put his cock into me.. he grabbed my hair and put me over the table.. ram his nice hard and fat cock in to me.. must have been like 10".. he pumped me and pulled my hair.. i was moaning and getting so wet that i squirted for the first time in my life.. it went all over santa and all he said was you are now on my naughty list you HO HO HO little slut...

i beg him to shot his load in me and i will try to be better.. he said only way i will get on the good list is if he could fuck me in my ass and cum all over my face.. he removed his cock and try to put it in my ass.. it was as tight at the hole he just went down to get to me.. all santa did was moan and say HO HO HO while he fucked my ass hard and deep making me squirt again and again.. buy this time i could not stand anymore and santa was ready to frost my faced with his cum.

I open up big and wide to take his frosting.. he shot it all over my tits and face.. it teasted so sweet and like cherrys with cream... mmmm i loved santas cum.. i suck him dry and he left me a sack of money and told me next year i should be ready and try to be a good girl or else it will be worst.. thank you santa i love you..
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2 years ago
good but longer
3 years ago
Good job. It's hard to write from a female point of view but you did good. Btw thanks for the friend invite
3 years ago
very hot!