Servicing My King’s Penis

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Servicing My King’s Penis

I knelt down to service my king by washing his penis. I prepared two bowls of warm water at the temperature he wanted: One soapy with aromatic, skin soothing sandalwood oils, and the other a rinse. Joining us was Julia, a young girl with green eyes and long blonde hair all the way down to her waist. She was selected to service my king after the washing because of the dimples of Venus just above her creamy, smooth, round buttocks, and the virgin-looking smooth pussy that to my eyes was a camel toe crack that began just below the slightly protruding mound of her pubic bone and disappeared between her legs. She knelt beside me to offer and provide her hair as my king’s drying towel.

I took a washcloth of pure white Egyptian cotton and carefully immersed it in the warm, soapy water. Then I barely wrung it out and carefully wrapped it around my king’s penis and testicles. The very soft, deep, masculine sigh from his voice verified the temperature and condition of the soap and oil was perfect. I applied the cloth as a compress, squeezing ever so gently to apply the soothing warmth and lather. Then I doused the cloth back in the bowl and proceeded to work the lather with my fingers.

I was chosen for this service by my king because my years of training as a concert pianist made my warm hands soft and supple, joined with the soul of an artist. He desired my talent for this service. I was fortunate to serve him in this way.

I carefully lathered his penis, caressing with gentle brushed and sensuous legato touches to rub the scented soap into all the tiny wrinkles and crevices and cleanse them of any leftover residue from his most recent fuck. Then I worked the lather into the dark black, woolly triangular patch of pubic hair just above his penis, and followed the almost invisible “happy trail” up his firm belly to his navel. I dabbed his pubic area with light, brushed staccato touches that drew his kinky black Negroid pubic hair into a wild, soapy jumble of peaks. Below his penis, with the most delicate and gentle loving touch, I lathered his firm, soft, deeply wrinkled scrotum and all the wiry little kinks of shiny black Negroid hair I knew so well, I could almost name them.

I worked the lather across my king’s perineal floor and entered the deep abyss between his buttocks until I reached his anus. I worked the lather around one finger to make it very slippery, and with the utmost gentle care, I slowly slipped my finger through, to feel the soft, slippery texture inside his body, and the intense heat from his internal processes at work.

I removed my finger to wash and rinse my hands, and then reapply the bubbly lather and work it into a froth. As I caressed his penis, my touch began to generate his sexual excitement and interest. He stared down at the camel toe pussy of the young woman sitting next to me as I applied the hot compresses of fresh washcloths to rinse away the lather until his pubic hair, penis, scrotum, perineal floor and anus were all squeaky clean.

The maid beside me took her long blonde hair and gently dabbed it on His Majesty’s penis. The soft, flaccid, fat, rubbery five inches I washed now filled with surging bl**d due to his rising sexual interest. When she finished drying his penis with her hair, a sharp definition of veins stood out under the thin, supple, dark brown skin and he flexed his groin muscles to raise more than nine very stiff, very thick inches into the air.

I put a few drops of my kings favorite scented fucking oil in the palm of one hand and rubbed them together for the pre-fuck application. The oil was called “Sexy Black Bull” and was a careful mix of a bergamot and pink pepper top, a geranium, gardenia and cotton candy middle, and a vanilla, sandalwood and musk base- the musk made from His Majesty’s own semen.

My King’s penis was rock-hard and its girth so great I could not wrap my hand around it. I rubbed the oil up and down the shaft, careful not to masturbate him too much. When I saw the drop of precum ooze from the hole, he was ready for the girl.

After my king stood up, we adjourned to the fucking room where the girl was led to His Majesty’s fucking couch. He sat her down, spread her legs and moved in between them. He nodded for my service one more time. I wrapped my hand around the base of his penis and gently bent the stiff shaft down so the head was aimed directly below her tiny little hooded clitoris. Her thick outer and thin inner lips circled around a moist pink vortex that almost seemed virgin. I guided the head into it, and my king flexed his powerful buttocks. I watched his huge black penis spread the moist pink vortex into a wide ring of thin, fragile-looking lips that gripped his penis wish such tightness; I almost could not bear to watch.

