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She feels my touch my breath on her neck my lips on her breast tongue on her nipples. Skin to skin my hands on her clit massaging her inside and out till there is nothing left to do but make it whole. Start of soft and gentle light touches and an slow build up of rhythm changing position as I get used to the way our hips move together. Getting faster and harder as the room starts getting hotter and we start to make the floorboards creek the bed shake and the headboard leave dents in the wall. The quiet breathing turns to huffs and puffs to moans and groans building up to grunts and screams of ecstasy. You start to get that feeling building up in your legs. You start pounding faster and harder not caring about if the neighbours hear you. She is calling your name you grip her hips tightly can’t hold it no more. The sheets are soaked from sweat we both laying there naked too tired to move my whole body is drained of all its energy my head is cloudy from what just happened and i feel like I could sl**p for a week.
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