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Welcome to another edition of Black Lex’s black cock tales….As those of you who are familiar to my other hot tales know that my specialty is introducing suburban white women the finest pleasure of real life interracial black cock experiences. This encounter happened at the time when I was hitting it hard in my rolling 20’s as player and mack. These thoughts are the thoughts of a younger stud not the mature experienced stud that I am now into my late 40’s.
It was a cold November night that I was invited and attended a 48th birthday bash for the mom of one of my (ex) hot honies. Meridith’s mom celebrated her 48th birthday with close friends at the home of her boyfriend Billy. Like mother and daughter both girls were exclusively attracted to black guys. Meredith was only 8yo when her mom Annie or Ann and her dad divorced….two years later her mom had her first black cock experience and never looked back…..however this is not a story about me and her mom as some of you might think reading this..I am just giving you a back drop to the nights events of who I will explore as my next slut…..

Billy had a big 4 bedroom house in Morgan Hill located just outside San Jose… I got there bit late but quickly found my sub gf Meredith and mingled in with much of the older crowd of folks there…the music was a mix of old school soul such as Rufus, Islely b*****rs, Commodores new school hip hop…nonetheless people were enjoying themselves dancing and drinking as the adult beverages flowed…Meredith was a fresh faced 18 yo blonde with the body and sex appeal of a porn star….she at the time was too young to drink but her mom allowed her to do so as long as it was at a f****y party…and since it was her mom’s birthday Meredith was allowed to do so she took it in a few drinks ….as I made my way about through the house meeting new people I spot this rather older broad….she is what I would call a straight laced prim and proper type just judging her by her looks….she was no beauty queen but she had a rather odd appealing look to her…she was about 5’5 maybe two biscuits over 160 pounds with dark brunette hair with gray streaks in it…green eyes and glasses…her body seemed to have lost all her curvy youthful shape that was hiding underneath her out of shape figure….but seeing she was in her golden years looking over 50 it’s no surprise…anyhow she did have a appealing classy appeal her…so I went over and introduced myself and she said her name was Carol….Carol said she works with Ann and they are good friends…Carol reminded me of the kind of cute but plump sorority girl that joined in order to meet guys…a home body type…well this 50 yo divorced slut sure wasn’t getting any action at this party as I found her …I would not put Carol in that hot milf category but she sure is fuckable… a already tipsy Ann has cruised by to say hello and tell Carol that I am her daughter bf and giving me a nice kiss on the cheek..and telling Carol that I have a big ding a ling…..Meredith could not help but mention my cock size all of 9inches to Ann after all Ann is well known down black street ever since she got a taste of black cock….I ask Carol if she like to dance…at first saying no…but I convince her to let loose and get out and join in the fun….she is bit shy about dancing at first but after several songs and more drinks later she does let loose a bit….I at some point leave and meet up with Meredith who also is tipsy but working overtime helping out in the kitchen with drinks and party favors…she just told me to have a great time and she was ok….

By the time I made it back around and found Carol…she was sitting on the patio people watching…sitting there in her skirt and heels….her skirt was bit hiked up and I got a peek between her legs as she sat…I couldn’t get a real good look so this meant I had to get closer…nonetheless I just walked over and talked this old hag up again….she is bit smashed…and getting more flirty with me sayin how handsome I was…so I asked her has she ever dated or been with a black man…she said no and yes…she said she met a black man at a friends party..but later found out he was married…so she wasn’t interested in that type of relationship….I told her if it don’t hurt just have some fun….I told her how fine she was and that she don’t look her age….I am just lying but hey it sounds all good…just to see what she about…she is now soaking up all my flirtations and without even mentioning Meredith….we just hang out bit more as the night goes on…..moving ahead here as the party is winding down…Billy comes over to me and asks if I can drop off Carol as Ann picked her up and she needs a ride home….he offers to let me drive his Benz to sweeten up just so I can make sure I take Carol home…

