BBC seductions of a hotwife at the dance club

I have to say when you are a dom master bbc stud like me it truly is like taking candy when you can have a night out at the club scene and by nights end have some discreet married white female discovering ther first taste of bbc....well this little black cock tale is a gem of real life events I had when I went out with buddy at this hot spot dance club in LA last summer when I was there visiting from Nor Cal...this club was really cool and banging cus most of the people in there was over 30 and they were playing alot of old school 80s and 90s hip hop and RB soul music...and as usual for me I like to fully check the scene out and I don't really do the whole pick up line thing at clubs...but if by chance I hit it off with someone sexy I might make my move on the lucky girl so she will find out what real black street is all about...

So since I love to dance that usually is my avenue in to flirting and meeting some of the hot I spot these 3 fine beauties at a table...I find out there names are Melinda, Carly and Kat. Kat was wearing a little tight pink dress that caught my eye..and you could tell she did not have on bra and what I found out later was that she was wearing a nice pink thong under I knew she was the one I liked best and wanted to see what she about...I was finally able to get a dance with her with the revelations she was out having fun with her girls as they did some dirty dancing and drinking getting the party the convo had to flow jus right...I knew at first having not seen any hotties checking me out so I thought I wasnt going to find any until I saw this hottie..who is Kat and was across the way checking me that was my clue... god this woman was fine too .so me and my buddy Charles head over to introduce ourselves..the girls as we found were good friends....Kat tho was married and they were having that once a month girls nite out aka GNO...Charles is smoothe too and so he did not mind keepin both Melanie and Carly busy while I worked on Kat....Kat of course told me up front she is married and having fun and that if I had thoughts otherwise wont happen..but I played along and asked to dance...

So we get out on the dance floor and talk..she is a very sexy 36yo milf and married for 12 years..I was tryin to get her farther away from her friends so we could mingle like adults do..and that meant turning the heat up on the dance floor from song to song so I got more bold..more edgy and more frisky with her....but I knew it wasnt her alcohol alone that was talkin to as we danced ever more closer..and she I saw she started lookin like she was looking for her friends..I would try to get her attention..and me taking charge..Kat responded .and so one time she turns with her back and ass square in front of I jus grab her hand as if to hold it for a bit ..then slid it down to my cock..which was very hard...I knew she was nervous but her buzz kept her going..I made her rubb it some...and whispered to her " So you like that baby" . and I knew she started to get really horny cus she kept on runnin her hand up and down my cock ..I was thinkin I bet this bitch aint had no dick this big before

So right away I started rubbin her body more and even reached around to her remember she not in a bra only a spaghetti string top in her I jus pull it down and let one of her titties come out...I whisper again are you wet baby...looks that way...cus your nipples are hard...then I worked my dark lover lips to kiss her square on her married mouth....she tilted her head back as we stood there dancing and grinding our lovers then I reached down between us and under her dress to touch her thong. she was pretty wet too and I just smiled at her and told her to come with me so I took her hand told her to get her purse and led her out of the club.

I asked her if she drove her car she said yes..her gfs came with her since I knew Charles was keepin her gfs busy...I told her cool..let me text him on whats up so he can keep your gfs busy inside the club as not to she was ok by we get to her car which is parked at the far end of the lot...not much light which was was a led me to her car.rather her big black Yukon SUV...that sounds alot like my bbc American made and big and tough and ready for the excursion challenge...but anyhow we get inside..and sat in the back seats.. where we laid one back one of the seats to give us more room in the back and then it didnt take me long to really take charge..I told her she was the hottest little white slut that I had seen in a while and then I grabbed the back of her head and slowly pushed it down into my crotch rubbing her face against his cock through my pants.

I told her now dont that feel big I grabbed her hands and put them on his crotch and said now get that dick out and suck it bitch. god i was so told her to unzip my pants take that my cock out...the minute this married slut had my cock out..her mouth was wide wtf.I never seen a cock as big my hub is half that first she started by wrapping both her hands around it and started rubbing it before she started licking the head ..she said this cock is amazing...that she loved to suck cock...i told her thats good cus I expect her to suck my black cock good and not to give me one of those piss poor white boy suck jobs I made her move over some so she could sit on her knees..between my legs...her head was bobbing up and down..and every which way sucking my big black cock ...I could see she had some cock sucking skills too..I told her what a good lil cock sucker she was....that her hub must luv her cock hungry mouth every night...she said she wish..they hardly have sex I told this slut.well you keep this shit up and I will make you my slut and you can suck my cock anytime anywhere you want it....

