the way i do her..

this is the way i love to go down and fuck a pussy....

first i would start out on licking her lips and licking the clit.. than i would go from there and suck on your clit lightly and finger her gspot.. i would start with one finger and than put my midle and ring finger on your gspot.. rub on it slowly than add pressure and rub a little faster.. i keep doing that than i would rub on her clit or sometime suck on her clit with fingering her gspot..

once i know she is ready and had at least one oragsum i would put my cock into her and rub her clit while i slide it in.. lay on top of her and feel her breast and kiss her neck while going in and out slowly.. i would pick up paste and go deeper too..

we would switch and she would go on top.. i would rub her clit and push up when she gose up and down on my cock.. i would raise up and kiss her lips and hold her tight agenst me.. move her up and down while kissing her.. we would switch again and i would go fast and hard.. until we both are ready to have our big finish..

so ladys what do you think of that?
100% (4/0)
Posted by bliebent
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4 years ago
Get into it more , doing fuck like a grandpa, work that pussy. Anyone can go in and out up and down...Many orgasms . Work that pussy. Make her scream..