Good Sex Session

I want to lay you down again and start to kiss ur lips and neck
Then I want to go down to your already swollen nipples and suck them
till they start to secret their juice in my mouth.
By this time you're soaking wet. I confirm this my gently rubbing the entrance to you pussy hole and gently bring my finger up to your swollen clit. Your back arches as soon as I make contact with your clit.
I immediately stop as I'm not ready for that yet.
I continue to suck your thick after the other.
Going back and forth, playing them against each other till they are both soaked with my saliva and the fluid from your nipples.
You're amazed at how well they respond to my tongue
I stop and continue to go down and kiss your stomach every now and then flicking my tongue ever so slightly to tickle you
I go down even furthur to your pelvis and I can feel the heat raising from your saturated pussy
I open your legs and place my face between them.
I'm mesmurized at the cum dripping...No, wait....POURING from your twitching pussy.
You expect me to eat you but I dont..
I Lick, suck, and kiss the inner part of your thighs as I'm massaging them with my hands
You're about to go crazy because of the torture I'm giving you
I decide to give you what you want, I gently open your pussy lips with my lips and I use my tongue to grab a full load
of your cum as I shove my tongue deep in your hole.
As your cum is dripping off my tongue I raise it up and press it against your swollen clit.
I continue this process about 15-20 times and you begin to grab my head saying dont stop/
I lick my two fingers and insert them in you and i immediately find your Gspot.
It's swollen and hard. As I'm sucking and licking your clit I start to rub your spot and within seconds you begin to udder the words:
As your pussy pulsates with your orgasm, you push my face away as it's starting to become too much for you
I sit up and watch you have such an incredible orgasm and say to myself.....YEAH, I CAUSED THAT

While you're still in the middle of your orgasm, I grab your legs and put them around my arms
I position the head of my dick right at the entrance and slowly slide 1/2 of my 10 inch dick in you
YOu let out an incredible moan as your mouth is wide open.
I still feel your pussy throbble from your orgasm.
You open your eyes and look at my face. Then you look at my mouth and noticed it's soaked with your cum
You pull me down to kiss you and you lick the cum off my mouth before our tongues entertwine
I pull out my dick to the head and slide the hole thing back in and you moan as you suck your lower lip.
After your moan you respond by saying....FUCK, THAT'S A LOTTA DICK
I smile As I respond, it's all for you baby
Once our bodies are endulging in the same movement, I sit up and push your legs all the way back.
Then I put my thumb in your mouth and tell you to make it nice and wet.
After that I push my dick in you and I begin to rub your thick pink clit.
You start to shake and after a minute or so You start to cum all over my dick.
When your orgasm starts to fade out, I gently pull out and position 3 pillows under you.
As I'm going back down to eat you, I notice your cream to start to flow out again.
This is perfect. I soak my fingers with your cum and gently place them in your asshole.
You immediately respond with a moan as more cum oozes out of you.
I think you just had a small orgasm.
I sit up and rub what cum is on my fingers onto the head of my dick.
I continue to rub your clit as I position the head of my dick to the entrance of your asshole.
As you are extremely excited from me playing with your clit, I push the head into your ass.
You immediately moan
I pull out and and stare at how I just gaped open your asshole
I immediately soak my dick with my spit and push it back into your ass, this time getting in 1/2 of it.
I grab your hips and gently pull them toward me as I'm sliding furthur into your ass.
As my entire length is in your ass, I leave it there as I continue to rub your clit and finger you.
Your stomach starts to tighten as you scream...DAM BABY HERES ANOTHER ONE.
With those words said, I feel your cust tighten around my fingers and your ass massage my dick light a tight velvet glove.
When your orgasm starts to fade, I begin to pull out half way and push my dick back in your ass.
You reach up and rub my nipples as I'm stroking your ass slowly but very deeply.
I keep up this motion until I cant take it anymore.
You look at me and say....YES BABY...FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM
That's all it took.
I insert all of my dick deep into your ass and there it starts.
I start to spurt load after load of cum in your ass. My eyes are shut and my body begins to quiver as I'm pulsating in your chocolate hole
When it nears the end, I ly on top of you with my dick still in your ass. You rub my body as you clench your asshole.
As you start to kiss me and lick my ear, you continue to massage my dick with your brown hole
You enjoy the sensation as You feel me growing in your ass again
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