Mrs Jones and her Black neighbor

I guess I should start by introducing myself and giving a little background information about myself. My name is Carol and I'm 48 years old, I have long blonde hair, 48DD breasts, and weigh about 155pounds. I have always had a nice body but as I have gotten older my tits have sagged some, and my ass has gotten fat. However my sexual appetite has not decreased in the least bit. My husband has not been able to keep up with me sexually and his small dick couldn't please me anyways. However we remained together, I was not going to leave him, he made a lot of money, we lived in a magnificent large house, and I did not have to work at all.

Since I was no longer satisfied with my husband, I needed to satisfy my pleasure by some other means. I started to rationalize all the reasons cheating on my husband would be ok. I soon realized I didn't have to come up with many; I just wanted to be fucked. I began satisfying my urges by looking and watching porn on the Internet. One day while surfing the net, I came across a site that sent chills thru my body. The site showcased young black men with enormous dicks, having sex with white woman. I was mesmerized by their chiseled physiques and massive members. I became obsessed with black men, particularly young black men. I dreamed about them constantly, wondering what it would be like to be with them.

I began thinking of ways that I could experience a black cock up close and personal. One day while driving around town, I drove past a male strip club called "The Jungle Club." I pulled over and went to the front of the building to get a closer look. What a find! It was an all black male strip club for woman! I couldn't contain my excitement, the sign said it opened at 10:00; I could not wait to go.

I went home and my husband was already home from work, and passed out on the couch d***k, perfect! He would be there all night. I went up stairs and got dressed putting on a low cut top, to showcase my huge milky tits, and skirt that showed off my fat, shapely ass. Black boys here I come!

I was trembling as I walked in the club; it was the most amazing place ever. There were dozens of huge, young, black men in various stages of undress all over the club. The majority of the patrons where white woman around my age.

I made my way over to a table and sat by myself ogling the nude black strippers. Their bodies were flawless, all of them. I could not stop looking around. On the stage in front of me there was a very young looking stripper, who stood about 6'2 and looked to weigh about 210 pounds or so. He made his way over to me as I littered 5 dollar bills in front of me hoping to attract him to my corner. He danced in front of me wearing white bikini style swim trunks that could barely contain his huge cock. My mouth watered as I looked him up and down. His crotch gyrated inches away from my face; I could see the outline of his enormous head pressed against the thin material. I had to have one of these magnificent black cocks in my mouth! I left the club hornier than ever wanting black cock more than ever.

I lay out at home the next day by the pool fingering myself thinking about the night before. My husband came home and said that he the yard work was piling up and something needed to be done about it. After telling him to fuck himself, I said that I would get someone to do it. He went back inside; probably to go get d***k, fuck him I thought. My next door neighbor was out in her garden working and I went over to talk to her. She was about my age, but significantly heavier, she had a huge ass and her tits sagged even more than mine. Her husband was a high school football coach and was around about as much as my husband.

"Hi Sandy" I said.

"Oh, Hi Carol" She said

"How are you doing?" I asked

"I'm doing well." She said as she smiled back at me.

Just as she said that I was shocked to see young black boy walking around from the front of her house pushing a wheel barrow. He was magnificent! He was not wearing a shirt only a short pair of shorts. He muscles flexed as he pushed the barrel closer to us. As he drew nearer I could see the sweat glistening off his ripped abdomen. I immediately starred at his crotch and was very pleased to see the barely visible outline of what I'm sure was a huge black cock! It jiggled back and forth under the material as he walked towards us. Sandy told him where to dump the barrel and we both marveled at his ass. He finished and turned to both of us and smiled

"Hi" He said to me.

"Hello" I said as I smiled back.

"This is Jerome" Sandy said. "He is one of my husband's players and is staying with us for the summer." Jerome smiled again and then turned around and made his way back out through the yard. "That is one magnificent creature." I said to Sandy.

"I know he is something else to look at all day long." Sandy replied lustily.

"Listen, my husband has been on me to get someone to do the yard work; do you think I could use Jerome for a couple of days?" I asked. I would be damned If I was going to let this fat bitch have this incredible young stud all to herself.

