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[Story] Loving Little s****r and Friend

Loving Little s****r and Friend

Rachel is my younger s****r by three years. Since we were little she and I have been best buddies. For the most part we have always gotten along great together. I love playing games and hanging out with her. She's the happiest person I know and has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh ever. She is so fun to be around and she's kind and friendly to everyone.

As her older b*****r, naturally I enjoy teasing the hell out of her. I learned early on that I could get her all worked up pretty easy by k**napping her dolls or holding her bears for... Continue»
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[Story] my mom “Are you a squirter?

My mom the e****t

I never really knew my mother and my father wouldn’t talk about her.
My father never dated or saw women that I knew of. He was a stock broker and his work seemed to be his life.
I was sixteen when my father died and it changed my whole world.
First was all the money from his estate, it came to over fifteen million. In his letter to me, he made a few recommendations that I followed.

Next was the fact that almost everything in our townhouse was sold. Last was the tall stunningly beautiful woman that was my mother. She had just appeared at the door only twelve
... Continue»
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[Story] My Mom And Me

Helping my Mom
Introduction: A story about a son helping his injured mother and being well rewarded

"Helping my Mom"

Remembering back, it's hard to believe it really happened, and, of course, I still get a boner
recalling those splendid days.

When I was fifteen, my mom slipped and sprained her right wrist rather badly, and, being
right-handed, this made her life somewhat difficult, especially since my dad had just left for a one year tour in Korea. He was a sergeant in the army. The doctor put my mom in a cast on her lower right arm. It allowed her to move her elbow and u... Continue»
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[Story] MOM'S BATH

I was 18 years old. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My Mom had gone to a Ladies club meeting. My Dad and my b*****r had gone off fishing and I had pretended to be sick so that I could get a good look at my b*****r’s XXX videos that he kept under his bed I was going have a free afternoon of beautiful ladies getting fucked by huge cocks while stoking myself slowly to satisfaction. At the time we only had one VCR in the house and it was in the f****y room. My Mom was the last to leave and as she pulled out I quickly made my way to my b*****r’s room.

I pushed aside his dirty laundry and pul... Continue»
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[Story] I Can't Believe I Did This

I know right from wrong, but today was such an opportunity, I just couldn't resist. My son, who I gave birth too as a teeneager, and I were home alone for at least an hour, something that rarely happens. I knew what that he was cruising the site and he was sitting in his desk chair with his back to an open door, short pants but no shirt on.

I walked up quietly, just curious to what his interests were. I figured my dark brown 18 year old son would be fixated on white teen girls fucking black teen boys. But no... Continue»
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