So after she was sucking my cock for what seemed like 10 good minutes....I told her she needed to be fucked...she said..god want this cock inside me...I told her well I dont have any condoms on me but I will cum in her mouth...she said just promise me you are clean..I told her fuck yea I am..and I wont cum in you..jus your mouth when I am about to explode..she said she was on the pill but she was like a bitch in heat anyway and too horny to pass up a good my cock was lookin too good for her not to want it anyway she can get I told her to put her arms down and then slid the straps of her dress over her shoulders and pulled the front down. I was licking my lips staring that such luvly titties...she had to be like 34d too I am guessing...nice nipples and one was pierced I knew she was a freak..I started suckin them..kissing..them..touching them...and ran my finger down to her thong...I rubbed her pussy just over her she reached down and led my hand to slide inside her pussy....and wow was her pussy dripping wet as I was suckin her tits.. I also fingered her..she came right away too...I knew had this slut right where I wanted cus she has not been getting any sex or hardly I told her to lay back on those leather I could taste that pussy..I told her to take that thong off....and she slowly raised a leg and slide it over and slide that thong right off...

I had just enough light to tell that she had a very luvly looking pussy...she was definitely well waxed as it was smooth and was smelling juicy...I told her I was gonna eat her white pussy til she is begging me to fuck her with my big black I just leaned down on her and I licked and worked my tongue in her slit 3 ways from Sunday...slow long licks and suckin her clit...teasin every thing about her sex...her legs were d****d over my shoulders..and her hands both on my head...grabbin me closer as she screamed she was cumming thats her second orgasm...and I have not stuck my cock in her I keep her tingled her a bit more....and told her is she ready for that fucking....she says ohhh god yea baby...fuck me with that cock...

So now I tell how bad you want me to fuck you...I want it bad baby...heres my white married pussy for your black cock...she I told her to turn her ass over ..and she was on the seat on fours..facing the passenger side door and I got behind her..I told her to reach back and grab my cock and insert in her pussy...she did just first she jus moved herself a bit slow..trying to adjust to my cock...aching a nice ooooh god this feels good...I let her stroke it jus like that before I took command again...I told her yes bitch feel that black dick in your married pussy..cus we aint near done slut.... so I began to pick up the pace..and jus started burying my cock more deep...grabbing her hips are first...guiding her pussy ..I said damn you are one hot little white slut and she said thank you baby and then I just started pounding her pussy. this bitch was in overdrive..she was moaning louder and louder..and screaming some....she moved her hands to hold herself up by placing them on them against the door side arms stretched I had good leverage to grab her hair..and started pullling her hair..she came in seconds when I did cock was pounding away inside her..and it wasnt but about 10-12 minutes in the flow...but I told her again...

We not near done like this black cock like fucking some good black cock....she ached out a god yesss I have never felt anything like I told her she gonna ride this black I pulled out..and sat as she climbed on my cock..we were sitting in the middle of the back seat..her arms holdin on both front seats head she was bouncin up and down on my cock..sliding her pussy every inch deep..I reached around and rubed her clit...that sent her over the she was now grinding her pussy harder...we were about 30 minutes in now..again making her tell me how much she luv fucking black cock....I told her.say it again slut..tell black daddy how much you like fucking some black dick....gosh I luv fucking black I know what I was missing...she moaned...yes ready for my load in your wet mouth slut....yes baby...I will take it anywhere right now....ok get your ass off my dick she got off and sat back.and I started jerkin my cock a bit...she held her mouth wide open..jus watchin me stroke it a bit...before I let off a nice big big loads jus gushed her yummy mouth with my nectar seed..and she took it in like a pro...swallowing it all...wiping off the rest and lickin her fingers...she sucked the residue off my cock and told me that was amazing... that was so good. we didnt know how long we were fucking and lost track of time but she said..I think we better get back....I told her sure that white momma..I kissed her a bit more before we got out her car and headed back holding hands as if we were lovers...and her girls were outside the club talkin to Charles.. I gave her my number and email to keep in touch next time she wanted to get down with some more bbc...

It was amazing night and incredible experience that every mwf and milf should have....can't wait to hit that club again..
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8 months ago
damn i'm jealous, i need more BBC in my body!
1 year ago
Excellent writing my Friend
1 year ago
I love going to clubs where there are lots of black men. When you dress the part they know you're willing to be taken and I always dress the part.
1 year ago
you hit it raw...
1 year ago
This story made me cum real hard..Thanks!!
2 years ago
This story made me CUM!!!!!
3 years ago
Hot story. I love it!