Hi,my name is Shirley and my user on xHamster is
I need to keep this concise as I do not want to lose your interest.

I am typing this on Tuesday evening after a wonderful afternoon with Diane. She is one of my lesbian clients,is 52,has a gorgeous figure,is tiny at just 5' and has been married 25 years,but her tycoon husband does not deserve her. You may have read about our recent sexploit in my posting “ [Story] FRI JULY 8 - LIPSTICK LESBIANS! “
July 8, 2011, 5:48 pm
and yes we were both wearing our Revlon “Love That Red” lipstick again today.

We revisited the area where Tony took me to fuck in his car (I refer you to my “dessert” and “fun in the country” blogs) early in the year.

I was driving and chose a nice secluded spot with only 2 other parked cars in sight – she wanted to give me some finger fuck pleasures and we were both so horny,having done some shopping at Tesco's with customary teasing and flirting. We were both wearing very short summer dresses,me in blue and Diane in black,high “fuck me” heels too,but no nylons,it was a very hot sunny day!

I positioned the car near a tree to give us some shade and Diane stepped out to check something in the boot (or trunk for any U.S.citizens).She wanted to attract the attention of the occupants of the 2 cars and her heels clicked so loudly on the tarmac that they certainly noticed.

Now that she had made sure they knew we were here she slipped back into the car,settled herself in her seat,loosening the buttons on her dress and hitching it up to her waist,and leaned across me,pushing her knee into my crotch and pressing her irresistibly coated lips onto mine,forcing my mouth open as she pushed her tongue all around. My head was f***ed back and with my hand I reclined the seat so I was nearly horizontal and her mouth pressed down harder,the kissing noises were so loud,i was kissing back at her hard,sucking and licking,our creamy,fragrant lips gliding and sliding against each other. She eased the dress off my shoulders and pulled my black bra up off my breasts and buried her mouth on my nipples which were jutting out like bottle corks,her lipstick leaving big red circles all around them,and my whole body shook as my head was thrown back. I was below window level,i could not see out,but Diane popped her head up and yes,we were being watched alright – pushing me further back she pulled my legs up so I could rest my high heels on the dash and suddenly they were clicking sharply against the windscreen.

Her head was now pressing down on me,my areolae had grown enormously,i was so aroused,and then our mouths joined again,our tongues so busy,and with her left hand she pulled my dress right up and pushed her fingers into the band of my black panties – I was not wearing a thong today,instead my black silky tanga panties. Working her hand in she finally had it completely inside my panties and her thumb and middle finger were already rolling my clit. I was breathing hard,my hips were gyrating and my heels were clicking loudly against the screen.

Our onlookers would not have seen much of me,just my ankles and heels,but Diane's shoulder-length blonde hair would have been visible especially when she was bobbing up and down licking my sopping crotch. Yes,she had moved back and was virtually in a kneeling position,her hands were reaching up tweaking my swollen nipples while her tongue lapped feverishly down below leaving traces of red revlon all across my tummy as she had worked her way down. My head was shaking from side to side,this was heaven,pure bliss.

Emma has a technique where she uses the stop-start method,she keeps me on the edge for ages before she lets me cum and I am so used to this. But Diane just kept going and going and rubbing and rubbing..omg,i was soon past the point of no return..i was in “the zone”..i was slobbering and groaning and I knew I was going to pop and then it hit me.oh god,my whole body jerked,my head bobbed forward,my legs kicked out and I virtually lost control..she kept licking and licking,her tongue rasping against my clit until my spasms gradually subsided.

I was breathing so hard,my whole body was shaking and I just lay there and smiled at her – she had a quick peek again,yes,the 2 guys were watching and that was not all they were doing!!!!!!

We just lay like that for a couple of minutes and then I pushed my hand up her dress and into her panties,she was wearing a black thong which was pulled right up her and already it was soaking from the excitement. I pushed my mouth up to hers and with my fingers,started rubbing her through the wet nylon,and then,pushing my hand inside,i used my thumb and ring finger to open her lips wide,my middle finger began to rub her clit as her hips gyrated and she ground down against my hand. She was so wet,her pussy was like a bucket and the flaps were all hanging,evidence of many years of heavy fucking of course! From the other cars they would have seen her shapely bum going up and down piston-like as it f***ed against my hand,she was in full flow now,she was moaning and groaning and my hand was vigorously busy as I rubbed her. This continued for 15 minutes or so and i used the “Emma technique”..each time she was on the brink I stopped,letting her recover for a second and then started again.