"I guess." She reluctantly replied. I told her to send him over tomorrow, and ran back inside to tell my husband. He was not too keen on the idea, especially because he was black. I told him that my mind was made up and that was the way it was going to be.

I was sick with anticipation and could barely sl**p that night. I awoke the next morning, showered and got dressed to great my young, black stud. I put on the smallest white bikini I could find. The top barely covered my nipples and my ample cleavage was on full display. The front of the bottoms was a small triangle that provided just enough coverage of my pussy. The back was not much bigger and did not do a good job of covering my fat ass. I went out back and laid out until I heard him call for me at the gate. When I heard him I practically ran to the gate, my big tits and ass jiggling all the way, when I let him in his instantly dropped to my tits and he became visible nervous.

"Hi, Mrs. Jones" He stammered.

"Hi Jerome, I'm so glad you can help out, come right this way I will show you were to get started." I replied. As I turned around I could barely contain my self, the seduction had begun. He followed behind me watching my fat ass jiggle with each step. I brought him over to one of the garden beds next to the pool and had him begin to weed the entire bed. I went over to my lounge chair and sat and watched as he worked. The sun had come out and it was getting hot as hell, sweat began beading up on my breasts. Jerome was covered in sweat; his white t-shirt clung to his body. I got up and went over to him. "Hi Jerome how is it going over here?" I asked.

"Fine" He said as he looked up at me.

"Why don't you take off your shirt, Jerome? Here I'll give you a hand." I said as I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and helped him lift it up over his head. I was starring right at his massive chest and could smell his sweaty body it was an intoxicating odor. "Wow what a stomach you have got on you" I said as I slowly ran my hands over his ripped abs. He was visibly uncomfortable so I stopped and offered him a cold drink. He eagerly accepted and I hurried inside to get him a cold drink.

I went back outside with his drink in hand, and a big smile on my face. I handed him the drink and then went back to my lounge chair and began to put on a show for him. I pulled out a bottle of sun tan oil and began to lather up my ample chest and ass with oil, so my body glistened. I caught him glimpsing up every chance he got. I got up and went over to Jerome with the sun tan lotion.

"Jerome the sun is getting really bad, why don't I rub you down with some sun block?" He eagerly agreed and I stood in front of this black stud and began to lather him up with the lotion. I rubbed it all over his chest and stomach. I then squatted down and lathered up his legs. Next I went behind him and rubbed his massive back with lotion, and then reached around to rub it on his stomach from behind. My huge white tits rubbed against his back, my pussy was almost dripping wet at this point. What a sight this must have been! I was out in my back yard next to my pool, half naked with a young black boy not even half my age. My neighbor Sandy could or anyone else for that matter, see me rubbing lotion all over this young stud. I didn't care it was part of the thrill, doing it right out in the open.

"There you go Jerome that should do it for now." I walked away and let him continue with his work. I went back to my lounge chair and lay on my stomach, undoing my bikini top in back. Jerome nervously glanced up to sneak a peek at me. Every so often I would sit up and reach for my drink, exposing my huge tits. I loved it! I was having such an effect on this young black stud it made me feel 20 years younger. Finally I had enough; I needed to have this young buck's black cock!

I got up and put my top back on and walked over to Jerome. "Jerome you look exhausted how bout you call it a day?"

"Ok, Mrs. Jones" he replied.

"Listen, Jerome would you like to cool off in the outside shower?" I asked

"Ahhh, ya I guess" Jerome nervously said.

"It's right over this way." I said. I led him to the shower which was attached to the pool house. It was just a nozzle attached to the wall and a slate pad underneath. I reached up and turned it on for him. Jerome looked at me awkwardly not knowing what to do. He stepped underneath the water, glancing back at me. "Why don't you take off your shorts Jerome? And just shower naked." His eyes almost popped out of his head when it registered what I had just said. "Eee...excuse me, Mrs. Jones?" He stammered.

"Its ok I don't mind, really I'm ok with it, and here let me help you." I stepped under the water next to him and grabbed his shorts right by his hips. "I just want to see that big black cock of yours." I said as I looked up at him. He just stood there mesmerized. I pulled the shorts down, his cock sprung up right in my face as a got down on my knees. "Oh MY GOD!" I said. This thing was huge it had to be 9 inches in length and at least 5 inches around and it was not even hard yet. His shaft was charcoal black and his head was the size of an apple with a pink tint to it. Veins wrapped around this black snake, and I just starred at it in awe. "Do you mind if I touch it?" I asked. Jerome looked down at me he was completely shocked.

