Seductions of a softball mom

Admittingly I must say there is nothing I enjoy more than the chance to slide my black cock deep inside a sexy white woman who is a true virgin to black and when I can with a hot mom aka MILF it works even better...most of these ladies are well accustomed to the unwanted passes and complimentary comments that come from those overweight out of shape and seemingly unappealing white men and dads they are used to running into along the trail of events when taking their daughter to games or practices…..and for some its just that,sometimes those compliments can flatter those cock starved moms into bed if that’s her only choice…

However when white momma wants to enter the land of a thousand orgasms all she needs to do is find herself down black street and some hung soul brotha stud will handle business the way things were meant to be at home….I have had my share of sexy suburban milfs before and cant say enough about the married ones at that….some I know had curious interest in black men for years and enjoyed the fantasy of sexing one…however it seemed the scenario of life events never matched the like minded parties together…yet in this day and age times have changed and white momma’s are finding their way down black street more and more….

Arriving at the game I glanced around watching the game. Peeking over the tops of my sunglasses as I was drawing attention to the right was fascinating. Admiring glances were being shot at me by several ladies nearby as well as a number of passer-bys. For the average white man seeing these married or attached females with a white man nearby meant trouble…yet for a brotha when he shows up there is only way she willing to come out her shell for some big black..get distract the gate keeper and reveal what more suburban moms are discovering these days…..I acknowledged that perhaps I wasn't coming across as completely a dom black stud, which I am. I wasn’t ryin to draw too much attention like some perve…afterall I am at a girls softball game and little did I need is to be caught lurking like some p*******e when my attention and radar is on the women, those grown ass fine white mothers….mothers I would like to fuck…those keeping it together hot white moms and wives in need of some dark pleasure…and there were a few I had my eye on for the task…..

I maintained my distance observing all the eye candy moms walking by and sitting in sight where I could catch peeks and pick out my next seduction. I spotted a row of hot moms sitting along a bench and made my way over….it didn’t take me long to strike up a conversation by asking the score…. I hadn't been on the scene to scoring with a milf mom this easy since I would hit the usual milf hot spots….parks, malls, stores, and farmers markets….after gaining interest from one it I occasionally brought someone home. But, to be honest, all I had done with those little milfs over the years

It seemed my newest and latest sex spot would be a eye catching redhead….she had on a long black skirt and dark shaded sunglasses with her long flowing redhead hair so that had to be a good thing…I didn’t want to come off strong while I had to unobtrusively examine her over….and each time she would cross her legs over I could tell she had a very sexy pair of legs…tho pale white….they were shapely….from what I could tell she was early/middle thirtish…with a amazing pair of titties….her hourglass figure complimented her yummy mommy curves well….what a perfect on any sexy milf…full titties and a rump shaker ass line…even though she was fine as she was I could tell she had that tuck tummy roll swell over the stomach line which came from having a k**….you cant knock that for any long as she was keeping everything else together….as I would come to find out her name is Natalie..and she is newly divorced of 2 years and has Irish roots….which explains that sexy redhead on both her and her daughter…who is a minor by the way….so nothing going on there with the mom and daughter combo…this is strictly a milf softball mom seduction tale….

Any how…as I looked closer…Natalie wasn't hard to peg…conventional suburban softball mom with a pre teen girl ….. I suspected that like so many of her type, she was pouring her energy into her daughter, and after leaving a ex behind who she says all but was ignoring her to watch the young females in his office. She never rarely took the time for herself and probably if you asked her..she say she still needs to lose a few extra pounds, although I found those Lb’s attractive, and from talking to her early on it showed she never had the time or energy to work out. She probably tried to diet but was always breaking it at the worst times.

I pretty much kept the early convo to the game and the girls…keepin it simple for this straight laced mommy..and not revealing my more attentive moves too early in this scene ……being shot down early is only a rookie mistake…any master dom stud with some seduction game knows you must be very patient so I kept it light...amusing and interesting…while leaving her with some pearls of curiosity….something much different by settting myself apart in conversation she knew I would be mysterious…as in good ..not bad or sadistic….

I can say I had her interest..had her attention..and had her curious….I didn't do anything but keep her wondering…. I didn't make any gestures such as lick my lips, or anything. I simply kept her off guard and made her laugh and flushed and shy if not have her looking away when I looked at her long enough to take her clothes off…. I smiled to myself….knowing I needed to get her in some alone time…after this game was over…for some real adult time….