I held onto his huge penis with my hand and he flexed, thrusting with deeper strokes each time he pumped. His penis slid through my hand as he penetrated ever deeper into her pussy, until I had to let go. We were concerned that he might be too big and go too deep too soon. But the girl was chosen for breeding and it wasn’t long before she was handling his more than nine inches of rock-hard penis.

She looked up into his soft, sexy brown eyes and whimpered, “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Does it hurt?” His Majesty asked.

“No.” she whimpered in a trembling little soprano voice.

Her light pink nipples filled with bl**d and quickly became erect, hard points that poked rudely straight up into the air. She began to flex her buttocks to rock with His Majesty’s long thrusting pumps. When he flexed his buttocks to drive his penis in, she flexed her buttocks to lift her pelvis slightly up and at an angle where he could penetrate as deep as possible. Then when he spread his buttocks to withdraw his penis, she relaxed hers to intensify the drag of the sulcous rim of his penis over her excited g-spot. Her vagina expanded into a deep tube ringed with soft, flexing muscle tightly wrapped around his penis, and the g-spot swelled with bl**d to produce something of an internal, female erection. Her little hooded clitoris was now a swollen nub that looked like a miniature version of the head of his penis, only in pink instead of black.

The only sounds in the room were the very deep, silent breaths of air filling their lungs, and the slurps of His Majesty’s penis pumping in and out of the girls wet, slippery, overstretched vagina.

After about a hundred thrusts, she suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist, just above his flexing buttocks, and began to gyrate her hips like a bitch dog in heat humping her master’s leg. It was an involuntary loss of control of her body as a****l instinct overtook her thoughts and her mind. Her vagina rippled with powerful contractions as she climaxed, possibly for the first time in her life. She ground her pubic bone against his, her fat clitoris now protruding rudely from the crack of her formerly girlish camel toe, immersed in the thick, soft, woolly bush of his pubes, rubbing the corner at the base of his penis.

The powerful contractions and tight grip of her vagina was too much for the king to resist. While he felt the waves of her orgasm ripple over his penis, squeezing it with sharp pulses, his body twitched and trembled with pleasure convulsions. Then he suddenly began to fuck her very hard and with such athletic power, the fucking couch began to move across the floor a little with every thrust. His testicles spanked the firm, creamy moons of her buttocks and their bellies clapped noisily together.

“Oh God, here I cum! Oh shit! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

It was the first time His Majesty my king spoke, and were the only words he said. They were the only important words to be said.

Deep inside her vagina, his penis ejaculated. f******n times a powerful contraction visible to me in the muscle of his perineal floor rudely puckered his anus, normally hidden in the modest secrecy of his deep butt crack. But now it was exposed for me to see and he didn’t care. He was the king and could do whatever he wanted. Each contraction rippled underneath his plump scrotum, no doubt sweeping the large volume of semen into the base of his penis. From there the contraction rippled up in the two grooves on each side of the thick central ridge under his penis, and disappeared through the tightly stretched pink rim of her inner labia. A moment later, deep inside her body, his pee hole opened to ejaculate a long, sticky rope of virile semen. It splattered against her cervical wall and immediately stuck to the smooth pink protuberance of her uterus. A few ejaculations were fired directly into the cervical hole when with a thrust of his penis the head and bottom of her uterus met in a peculiar male-female internal kiss. The tiny lips of his pee hole met the tiny lips of her cervical hole and entrance to her womb, and he pumped a huge sticky ooze of translucent, pearly white semen into it.

His nine inches of penis ensured his semen was delivered where it was most effective. In nine months her once perky, virgin breasts would be heavily milk-laden jugs, and a nappy haired little Mulatto boy with his father’s big penis visible as a future portend to the sexual pleasure he would give his women, would be suckling the grossly swollen, dark brown nipple. Her breast would be squirting her rich, sweet, creamy mother’s milk for him to swallow, digest, and grow from.

His orgasm finished, and she inseminated, it was once again my duty to serve my king. He leaned over her body, pinning it to the fucking sofa as his lips met hers. Their soft lips pressed together and his tongue rudely entered her mouth to entwine with hers. He flexed his buttocks and spread them to expose the vertical slit of his anus to me.

