A wishful encounter

Would love you to come over and let me fuck your tight holes hard! I want to bend you over my desk (at home) my strong arms holding you down you cannot move you can feel my thick cock sticking in your back I push your short skirt up showing that tight ass and wet pussy slowly I begin to rub your pussy lips with my cock parting them I push deep inside you! You squirm don’t move you slut I say! I want to fuck all your holes! I begin to pound your pussy making you cry out my thick cock swelling inside you just as I am about to cum I pull out and shove my cock deep into your mouth filling your throat with my hot jizz! Once you have sucked me hard again I push you back down onto the desk placing my cock on your asshole, you know what’s coming next as I grab your hair and enter your damn sexy ass hard and deep without warning! You scream as my thick cock f***es its way deep in your tight ass I am holding you down again as I begin to pound your ass each thrust getting deeper inside you and each time your tight ass getting stretched a little more do you like that you little slut? I say as I grab your hair pulling your head back, Do you like me fucking your tight ass? Soon you can feel my balls slapping on your ass cheeks I’m right in and you are still crying out. Feeling your ultimate submission I pull my thick cock out of your tight ass and flip you over onto your back spread your legs for me you little slut before you know it I ram my hard cock back into your tight ass as you spread your legs showing me your sore wet pussy from earlier! Harder and harder I fuck your ass every now and then pulling my thick cock almost all the way out before ramming it home again, you begin to finger yourself and fuck your wet pussy spreading your wet lips, wider I say I want to see right inside you, you insert two fingers from each hand inside your pussy and pull hard that's right show me that gaping hole as you do this I rub your hard clit and pull your nipples with my other hand all the while my thick cock is destroying your tight ass, your body shakes as you cum a huge orgasm fills your body as your ass tightens around my hard cock my cock explodes in your ass filling you with my hot cum as I shout out my thick cock pumps more spunk deep in your ass, filling you to the brim, I pull out and the very last gets pumped all over your gaping wet pussy, covered with cum you lie there as I move around the other side of the desk standing above your face you take my cock into your mouth and tip your head back to give me access to you deep throat, you gag a little as I push my cock deep into your throat taste my hot spunk and your slutty ass........
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