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If u in the houston area and lookin for some fun hit me up
Posted by blarose 2 years ago


Where all the real twerkers at. The ones who are amazing moving thaat ass big or small. Im in love with the ones who really can do it on the dick real. The twerkers who are amazing at what they do. Where yall at stop hiding lol
Posted by blarose 2 years ago

me and u

why yall scared to pm me
Posted by blarose 2 years ago

[Story] Sex with my black granny

This is a real story that recently happened.

Ok first off im a young horny black guy who loves bbw mature and big asses and tits so happen my grandmother has all of that. I live with my grandparents.

One day it was a hot muggy rainy day in Houston. Lighting struck our a/c unit outside so it stopped working but we still had power. I was home alone and really bored (horny) and pulled out my laptop. Iknew my grandfather wouldnt be home soon but my grandmother would be home in 45 minutes. I went to one of my favorite porn sites and found a vid tht made me extremely horny. So i pulled out... Continue»
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