In the car the conversation remained flirty..I told Carol what nice legs she had and if she was ever a dancer herself…she said no….she does yoga and walk a lot….I would have never guessed either of those but I got things back around why she never tried meeting another black guy…she said she didn’t know any but was always curious especially since meeting Ann…Ann has told her how Billy has the biggest cock Ann ever seen….to Ann every black dude has a big cock….but from I hear my man Billy was packing some serious shit….all I know is I have heard his doing some serious business fucking Ann on more than few occasions when I was over the house… I just tell Carol to raise her skirt a bit I wanna see her legs…she does a bit..before I egg her on to rise it higher and higher….without much protest..I have her raised so that bits of her panties are showing… she had on a black pair…I wanted to know if she ever played with her pussy…..she was bit shocked and embarrassed that I asked her this bit she did answer with a yes she does…I began asking her so how often do you finger fuck this….moving my hand down between her legs….I just rub it there for bit…before she sighs…her legs just spread I can tell this slut is horny and loving the action I am giving her….

I move my hands to rub her titties…I ask to see them and she flashes me…I begin to fondle and pinch her titties and nipples…again she moans with ecstasy like a bitch in heat as this slut probably hasn’t had this much attention in years… …so I continue my seduction ways until we reach her house….I pull up in the driveway its rather dark so as she gets out and I walk around to meet her as we walk to door…I kiss this bitch by giving her some good tongue hands again moving all over her volumptous body I tell her lets take this show inside….right in the living room…I just show her what a dom I am…I tell her I knew what she needed and was curious about….I told her to get on her fucking knees right here…she got squatted down..I knew she was nervous but I didn’t give a fuck about her feelings at that mind set was to train and give this old slut the black cock she wanted …..I told her to take my cock out and get to work…she undid my pants and took my cock out….her old wrinkled white hands grabbing on my cock…they couldn’t fit all the way around…I told so how you like that cock….ohh my its very nice..Ann was so right…she says……show me what you wanna do with that cock slut…so she started licking on it…slowly at first…before she picks up the pace…she is almost gobbling on it with her head going back and forth…She looked at me with a mischievous grin and took my much of my black dick into her mouth….I tried forcing more into her mouth to get her to gag…anyhow I was shoving my cock in and out…gobs of spit was oozing out…soaking up my cock…I could feel her throat muscles contracting around my cock..I nearly came from that….this lil slut Carol was good at what she did…I told a real cock charmer slut…you need a steady of cock in that gorgeous mouth……for a old broad Carol sucked dick like every brotha wished his white slut sucked dick..this bitch knew how to pay perfect attention to every inch…using her hands and mouth in perfect symmetry to stroke the shaft with the right amount of pressure while she licked the head like a lollipop. Carol let spit drool out of her mouth and drip down my veiny black cock before taking it deep into her slutty cock sucking mouth…

After about 15 to 20 minutes of this slut working her oral magic…I told her it was time I see that old pussy of hers….I told her to go sit on the couch…and let me see how you rub that pussy….she spread her legs and pulled off her panties….and just rubbed herself…often touching her clit…and sliding her fingers along the length of her slit…just teasing her pussy….I just stood there Iike a hollywood director..watching this ho do what she was told…and how to do it…..enough of the pussy peep show I told her its main event time and I walked over closer telling her to turn over..I raised her skirt and rubbed her bare white ass….I slide my finger inside her for a few good strokes….this bitch was sure ready for some black meat….I just got behind her and slid my dick in nice and slow…this bitch howled like a fucking werewolf….ohhhhh god….she moaned as I continued my assault fucking this slut… you like my black cock ..I said……mmmm so nice..she said……yes it is nice…this feels good don’t it slut……god yesss…..fuck me sweety….your cock is wonderful…….I just went harder and harder fucking her…..grabbing her hair…."Oh fuck... Fuck fuck! I'm cumming!....she screamed out…..I could feel my cock getting coated with her candy cream…..I drilled this slut good for another 10 minutes…before I shot my load into her……she came even harder as she felt my cum fill her slit up…..I pulled out and she just took hold of my cock and asked if I mind if she suck it….she wanted to taste the cock that just fucked her….I said go beat me to the punch…..she looked marvelous too cleaning off my black meat...after I let her do her job…..I told her that I plan on visiting her again…….she said ok…..she gave me her numbers both work and home…..I got dressed and left and when I got back to Billy’s….it was like nothing happen….nobody knew what went down……I kept that lil fuck fest all secret to myself..

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Love this story!
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sho' nuff boss player!