I didn’t want to give her daughter or mines for that matter a clue that the mack daddy I was …was in the hot heavy hitting on Lady Natalie…tho my girls are used to seeing the player at work ….so I offered her my card and exchange of emails….inviting her for some latte evening drink out…initially shy about wanting to meet it took a few days to finally convince her to meet me at a after work bar spot…for enchanted adults…..that evening couldn’t be more perfect..a hip bar spot where corporate fun and happy party minded adults go…hip hop music keeping everyone bouncing and head bobbing…upon arriving I sat down in the middle of the bar…so when she came in she would have to walk past a entertaining section of white guys….this is what brothas do when we wanna show off a white girl in front of white boys…we have her cat walk pass them by…

So Natalie strolls in…the very luvly looking Natalie..softball mom has turned into sexy milf after dark.. …she was wearing a upscale outfit that fit her perfectly…this certainly was no day shift apparel…she had on a nice fitted brown dress and mid heels with back strap. "Pardon me, is this seat taken" she murmured with a smile as she slipped into her seat beside me…we opened things up with her having a adult beverage while I chilled on my usual pineapple juice..I will tell you why later…anyhow…we sat there listening to..and chatting it up… I casually turned and brushed the tips of my fingers along the curve of her to claim her…letting others know who she belonged to this night.. I smiled to myself upon thinking what was in store… I could feel her eyes on me..I had one foot braced on the stoop of the bar…marking my claim..wanting her to notice my bulge...I knew it was time to speed things up a bit….so I told her to come on…

She blushed. I knew what she was thinking. Was she that obvious? To me she was. I was willing to bet large amounts of cash that she had wondered what it was like or even asking a girlfriend who had experimented with black…they all do that….I imagine she probably worked around and even knew some black guys but she had never let it go any further than her thought, perhaps with just a tiny bit of touching. But she thought back on those days on occasions and wished she had gone further. I find most times white girls have a rather conventional way of thinking of things where they really have no idea how much brotha’s be itching to fuck some of that good suburban white pussy…some of these white females are in stores or malls or out in the park or gym and brotha’s know just what they would if given the chance to break one of these fine white bitches off...this is why there are so many white females eager to want to have a black stud on the side especially the married or attached ones......

Normally I'm all for a bit of seduction especially with a straight laced white woman from the suburbs…cus those type bitches used to all that romance you gotta work slow with them….however this lil white irish flower seemed to be a bit hip so I suspect she either been around some black culture….I needed to make sure my lil softball mom had screwed her courage to the sticking place the more I talked it would do nothing more than just keep her legs closed for the night and back out the flow of how wet I was keeping her pussy….this is why I held out my hand and took her hand and kissed it passionately...sucked her finger…

I would say about 5 minutes later we had made our way outside where I insisted we take this party over to getting a room ……so that’s where we headed…there was a La Quinta hotel not to far away…so I told her to wait in her car and I get the room and go give her the key and room number…so she can go first..get settled for minute…cus I know women love to do some pre sex prep of the once over…make sure that pussy is smelling and tasting jus right and all that make up adjusting shit which you think gonna turn a brotha on…..finally the of arrival came as I knocked on the door and she let me in….she was still fully dressed as I made my was inside and I walked up to her grabbing both her hands into mines and raising them up to kiss them…making her feel good about this night…"I don't know what I'm doing here" she whispered back to me... "You didn't ask me to come here…you just told me…I didn't even answer you."

I told her I didn't wait for an answer because I knew she would have tried to find unreasonable excuse not to come this far on the very first night….I told her on occasions of this type things are too irresistible to pass up…and I let her know very clearly I had a thing for sexy redheads…which really do… I wanted you here…I told her….I embraced her closely…bringing our bodies ever so close..jus rubbing over her body….sliding my hands over that well kept after baby making frame of hers….her hips so luvly…in need of some manly touch to it…she never tried to step away from me or say no….I knew her uncertainty was all but gone.. and her touch of bbc excitement was entering its greatest moment of no return….
I continued rubbing her body and began kissing her on the neckline…my hands were all over her at this point and slowly started hiking her dress up over her hip line...I could see she was wearing panties that were no more than a scrap of lace…this irish red was good….so I wanted to let her know who was in charge now and began gripping some of that round white ass….and pulled her in as close as I could….deep French kissing her this time…..I had my hand running through her hair slightly tugging at give me all her mouth…as our tongues danced with each other…..Natalie felt my masculinity for all she could take at that moment…and I took her hand to run it down to feel the hardness of my big black cock and let her jus rub on it…get used to doing that as I opened her up more to her desires…..I know just what this softball mommy needed and felt she must been tired of having to use that finger or dildo in her cock starved pussy one more night….I was gonna make this bitch beg me to fuck her….get her so fucking horny and dripping wet….she couldn’t take my teasing no more…..her moans only solidified my musings of her.....