She was in utter ecstasy and I was making this last so long...her “ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh's”,,mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh's and “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh's” were now so loud and,oh god,one of the windows was half open so not only were our spectators receiving visual,they had audio as well! So to give them a more vivid experience and also because the temperature in the car was reaching unbearable levels,i opened the windows fully and then resumed my attention to her..

More severe rubbing,my left hand was a blur in her crotch,i almost had my whole hand inside her,our mouths were engaged and inseparable except for when she pulled away to utter some expletives,she was slobbering saliva into my mouth,our lipstick was smeared across our faces...with my right,i yanked at her bra and pulled the strap off her left shoulder and began feverishly pulling at her erect nipples and she let out a massive “ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”....this was so good,more spasms,each time,i thought this was it...i stopped again,letting her regain control and then repeated the sequence – the whole car was shaking,her body was quivering,uncontrollable and I knew the big one was close..i could feel her luscious red lips go ice cold on my mouth and she was clutching wildly at my hair – her bum was gyrating incredibly now and so much cum had trickled out of her that I was sure she must have squirted at one point.

The squelchy,slurping,juicy noises emanating from her crotch were having a severe effect on me and I knew I was going to cum again soon – her fluids had seeped into the soft upholstery on the side of my seat,there was a dark,wet patch..i stopped again..but she grabbed at my hand,pushing it back to where it belonged and my thumb and index finger were rolling around her clit...she screamed,i had hit her sweet spot and …....yes,this was it,her body spasms intensified and she hit the big one.oh god,i had not prepared..she gushed out in a torrent,yes,she was squirting and it ran down my arm and pooled on the floor under my seat ...she lurched again,her sexy mouth wide open,blubbering and drooling..she was in a multiple cum and it went on and on and on and on and..............ramming herself against me,her hips were grinding round and dress was soaked,heavily marked with lipstick,not to mention the state hers was in by this point and yet she kept going,bouncing and gyrating in utter pleasure.

This lasted a full 5 minutes as she bucked and bounced and screamed,depositing yet more liquid all over my car....until..finally she subsided,and let out a long sigh and a very loud and sustained “ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. After letting her settle again I knew I needed to cum again and pulled her hand down towards my soaking panties – she began to stimulate and pull frantically at my swollen clit with her sexy,long,lacquered finger nails,and I was so on the edge but I pulled her hand away. She looked at me as if in surprise and then she realised,yes,i was telling her not to it Emma's way! So she started again and each time I was close,she stopped,she was doing it how I liked!

By this time we had been here about an hour and a half and there were 6 cars in attendance,the original 2 guys,but now a further 4 vehicles with couples in and we were being watched intently by all!

My sopping panties were now discarded,Diane was using all her years of experience and I was in a world of utter bliss as I lay there and surrendered my body to her. I had just one leg up on the dash now as she had spread my legs wide and my red gash was gaping wide like an open wound,but my left heel was still clicking loudly against the windscreen. Her different techniques are amazing,i was trying to memorise but was in such an advanced state of arousal that this was difficult indeed. I remember her stretching the skin of my lower tummy as she pressed the bone just above my pussy,i think they call it the pubic bone – she did this with her left hand simultaneously pressing different areas,while her right middle finger was giving my clit so much attention,flicking it with her long nail,i was so incredibly sensitive by this point but I wanted this to last!

If my male friends are reading this...guys,you do not realise how gorgeous this is,although of course I can only imagine what it must be like to have a cock..oh I am blushing with embarrassment!

We continued for a further 20 minutes and my whole world centred around my crotch,her hands and our mouths – I entered such a state of arousal that it almost hurt,i had severe pains down below and I have experienced this before when similarly aroused to such an extent. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I then knew there was no stopping me as I hit my orgasm like a brick wall....trigger reactions kicked in,i was mouthing all sorts of expletives,i was out of control,my hips were in a world of their own,my back was arching (Diane noticed all this to tell me later so I could tell you)..and then I exploded,not exactly a squirt like her..but a copious emission of cum which joined with hers on the floor as it trickled down the side of my seat. I carried on she said for about 2 or 3 minutes,so she said..until finally collapsing in a state of exhaustion and we just kissed softly and held each other gently as my spasms subsided although it took over 10 minutes for me to stop shaking – and I had to drive home!!!!

