Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE! [Re-post!]

Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE!
Chapter 1

Back when I was in the army, I spent a few years as a boot camp instructor. It was always an interesting experience watching a group of completely disorganized, scared, and naive group of strangers turn into a cohesive, trained platoon of soldiers.

Cohesion and teamwork are key, and as a drill sergeant, I always emphasized that they would only get through the course together. If they chose to argue, bicker and work against each other, they wouldn't make it through, plain and simple.

Like I said, it was always an interesting experience. It was always interesting observing where each and every recruit came from before joining the military. Some worked in business, others had some pretty cushy jobs, were unemployed, or just got bored with their work. Some were students, drop-outs, all sorts. Long hair, short hair, dreadlocks, but to their disappointment, none of that mattered, all of them got a crew haircut and identical recognition for being next to nothing.

We had a pretty large platoon, about 75 recruits. This went down to around 63 by the end of it, due to either injuries, misconduct, or simply those who decided it wasn't for them and quit while they were ahead. Overall, the platoon was mostly aged in their early to late 20s. There were 21 females and the rest were guys. Another challenge was making sure everyone was treated fairly despite the differences in gender in the tough environment..

We had no female boot camp staff.. A bit of a nightmare. Somehow, the responsibility kept falling on me to tend to any issues that came up specific to the females. They seemed to trust me pretty well, and I learned to adapt my leadership to suit them when it was just us. Boot camp's supposed to be hard, but you can't always be a hard-ass. Some of these women just joined the army to be clerks and what not, no need to put them through hell all the time, right?

Every other day, we started at 5:30am and myself and one of the other instructors would take the recruits out for PT. We'd do a warm up, stretch, and start running, then usually do some push-ups for good measure and then a cool down.

There was one of the female recruits named "Jenkins" (last name). You wouldn't miss her if you looked around at the group of average-sized young adults. She was a big girl. I was surprised when I first saw her. On the surface, the sergeant in me saw her just as Private Jenkins. But in the back of my mind, I thought this girl was absolutely delicious. She was very voluptuous. She certainly stood out from the other girls and I really liked it. She had these wide hips, and her bum stuck out. And I didn't know whether this girl was bottom heavy or top heavy, because she had these big meaty shoulders and these 2 BIG BREASTS. Thick thighs, thick calves, and a few tummy rolls to boot. Her face was nice and plump too, round and good to look at. She had a bit of a tom-girl air about her as well. You could tell that she had played rugby or something growing up, but never did too much running...

It was turning into a bit of a pattern. Being the heaviest female in the group, she always started to lag behind when we'd go running. It was embarrassing to watch, but I had to maintain my composure. Each time we went for physical training you wondered, just for a second if she'd keep up. The group would start running for a little while, and I'd be at the rear keeping an eye on the group. Then I'd see these massive ass cheeks coming towards me as she slowed down abruptly and everyone shoved her out of the way and kept on running past her.
"Holy shit, not again!" This always pissed the other recruits off.

At this point, one of the instructors... (hmm me) would run back and continue jogging next to her, to provide "motivation".

"Jenkins, this is the last time you give up on yourself like that! Get moving!"
"Sargent, I can't, I ..." she said panting

Eventually she came to a halt and started walking. Her face was red, and she was completely flustered. I wondered why she didn't just quit to save herself the embarrassment. But I guess that's what the army needs, even if she's not the most in shape.

She was wearing the standard army-green fatigue t-shirt. It was tight around her chest and was now dark with sweat everywhere but where her sports bra was. I had the feeling that they gave her a shirt that was sized too small, sometimes the guys at the clothing shop would do that as a joke with the female recruits (lol). Her shorts were certainly stretched to their limit, DAMN! And her hair was in a bun, as per standard and wet with sweat. She smelled so good, I could smell her pheromones.

Eventually she would catch her breath and start jogging again. We'd take a short-cut to meet back with the group and by the time we got there, they'd usually have already finished their push-ups and sit-ups and were just stretching as a cool down....


Chapter 2

Most nights we would give the recruits "free time" to get ready for inspection the next day, shower, do laundry and call home if required. Right before lights out, the drill sergeants would go to the different barracks and give instructions for the next day. Like I said before, I usually went to the female barracks to give them orders. Each night when I'd arrive at 10:45pm, I expected them to be in their bunks so that I could pass on the information and ask for questions before lights out.