I stepped away just long enough to request she remove that dress off for me and everything else underneath…..she needed not me ask her twice…as that dress came off her fast and was on the floor before I could sit on the edge of the bed…there she stood for a second or two….I admired her white body…its what sexy milf are made I looked at her with that very sexy bra and panty set…it must have come from Victoria’s cus you could tell it was pricey..soft lace and white….when she took off her bra..those white titties were a perfect pair….pale white and milky and ready to be sucked…..her pinkish nipples were the hottest things I seen in long time….not too long but very suckable…..but I wanted to see that slit….so I told her first to turn around…let me see her back side…..I told her to slowly remove her panties……she bend over and slowly did as I told her…there she stood in her heels and nothing but white flesh in all her glory….I had her spread her legs…what I saw was a gorgeous lookin pussy as I have ever seen…her pink flesh looked delicious…she had a tease of meat hanging out and her pussy had a nice landing strip which was red …I wanted to see jus how kinky she could be..and made her slide her finger inside..teasing her pussy…telling me how wet she was…..her pussy was dripping….it was on fire…and she and I knew it…I moved closer to her…feeling that pale white ass once more…telling her how hot she was…so I slid to my knees to drive my tongue inside her from behind….and told her to taste her finger....the one she had just used to feel how wet she was….she loved that….it was so hot and erotic for her…she remained in the stance…as I kept inching my tongue further inside…it was driving her crazy…..her pussy was on fire and she needed to cum…..she felt the wave of orgasm….her gasping moans sent her over the edge with a loud “ohhhhh”…I was flickering my tongue deeper and glued to her clit….her qimpering laughs and moans were interchangeable yesss yesss yesss..…as she was losing all sense of herself….and I swear it was so hard to stop licking that pussy…..I knew she had all but surrendered her lusts to me now….she was ripe and ready and willing to do anything I wanted…I learned well how to eat some pussy…from some of the best pussy eaters ..which are women….some of my bi friends introduced me to some tricks of the trade masterful fashion…and the typical woman don’t get exposed to that type of pussy eating often….so I knew she wouldn’t resist anything else I was offering or suggesting we do….she was like a bitch in heat and yet to get her mouth around my cock….in short order that was coming….…I had her turn around and face me as I kissed her on the lips again…very sensual…her eyes closed as if she had fell in love….but this was no love connection…this was the black cock show…..I jus pushed her shoulders down..she knew where she needed to be….asking her if she ready for her great negro surprise ….she nodded yess….I told her to say what she wanted……”I want to see your black cock” she blurted…

I ran my hands through her hair….feeling all that red gorgeous locks….her sexy light greenish eyes……she knew what black daddy wanted and began unzipping my pants…and letting them fall down….she could see my large bulge …she paused for a second as if she needed further approval….but I freed my phallic with ease as if she had done it plenty of times….and out popped my raging hard on cock..and a sight for her….she smiled…she wanted it….her mouth and eyes begged for it…..licking her lips…..I told what you do best and some that cock baby…..she wrapped a hand around and licked and tongued teased and sucked my cock in almost worship of it…..I just knew this momma could suck cock…. In my experiences for some reason it seems married or formerly married types of women suck the best cock….especially white married ones…I guess the stigma is true for them …. I watched her work her oral magic on my cock and told her repeatedly to suck it better than that piss poor white boy suck job….she understood her orders full well…and would try her best to engulf as much of my cock into her mouth as she could take…she was a cock sucking madame mistress for sure as she must have found to so stimulating that she began fingerin her pussy once more…and the sight kept my cock rocked hard..for the better part of the 15 minutes she sucked me…..I could tell she thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock…some women do it to do it….but she took ownership in her cock sucking..she wanted it…she craved it….she desired it and got off doing it….it was pure pleasure for her…to my distinct pleasure I fully enjoyed giving this cock starved milf her feasting…and I knew she wanted me to fuck her right now but as I said I wanted her to beg for it….when it comes to me fucking …I make sure any female is gonna be dripping to beg me to slide my dark meat in her….
"Get on your hands and knees," I told her…..she was anxious cuz she knew what she needed….she wanted…I told her…what you want baby….her eyes fully gazed on my cock as if to speak….say it….I told her….I want your cock….what do you want with my cock hot momma……I want you to fuck me with it….nah baby that’s not good enough…..tell me again…and I said it in a more direct tone…masculine and authoritative....her gaze riveted as if she was unsure how to respond….but she composed her thoughts……saying it more lustfully……I want you to fuck me with your black cock……and that was luvly…as if right on cue…cus she fully understood who was in charge now……her admissions reiterated her thirsts..her needs…..her cravings…..