I knelt down once more and gently pressed my lips to his- mouth to anus. I rimmed with my tongue to wipe the salty sweat from their fucking from his lips, feeling my taste buds drag across the wiry kinks of his anal hair I so often had to clean and service. I kissed my king’s ass, lips to lips, mouth to anus to show my king how much I loved him.

He flexed his buttocks again and pulled his softening penis from her vagina. A huge, dark, gaping cavern stared at me where the moist pink vortex was that began this tryst. Another, average man could stick his penis inside there and not touch her vaginal walls. In one fuck she became my king’s property and no other man would dare fuck her while she was pregnant with his baby. Furthermore she would not let him, because she knew no other man could match His Majesty’s big black penis. She went Black and now would never go back. She, like me, belonged to him.

Several sticky strands of bubbly, whitish goo stretched from the sulcous rim of his penis, into her vagina, and as he pulled away to stretch them, they sagged in a delicate parabola like the cables of a suspension bridge from one tower to another. Then they broke and their reproductive genitals were separated. From the tip of his penis, one gooey white drop of semen hung from a gossamer strand still oozing from the pee hole, and spun in crazy circles from the jiggle of his increasingly flaccid penis. Her yawning pink vagina slowly closed shut over the deep, gooey pool of my king’s semen. When it completely closed, the once thin, fragile lips of her inner pussy now appeared as grossly swollen, wrinkled, puffy, misshapen pink flesh atop which sat the shrinking, retracting nub of her hooded clitoris. The little girlish camel toe was now gone forever, and replaced by the loose, stretched vulva of a woman recently fucked by a Black man.

As the exhausted girl fell asl**p on the fucking couch, her vagina oozing the king’s excess semen down her butt crack to make a stain I had to clean up, the king and I returned to the washing room where once again I prepared the lathering and rinsing bowl with which to wash his penis. When the bowls water, soaps, oil cottons and linen were ready, with two claps of his hands he summoned for another subject to be brought in for fucking. She had long brunette hair and dark olive hazel eyes. Her pubic mound was covered in a thick bush of pubic hair, and her breasts were already large.

But this time, my king surprised me. With his foot, he nudged the washing and rinsing bowls aside and directed me to sit between his knees. He spread them apart and scooted his butt down on the throne and holding my head in his firm hands, pressed my face into his ass. My cheeks pressed the fleshy cheeks of his buttocks and my lips met the lips of his anus once again. I kissed my king with all the tender love I could show him. Then he lifted my head out of his ass. To my surprise, his big penis was already erect again. He pulled my face into the crook where his scrotum hung. I pressed my lips and tongue into the firm base of his penis and slobbered all the way up the impossible length and girth, surveying his masculine, sexually reproductive power. He guided my mouth to slurp in and suck the smooth, purplish black head. It was so big it filled my whole mouth. He slid his penis back into my throat until I gagged. I realized how much I respect I needed to have for the little pussies that stretched to take what I could not begin to hope to swallow.

I tongued the sulcous rim and probed my king’s hole. The length and girth of his shaft I could not fit, he masturbated. I tasted the salty ooze of His Majesty’s precum and knew his intent was, just for a change of pace, to impregnate my face. He masturbated the bottom half and I pumped the top half of his penis until he pulled his throbbing organ from my mouth and ejaculated on my face. His semen shot into my eyes, over my nose, across my cheeks, up onto my brow and even into the hair on my scalp.

The brunette sitting at his feet fingered her pussy with intense sexual excitement. Then my king gestured for her to rise and approach.

For the second time he spoke.

“I wanted you to see what my penis does, so when you feel me cum deep in your pussy, you will know what it looks like and what is happening.

“This is His Majesty’s second.” I said. “Less than an hour ago he impregnated another subject in there.” I pointed.

My king put his finger to my lips.

“Did I give you permission to speak?”

I looked down, stung by my disobedience.

“Come my dear.” My king said, taking the lovely brunette by the hand. His penis was still erect and as he led her from the room to his fucking bed, it swung awkwardly back and forth like a huge crane. “Let’s fuck.”

He didn’t need to tell her. Any idiot could see from the excitement in his huge penis that he was going to do that. The only unknown question was how many orgasms would the lovely brunette have before my king knocked her up too.
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