Going to the female barracks was WAY better than the male barracks. Nice smells, girls everywhere, and they seemed to stop in their tracks when you walked by. I got some pretty sexy looks walking through there.

I could tell that these girls were starting to like me. All young girls, the oldest must have been 28 or something, but I'd walk in and could just see them staring at me. Here I am, a tall, muscular, black man in his early thirties and I walk into the barracks to see 21 pairs of dreamy eyes staring at me, hoping. It was a bit distracting. When I walked in, it always smelled like perfume and shampoo, almost like they were trying to impress me. I got the feeling that if I cornered anyone of them and asked if she wanted to fuck she would have jumped right on me.

I almost wanted to laugh sometimes but figured that it was mostly because I was their drill sergeant, which really made me seem like the man. And they'd seize every opportunity to try to win me over, saying cute things and asking funny/suggestive questions until I'd finally have to lighten up and chuckle a bit:

"Alright ladies, that's enough, Sergeants aren't supposed to laugh, you're really testing me here."

Then I hear a voice from the bottom corner of my vision:

"Yes Private Jenkins, what's your question?"

She proceeded to ask a question that might not have been necessary had she been listening the first time. I had a habit of entertaining these questions because she obviously wasn't the only one who was confused by my instructions. There were murmurs of annoyance in the background as Jenkins had asked another "stupid question". Then, right in the middle of her question, I see this "THING" at the bottom leg of her bunk bed. Surely I've got to be hallucinating or something.

Amidst the very tidy barracks, there's this HUGE bra on the floor, and my eyes darted right at it. I froze.

I almost stuttered as I answered her question and tried to move on. She stared at me.

Holy shit, is that hers? I was too shocked to say anything, but could have given her a blast of shit right there for having an untidy bunk... If it wasn't a bra! I was just too afraid of getting a harassment complaint that I left it alone.

"Thank you Sergeant", she said with an unusual smile.
I turned off the lights and walked out,

"Good night ladies!"

As I left the barracks I started to wonder.. If that was her bra on the ground, she must not sl**p with underwear on :)... And did she leave her bra out on purpose, knowing I wouldn't say a damn thing?? What else would she have been grinning about??

That night before bed, I pictured her running without her bra on and masturbated myself to sl**p.

Chapter 3

The Recruits were given weekends off, but had to stay within the barracks, where they could sl**p, relax, work on assignments and tasks, call home, and etc. As per protocol, we were expected to drop in once each day to ensure that things were going well. I usually liked to walk in seamlessly just to "spy".

While standing in one of the hallways I heard some gossip from 3 of the female recruits:

"You mean that time 'Bertha' couldn't keep up during PT?" One said,
"I don't remember, that's happened like 30 times" Another replied
"Yeah, I know.. And Sergeant Johnson always runs back to go pick up her fat ass! haha" A third girl added.
"How unfair is that, that Fat bitch gets to spend all this 1-on-1 time with the sergeant just for eating too much! That girl's such a dud too, she's probably a virgin, what guy would want her?"
"Haha, look who has a thing for Sergeant Johnson!"
"He can have me however he wants. Pretty much every girl in the platoon wants to fuck him."
"Yeah, I bet he has a big cock too. I'd love to deepthroat that shit.."

Then I heard this squeaking sound of one of the girls bouncing up and down on the bed where she was sitting. She started moaning and saying "Sergeant Johnson!" -- Man! I didn't know that girls could get this hot and bothered by themselves.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I left the barracks so that no one would see me. There was a slight bulge in my fatigue pants after that...

Chapter 4

Jenkins wasn't the most fit but worked hard other than that. In basic training, everyone gets yelled at, and everyone messes up. Even if you're doing a good job, as a sergeant, my job was to break you down and test you.

The other drill sergeants started to notice that the platoon was getting pretty frustrated at Jenkins, especially the girls. She wasn't a terrible recruit either, she was just the biggest girl and they seemed to use her as a scapegoat every time the platoon got punished as a group. Even the other instructors used to make fun of her when we were eating or hanging out alone.