Again rubbing my hands over her was as if I owned her….and hadn’t even shoved my 9in python in her yet….I parted that sweet slit…rubbed my finger inside her….wanted my fingers soaking of her juices….before I pushed my cock inside…I made her lick my finger…it was nice…I was turning this red mom out …she wouldn’t never be the same….I had her lower herself more so that fine white ass was up higher in the air…when brothas packing we like to stretch it deep….I slid on my jimmy hat….and inched my cock ever so close….splitting her pussy lips…she muffled a cry…apparently this tight pussy kink wasn’t used to some man size cock fucking her plus I am sure its been a while since she even had any….all the more I had a job to do and wasn’t feeling sorry for her and she wasn’t complaining either…..once I was inside…she was moving her I us kept thrusting my cock…hammering and pounding her pussy….her moans were even louder than when I was eating her…I told her how much I wanted to see her cum…as she was pulling and tugging and grabbing the sheets…tryin to move off my cock…again this lil irish flower wasn’t used to such man meat...but I wasn’t gonna let her get away…I am used to that….I held her hips hard and just kept pounding my cock back and forth inside her….….when a energetic brotha like me well build for the job is slamming some of my thick black cock deep inside her tight white pussy and when she feels those strokes from black meat digging deeper inside places she never felt before it makes her scream “oh my GOD”….and this brotha you talking to doesn’t never wanna stop when I know I am drilling that pussy to the depths of multiple orgasms….and when I do that makes a white girl like her…beg be filled with some chococklatta cream

I was giving her the white woman’s favorite fantasy realized….I knew she was admiring seeing my brown black body so close to her pale white skin….lost in the excitement of sexual ecstasy …I spanked that ass good…now if I am normally fucking a married or attached white girl…I don’t normally leave marks …it’s a good rule…..dont wanna have her trying to answer where she got them from….but this irish red was fair game it seemed as she would put her hand on top of mines each and every time I would rub that ass getting it ready for another hard spank…I could feel her sensations and how much she was into it….I had her lay on her back for some nice missionary action…..and was humping like no tomorrow on that pussy…..I was centimeters from her earlobe…and whispering how much I am gonna tear this pussy up tonight……constantly taunting her with seductive thoughts…..hints of how far and long I could go….being on top missionary style is so hot…and I kept kissing her from time to time…jus reminding her how much I was feeling her sex……

However I saved one position for last….before I would blow my load…and I wanted her on top…I wanted her in both reverse cow and facing front…so I had her start front ways..first……..she slowly lowered herself on my cock…and I loved seein her titties jiggle and bounce…I would cup those tits….as she jus grinded her pussy burying my cock inside her….up and down she straddled my cock..moving those motherly hips of hers…..whiteness never looked so good on blackness..

I had her turn around to show me that ass…and let me see that slit riding my black cock….she leaned down…and was ass up…and going up and down and every which way..pussy smothered in black cock……I luved lookin at her ass…nothing but good sex was in order….she kept moving around..adjusting herself….tryin to make me cum….going fast…increasing her pace several times…squeezing her pussy around my cock as best she could to send me over……but I wasn’t having that….I wanted my load in her mouth…..I said you wanna taste this seed….you want some of this man juice in that mouth……..she said yess….give it to me…

So she laid on the bed…on her back..with her head slightly over the edge of the bed..with me standing over her….so I needed to stroke my meat a bit to get off..seeing her finger her pussy and tease me with her sex…to get me off…I was getting very close…and yelked out that I was cumming….finally I unloaded a nice big jizsm blast of gooey white cream streaming into her mouth and over her face and cheeks….squirt after squirt impaled her oral cavity…she savored it…she loved it……she was in cock heaven….I had her milk the remaining juices out sucking my cock slow…..tasting me…..after such….we rested long enough to get our breath back……we cuddled in bed for bit..talking more….sharing how much fun it was…..she said she never had so much fun with any man..let alone a black man…

I knew how satisfied she was I don't need compliments for myself….I wanted her to get the black cock experience….I wanted her to remember what damage how dominate black cock could do….it was the first of several more encounters…
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