ghost sex

this is fiction.. it would be funny if it did happen to someone but its still fiction.. hope you like this story

back in the 1920s an old man lived call him hank.. well hank liked all types of sex and had sex all the way up until he died.. he actually came before he now this house is haunted by him and its ok but he is one horny ghost.. this is what happen to me and a friend of mine about two years ago..

we were watching tv and she asked me if we wanted to have sex..(she didnt know about hank).. i told her sure why we went to my room and got naked..i started to kiss her and work my way done to her nice lovely wet pussy.. she was so wet that there was a a little puddle aready smelt so nice and i just had to lick her clean.. i sucked on her clit and finger her pussy.. she was throwing around the pillows and scream for pleasure.. now hank was getting hornier and he could wait to join in to our little fun.. so hank try to push his dick into my ass..i stop licking her and said hank stop it... she asked who is hank and i told her the story.. she wanted to keep going and told me let hank have some fun too...

as we cont.. she desided to go down on me and wisper to hank to join in.. she was sucking my balls and i felt hank sucking my 8" long and 3 " thick cock.. i was so in the mood that i didnt care any more.. i wanted to fuck and for the fist time i wanted to be fucked..

i grabed her and throw her to the bed.. i pushed my cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her.. i felt hank go into my ass and start to fuck me.. i felt so great i could explain the feel not even to this day.. he fucked me so good that i shot a load into her and still had my hard on.. i fucked her until she shot her load all ove me and hank..(that is when we saw hank for the first time) she and i came at the same time this time and hank (i think) came too.. i just laid there on top of her and i felt hank leave.. she was like this was fun can we do this again sometime.. but with out a hank with a real gay guy.. i told her sure but only if she and i became lovers.. she agreed and we have been married and living in the same place for the past 5 years now.. damn hank is great and so is my wife..

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4 years ago
Now there my freind you used your imagination, or did this really happen, only "Hank" was not a imaginary freind, but a real Dude who butt fucked you, while you were fucking his girl?
4 years ago
that was pretty hot!! would love to be the real person that gets to join in your fun!!
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
nice little ghost story for this time of year , hope you'll write some more