But when I say the girls didn't like her, maybe I'm not emphasizing that enough. As the course went on and got tougher and tougher, they were harder on her. It degenerated to the point of blatant name-calling when she was right there. They called this girl every name in the book, some I'd never even heard of:

"Big Bertha"
"Bubble Butt"
"Miss Piggy"
"Big Momma"
"Blimp tits"
"Humpty Dumpty"
"Fat Bitch"
"Fuck pig"

Then she ended up with the nickname "beach-ball" which I'd hear all the time and never knew what it meant. Come to find out that the girls were referring to her enormous jugs. They just wouldn't stop riding this girl, night and day, night and day.

I remember feeling appalled when I heard this, and even more disappointed in myself for not having known about just how bad it was, earlier. It was not until she asked to speak with me in private one day and told me about all the things they were saying. This sounded like a serious case of harassment so I asked if she could provide details and names for me, she did.

As I explained earlier, cohesion is very important in boot camp. In 2 weeks those guys were going to be doing the obstacle course and graduating. Unless they brought it together and learned to work with each others strengths and weaknesses, they would be toast. I decided that something needed to be done and had a feeling in my balls as to what that something was.

Chapter 5

The next night, I walked into the female barracks at the usual time and entered. I got everyone's attention and began giving the instructions for the next day. There were no questions, they seemed to be able to tell that I was a bit pissed off that night.

"No questions? None???" I yelled

"Well then I have a question for you!"

At that moment, I took my hand and reached deep into my pants.
The room froze, the girls looked speechless as they imagined what I was going to do. As my hand rose back from inside my crotch, I pulled with it, the BIGGEST pair of panties I had ever laid eyes on. As the soft silky pink panties slinked upwards they tickled my dick which then became harder than it had been in a long time.

I pulled my fist up towards my face and gave a big long sniff to what I was holding in my hands.

In both hands, I stretched the panties out to reveal their full width. They were 1 and a half times the width of my shoulders.

"Does anyone know who these belong to??" I said with a grin, in a belittling tone.

Half of the girls were still shocked, a few of them started giggling and looking at Jenkins, whose face was turning red with a very ashamed expression.

"No really, whose the BIG SEXY lady that wears these pretty panties right here??? Anyone..?" I continued, still to a flabbergasted audience.

"No one has anything to say?? I think you all know what this is about." I continued, no longer joking.

"Someone went through all the trouble of stealing these from someone in the platoon and raising them on the flagpole, and no one wants to say ANYTHING!!??"

It was blatantly obvious. The panties belonged to Jenkins. They weren't right out of the laundry either. They smelled like her.

"Fine then, I think I'll just have a seat, RIGHT here and wait for someone to own up to this." - I grabbed a chair and sat down. I waited for about 2 minutes and no one said anything. Jenkins looked ready to cry, but something told me she could take it while I proved my point.

"Fine then, you think it's funny to do something like that to a fellow soldier??" I asked to the open air.

I then turned my head over to Jenkins' bunk and she was staring right back at me, uncertain, nervous.

"Private Jenkins." I said firmly but with compassion
"Yes Sergeant"
"Front and center..."
"Are you sure Sergeant?..." She said, frightened
"Yes, and I won't ask you again Private Jenkins"

She looked down and sighed before pulling off her covers slowly and standing up just the same. The entire room's eyes pointed right at this woman, who wasn't wearing anything but her tight, olive green army t-shirt. I was petrified by her big, beautiful form as it began to move towards me. Her thunder thighs and hips swayed as she walked forward to fulflll my instructions. There she stood before me, front and center, facing me. It was not until she stood in front of me, as I was sitting down and looking up at her, that I realized how just how big and beautiful she was.

I spent several seconds looking at her from top to bottom. Her hair was down, not in a bun like before, and it was wet from her shower. It was just below shoulder length and surrounded her cute, round, plump face. Next I gazed at her thick, bulky, boxy shoulders and knew that this woman was a goddess. My eyes nearly jumped from their sockets when they beamed directly at her 2 huge melon-sized breasts. Her nipples were visible through her tight green army t-shirt and she was, as I suspected, wearing NO bra to sl**p. The shirt only barely covered her belly rolls and love handles.

