Darlings,i just wanted to send you a brief update.I apologise if I go to much in detail and I know that is not very ladylike,but I know you would be interested.If you have seen one of my earlier blogs you will see I am very particular about things,for example my nylons,panties,thongs etc when they are laundered are sprayed thoroughly with my favourite perfume and sealed in plastic food bags so they are readily fragranced to wear.My office at work is permeated with these aromas and Paul particularly loved it in our fucking(sorry,do you mind me using that word instead of lovemaking). Yes,we have now split and I was reluctant to go over old ground as he really messed me about at the end of last summer but I wanted to refresh your memories. Here is a taster of me..... .. . This is a link to my videos if they may interest you.... My nails,fingers and toes are always lacquered usually in Revlon Cherry Crush 760 and that was an added bonus for him,he loved to look down and watch as my long polished nails grasped his cock.Yes,you may have seen in my profile how I wear 22 inch black satin opera gloves when I fuck – while he loved these around his shaft,the problem was that they would get so sticky.I know the sight of my slender lacquered fingers raking his rod was the biggest turn on for him even more so than when I wore my's those polished nails again you see!!!!!! He loved me to dress in front of him,seductively gliding my smooth nylons over my long legs and slipping my high stilettoes on,and I loved it when he jerked himself as I did this.In our large kingsize bed I slept with him on my left – this made it convenient as I am right handed.I would lie across him,deep kissing his mouth and hooking my nylon clad leg right high on his chest,rubbing up and down and would grasp his 9 inch big black cock in my right hand and really go for it.I varied between sheer glossy black seamed nylons which he found the most alluring as they were so smooth and made lovely silky noises when rubbed,and also black fishnets which I wear regularly for the office. As I was jerking him he loved to hold my leg and feel my smooth silky scented nylons and my long heels as they raked his chest and tummy,and I would lift myself up so he could run his tongue over them and lick them – oh wow,did he find this a turn on!!!! Oh and yes,sometimes black seamed nylons,sometimes glossy black sheer pantyhose (open crotch of course),i loved to surprise him.I would keep him on the brink for so long a time,he would be drooling,his hips gyrating,his back arching and then,to finish him would envelop his glistening black cock with my mouth,my lipstick as always on nice and thick – and would take him really deep so that he glooped cum right down my throat. My tongue was so used to his movements,i could sense when he was about to cum and I used it to flick all around and up his shaft and would use my lips thoroughly all around his ultra sensitive head. His cock was so thick with my lipstick that it was always visible even after showering and he was teased about it in the changing rooms at the rugby club by the guys....but they were only jealous.Sometimes I would open a fresh bag of nylons and slide one over his cock and then wank him with it on,this particularly turned him on,and several times I found cum soaked stockings under the bed where he had treated himself while I was out.He loved me to push my thong or panties over his face so he could savour my fragrance – this is so funny,a guy with a 9 inch hard on covered in a black stocking with his face adorned by my panties.Another odd fetish was that he loved to have the panties or thong I had worn all day to jerk himself off with – guys are so funny!!!! I found several used pairs in odd places around the house after we had split! Several men at my workplace have suggested I let them have some of my thongs and nylons – I think they were serious....OH GOD!!!! They have a real obsession about my legs,it really amazes me – I could make a fortune they tell me on ebay selling them!!!! Well i hope this was just a bit interesting for you – I know how much nylons and heels turn people on and I never fuck without them. Kisses and tickles.Shirl.XXXX.
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3 years ago
you could tease and please me anytime
3 years ago
excellent sweet lil'lady
4 years ago
Note to a pair of gloves and give this a try.

And people wonder why I have shoes that have never been worn outside!

Kisses and Licks

4 years ago
Yummy description of yourself in action, He was a fool to jerk you around..
4 years ago
4 years ago
Shirl, Queen can't keep 'em all night It get' Real Sweaty...LOL....XXX