Discipline your slave and show her you care as wel

It has been a tough busy week from which I required a planned rest. On my way to dropping my slave back home the next morning from last week, I set some ground rules
- Underwear was now banned. She was not to wear underwear until I filled her up again.
- She was to be left in suspense about when I would summon her to my house. She was not allowed to touch herself or cum.
- Cuck hubby was not allowed to touch her.
- To focus her mind on serving her Dom, I gave her a cuckold hotwife anklet to keep on until I next saw her.
- The next time I see her I want her to arrive at my door in a red coat, red lips, red nails and her anklet and the smell of coco channel. Nothing else.
- She was to send a pic of her pussy without panties on at 7am and 10pm every night until I summoned her back.
- Cuck hubby was to ensure she kept to my rules.
- He was not allowed to wank, watch porn or have an erection if he was to avoid a lock up with my CB6000
- We will go through the contract signed 2 years ago to make some changes.
- She will receive a new slave name once the contract was updated.
- She was to contact a cuckold couple who had been begging to watch my session with her for months and invite them to speak to me about a potential opportunity to achieve their dream. I have some surprises in store for this couple none of them are aware of as yet

My slave complained she might be found out in work with no panties. To which I added another rule. If she is caught in work without panties, my flogger will come down on her bare pussy for an hour and every attempt to cum during the spanking session will result in her 1st warm water enema at the end of the flogging.

Tough new rules to work with, but my slave knew I was no longer her sensual master but a determined Dom with a plan for the next level of her training.

Cucky called every evening and sent pics of her bare pussy twice a day as instructed. He was enjoying the increased attention my slave was getting. He knew her training will result in a changed mistress and wanted very much to be part of the process.
Slave received a text at 12 noon everyday reminding her she is a very special sub which she absolutely loved. Before falling to sl**p she will ask when I will summon her back to my door. My answer was always the same.

When I am ready.

Tonight, cuck hubby sent me a text saying my slave was in a desperate state and had talked about meeting her Dom again for the last 48hrs. She had no other topic she was interested in. Cuck begged me to invite my slave over. I was in work at the time. After work I headed for the gym and spa. The day was now over and my weekend was about to begin. I planned to get home, have a glass of red wine and retire for the night. Cuck sent me a text after my gym session with a pic of my slave naked, kneeling with her head bowed and her training collar raised up to the camera.

This is the position of complete surrender I placed her in for the ceremony of the beginning of her training 2 years ago. I knew what this meant. She was demonstrating to me her desire to please me anyway she could. I called cuck and told him to arrive at my door with her in an hour.

I left the front door slightly open and sent a text to cuck to bring her straight up to the training room. She walked in dressed exactly as required. I pointed to the bed and she obliged. Laying on her back, I stood above her instructed she opened her mouth for a deep throat fuck. I fucked her throat until my pole stood straight. Slave, put my cock where it belongs I said. She spread her legs and guided my cock down to her entrance. Slowly spreading her pussy lips with one hand, she slid my cock into her already wet and wanton cunt. I fucked her hard, then slow, then hard again, changed position several times until I exploded inside her while fucking her from the back. I rolled to my back looking up. She got on her knees by my side and said thank you Sir.

I smiled back at her. We are not done yet. I got up, tied her hands to her legsall held up in the air and spanked her pussy with my riding crop till she was close to cumming. Please Sir, Can I cum? Not yet.. I continued the gentle tapping spanking as she writhed to both sides trying to control herself. Her frantic panting gasps of delight and the squirting all over the sheets was my que for my next action. I plunged my cock back inside her and at the same time whispered into her ears.. Cum all over your Masters pole. The effect was immediate. She gushed like a busted tap. I started fucking her really fast and deep until she went into a spasm and came very hard indeed.

I continued our play session with hubby sitting down stairs all the while only able to hear us moan in delight as she satisfied my loins.

The night ended with cuck hubby bringing us some drinks from the kitchen and cleaning up 2 full cream pies I had left in her cunt for hi, to feast on.

My slave left once again happy knowing her Dom not only cared for her but also responded to her willingness to serve.

The End

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