After that, there was this BUSH like I've never seen before, and the widest hips on on the planet earth.

I almost started to tremble but held on and stood up.
"Turn around girl" I whispered in her ear. I looked down to see her greatest feature, the titanic, round, tight, luscious, homegrown ass that had been menacing me since she came under my command. This woman would be pregnant by the end of the night if I had anything to do with it.

In front of my frozen audience, I pulled down my pants and sat back down on the chair. These girls wanted my big hard black dick? Well there it was to see.

"Nobody Move!" I said firmly "I'm going to settle this once and for all.

"Come here Miss Jenkins, face me, have a seat"

She widened her legs and lowered herself to straddle my humongous cock. We were facing each other. I was sitting on the chair, and she was lowering herself to straddle me.

I heard a gasp and nervous laugh from one of the female recruits as she then realized that there was no way in the world this could be any sort of joke.

I positioned my erect penis at the tip of her tight hairy vagina and could feel her mass as she lowered herself the rest of the way. She was tense until my arms wrapped around her back and I held her closely:

"Shh... Baby you feel amazing. Just relax for Sergeant Johnson."
She was just so massive that I knew it would feel good, better than I'd ever had. I was so deep in her pussy and could feel her tense up from time to time with a mix of pleasure and the odd hit of pain. Eventually, it was all pleasure and she became very much involved in our union.

She began to sweat, and once again, I enjoyed her natural scent. I could tell that she had been holding back, still in embarassment at what was going on, but soon realized that it was all out in the open now. There was no point holding back. She felt comfortable around me, comfortable enough to tell me all of the things she told me, now I was close to her, I was with her, I was in her. We were together and it was amazing. I could tell she just wanted to put on a show for the other girls now, and she was a natural.
I was clutching her now sweaty shirt with all my might as her massive form gave pleasure to my cock. Her arms were wrapped around me, caressing my head as hers leaned on my neck and she whispered in my ear.

"Oh, fuck me sergeant, you beautiful man. FUCK ME. This feels so good, oh God"

As things intensified, these whispers became uncontrollable outbursts and then uncontrollable shouts.


"SMACK THAT ASS!" She then said quietly in my ear.
I smacked that ass like I was playing the African drums.

Next, I took off her sweaty shirt and threw it away. I hit some girl in the face and I could hear a response from the crowd.

At this point the silence broke and the female recruits all started to become excited.

I began to lick her nipples as she continued to bounce on me. This brought her even higher, we were having a grand time. I ran my fingers through her hair and put my lips to her mouth. My tongue came out and so did hers.

This continued for sometime until I could sense that she was reaching her climax. I fucked her harder, and harder, and harder, and harder until I myself couldn't take it anymore. At that moment, together, we both came with unbelievable f***e.

All of the cum I could produce bursted from me with torrential f***e.

"Ugggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as this river of cum filled her. We both laid there for a few moments, breathing heavily.

"Was that your first time, Jenkins?" I asked her gently
"Yes." she said timidly, starting to laugh quietly



"You may return to your bunk, Miss Jenkins" She was flustered red and walked back to her bed slowly.

"Ladies... THAT, is how I like my women. Big Breasts, Big Ass." I said, my hands on my hips, still panting from our laborious union.

"Some of you may think there's something wrong with that... Maybe some of you are just jealous of what you don't have. But I had a talk with Private Jenkins yesterday and understand that she's been subject to a great deal of mistreatment from the rest of the platoon and I'm telling you this stops now!

I have enough evidence and details about this to get all of you court martialed, so it's about time that you start showing Private Jenkins the respect she deserves. None of you are perfect soldiers or people. The military is about teamwork and basic training is where you learn that.

What happened in this room tonight, stays in this room. We're all adults here. If not, then I'll make sure you're all investigated for what's been going on. Just work as a team, help each other and enjoy the rest of the course."

"I'll see you all at 0530 hours tomorrow morning. Goodnight Ladies!"

After that night, none of the girls bothered Jenkins again. In fact, they started to respect her for managing to do something they'd all wanted to do: bounce on my dick. After that course, Jenkins and I became a package and continued to make sweet love... Turns out I did get her pregnant that night ;)
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