The wrong kind of threesome (Part 1)

I could feel the dried cum from residue sperm on my boxers as I thought back to the previous night’s mischief. My flaccid penis began to grow once more... until the bulge became quite uncomfortable: I rearranged myself as I sat dreamily in my office chair. But no position would work! My throbbing shaft was rubbing painfully against the cotton and I was sure the material could not stretch any further!

I quickly looked around the office. Jen was out at a meeting and was not meant to be back for a good few hours. Liz had called in sick. I sat there trying to convince myself that what I was about to do was okay, and that I would not be caught. I knew it was crazy. There were people working in the adjacent rooms. Anyone could walk in.

But with every passing second I could feel my penis filling with erectile bl**d. I was so hard it actually hurt and I had to do something about it. I could not walk over to the toilet. Someone was bound to see the great big lump protruding from my trousers! No. I had to do it here. I had to be quick.

I grabbed for a box of tissues on Liz’s desk and swiftly broke the cardinal rule of internet use at the office. A few moments later there was a video of some hot woman sucking a saliva covered cock as she hastily rubbed a well lubricated clitoris from a squatting position. The camera switched to an under-view angle, and I watched as the spit dripped from her mouth as the muscles of her anus contracted in rhythmic motions. I pulled my trousers and boxers down to my ankles and sat back in my seat. My penis shot up like a spring mechanism. I looked around once more and thinking it was safe I proceeded to masturbate myself to the pink juicy hole on the screen.

My heart pounded as I watched her lick the tip of the pole and then consume the whole thing in one fluent motion. She was sucking with all she had. Her breasts jumped up and down, bounced together, and even rippled at times.


I could hear someone coming up the hallway. But I could not stop now. The muscular male in the video was reaching the end soon and so was I.

The footsteps drew nearer still.

I only quickened my pace until my arm started to ache. All I could see was the wet juice of the hot woman’s vagina looking slimy and dirty, and wishing I could slide my manhood into her filthy entry.

The door handle began to turn. But I did not care anymore.

I rose out of my seat and watched as the veins of my penis pulsated with my climax. My phallic protrusion began oozing cum onto my desk, at exactly the same time Jen walked through the door... be continued.

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4 years ago
yeah what happens next?...
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
That was a hot start, but what happens next? Jen must surely have gotten an eyefull! More please. . .
4 years ago
That was a hot start, but what happens next? Liz must surely have gotten an eyefull! More please. . .