"No" was all he could manage. I was in heaven; this is what I had been waiting for. My hands trembled as I massaged his cock under the water, It quickly grew it had to be at least 13 inches in length and as thick as my forearm. My bikini was almost completely see thru at this point. "I think I should wash you off, Jerome, you've been working in the mud all day." Jerome just shook his head in agreement. I grabbed some soap and began lathering up his body, running my hands all over it. I played with his cock and balls slowly manipulating them in my hands. I then massaged his ass which was rock hard. My pussy was dripping wet at this point, I had to get this black stud in my room. I rinsed him off and turned off the shower, grabbed a towel and began drying him off. "Come on big boy, your going to give me that big black cock." I lustily said. I grabbed him by his cock and began leading him into the house as we walked he started grabbing my fat white ass. We got into my room and I instructed him to get on the bed. I took off my top and my huge milky tits fell out. I then seductively pulled off my bottoms as well. Jerome stood up; he was getting bolder by the minute. I got down on my knees and began sucking his huge black cock. It pulsated in my mouth; my mouth watered as I vigorously sucked and slurped his huge cock. I pulled it out of my mouth and stroked it rubbing in my spit and looking up at Jerome. My lips quivered as I took in this ebony beauty.

"Oh my god Mrs. Jones that feels so good." It turned me on hearing Jerome call me Mrs. Jones, I felt so dirty sucking his black cock. I knew that if anyone found out I would be ruined but I didn't care it only added to the excitement. Never before had I seen such a body or cock. I had never felt so much pleasure. I sucked and slurped until he began to come. His back arched as his black sperm began to shower the back of my throat. I sucked and jerked him off even harder until the last drop was out. I stood up and Jerome lay down on the bed. I began to suck his black python again and massage his balls, to my delight his cock was rock hard again in seconds. Ohh to be young I thought. I spit on my hands and rubbed my pussy as I lowered my fat ass down on his huge cock. I felt my whole body treble as his bulbous head engorged my pussy. I shrieked as the rest of his cock entered me, exploring places my husband's dick had never gone before. Jerome's black cock was bigger than any white mans penis I had ever experienced.

I began to pump my ass up and down on his black cock as my huge tits bounced in his face. His huge hands grabbed my fat ass and help pump me up and down on his black cock. My pussy was soaking his cock with juice the sounds of his cock sliding in and out rang in my ear. I could smell his cum and mine, the room was filled with the pungent smell of sex.

My body shuttered and shook again and again as his huge black cock ripped through me. I pulled my self off him again got down on all fours.

"Fuck me with that big black cock Jerome!" I screamed. Jerome grabbed my fat ass and slammed his big, fat, cock into my pussy, I screamed in ecstasy. He began filling me with his black cock again and again over and over. My body shuttered continuously as I orgasmed again and again. It felt so hot being bent over by a black boy 30 years younger than me.

Finally I could sense that Jerome was about to come again. His thrusts were getting faster and faster. My fat ass bounced off his muscular thighs. My huge tits slapped together with more and more f***e as he pounded me.

"Go inside me!!! Blow that black come in me Jerome!!" I screamed. Jerome tensed up as he shot a hot load of cum into me; he pulled out and blew even more on my big white tits. I grabbed his black cock and began to lick it clean of any cum. I sucked and slurped it until it was soft again. I could not get enough of it, I starred at it as it hung between his legs come still dripping out of his huge head. I looked up at Jerome longingly.

"Just start sucking it, Mrs. Jones and I will be ready for some more" Jerome said. Wow I thought this is going to be a great summer!
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6 months ago
sexy story
7 months ago
OMG yes!! I bet this happens more than we know!
1 year ago
great story. hope to read more like these
2 years ago
Great story, exactly what all white wives need to do ;)
3 years ago
nice story, I first have to go and do something about this hard on
3 years ago
fuckin dick is a brick now!
3 years ago
good shit
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Wow, great story I hope there is more to follow!
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Nice story.
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Great story:)