We could see several smiles from our onlookers and there was a general feeling that we had been appreciated – yes,the feeling was so be looked at while we were so busy..omg!!!!

I had remembered my experience with Tony back in February when my high heels damaged the soft headlining and scratched the leather upholstery in his car...ouch!!! Yes,you guessed right,we noticed on the way home today the tell tale gouges in the dashboard caused by my heels from today's activities,how can I explain them to Mummy when I pick her up next week?

To anyone reading this who may be critical for the lack of emotion in my words of description,i hold my hands up. Darlings,Diane and I are not lovers,she is a client who happens to be staying with me while Emma is at her parents and so what happened today was pure,unadulterated lust!!!!!!!!!!! JUST PURE SEX!!!!

As an afterthought I will tell you that I let Diane take my panties to show her husband what real fun can be like (the gusset all white and frothy,they looked like they had been laced with heavy cream) so he can have a good wank in them later,ha ha – he is such a waste of time,as are so many partners of my clients...need I say more!!!

I have plans for more similar excursions this summer with Rita and Debbie and of course again with Diane – we may get quite a following!

Anyway,i hope you enjoyed – please do comment and let me know what you think.

Much love from Shirley. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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3 years ago
perfect as always... you never let me down!
3 years ago
Where exactly is this location? ha ha horny as xxx
3 years ago
If you liked this,please read the next one...Emma was a naughty girl!!!! Love from Shirley.xxxxxxxxxxx.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
great story, got all hard and horny
3 years ago
i need u babes..where are debs here tonite an shes gonna fuck sooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
You're erotic descriptions are like fine champagne Shirl. Your descriptions are so vivid that it feels that we, the reader, are actually there, witnessing your erotic adventures for real.
3 years ago
What a pure talent for expressing emotions in words,
you are so good at recording and re-living life experiences.
3 years ago
you guys have used all of the best words so i agree with all of you
3 years ago
Next time will you let me valet the car for you afterwards! I am learning so much from Diane. XXXX
3 years ago
Please feel free to use the rest area close to our house any time!


Lovely and exciting story Shirley

I'm jealous.
3 years ago
I love the detail and build up that Shirl has in her stories are always a massive turn on. I acn almost smell the sex from that car mmmmm. Love this woman, i really do xxxxx
3 years ago
im cummin out there next time babes - u just get better!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
must have been an awesome afternoon! Reading, I could almost imagine being in one of thse other cars and being totally captivated!
3 years ago
Shirley, Another great story which I'm sure will end up in the top 5 no doubt about it, great description as always and love the fact that it's not love it's just LUST!!! xx
3 years ago
hello :))
"awesome story"
any one can write but the way "you" bring "sensuality" and "eroticsm" in your story makes "you" apart from other writers!!!!!

thank you
3 years ago
I love shopping trips like that... any chance you could use either the Emma technique or Diane's method on me- I'm soaking just thinking about it!
3 years ago
Really great to read how a woman enjoys sex for the pure hell of it! '..unadulterated lust..' Yea go for it girl!! Enjoy!!
3 years ago
i would have been sat wanking furiously watching the two of you playing
3 years ago
love your story shirl, again i nearly shot my load and getting an audiance as well thats made it even raunchier. loved it girl. keep them cummin (and yourself!) ;)
3 years ago
Lovely Shirl, that is so good reading yuor sexy story, would have liked seeing you two being so nice with each other, glad you enjoyed Just Having Pure Sex Kisses to you.
3 years ago
WOW! Shirley this is a amazing story it's definitely going in my favorites . I must say I was wanking while reading this and made sure not to cum until the very end . I like to prolong it as long as possible . My god I cummed so hard got to clean up the computer screen .xxxxxxx
3 years ago
WOW!!!!!!! awesome story! thats gonna be in my favorites also will add the other story you posted last in my favorites. that was a great one too