Sophia: a hotwifes fantasy fullfilled

Last night, I made the fantasy of a hot sexy married woman come true. Sophia as I will call her is what you will describe as the perfect English rose.
She is a tall, sexy, articulate and attractive woman, working and living the life of a professional in the fashion industry. She has never strayed from her devoted professional husband. She loves her young c***dren and is completely devoted to her f****y.

Imagine the front row of London fashion week, lined with beautiful statuesque women sitting along side the occasional celebrity. This lady is stylish, demure, sophisticated, articulate and above all the embodiment of chic and glamour. Her elegance is enchanting, her poise measured. When she walks, you know it is a practiced stride; honed by the fashion industries incessant demand for perfection. Her make up is elegantly put together. Her accessories portray a woman who is in touch with the times. She smells delicious in Channel. Her lips are full, her shoulders straight, she rotates her hip perfectly. Her voice is soft yet firm. She oozes sex appeal effortlessly.
This is Sophia.

Behind this exterior is the lustful, kinky sexpot who craves a dominant black stud as her lover. Deep down she desires to be a submissive slut,
- To be called upon to serve and be used for his sexual whims.
- To have no choice but to serve him and any of his fit handsome friends.
- to receive text messages during her working day instructing her to take her panties off, then present herself to him like that later for a scene he has set up for her
- to be visited at home late at night, fucked senseless and left with her devoted husband who will clean her up afterwards
- to be frequently surprised during business trips abroad by her bulls text messages suggesting she presents herself to room number xxx for a late night room service.
- to get home after a busy day, step into a hot shower only to be pleasantly surprised by her bull stepping in a few seconds later, give her the best full body massage ever, fucked slow and deep until she cums hard and falls into a deep restful sl**p
- To be taken out to dinner by her lover in a different city or country sensually seduced and fucked to multi-orgasmic heights and taken back home to her devoted cuck husband looking thoroughly used.

These are just a few of the fantasies Sophia has spoken about. There are lots more we plan to get through over the coming months. By now, I am certain you get the picture. Coming from a hottie who has till now, been vanilla in her sexual adventures, I found it extremely erotic.

How did we meet you may ask? Via her devoted cuck hubby of course. He wanted to find her this ‘Dom of her dreams’ and in his search came across my profile online. Weeks of conversation ensued. Back and forth we went, how should we set it up? Will she prefer I approached her in the real world and seduce her vanilla style? Should he come straight out and tell her what he has been planning? Will she actually go for it or run for the woods? She wants a black articulate solvent guy who can make her fantasies come true etc.

So I started his training. Buy her a huge black dildo, watch some porn with her, check out the xhamster clips on how to get your wife blacked part 1-3, tell her stories and show how turned on you are to the idea as well. Encourage black men to talk to both of you on nights out together, bring her attention to hansom black studs as often as you can in public. This went on for 2 years. I found it fascinating how an intelligent professional husband became unsure of his ways when working on clearly set out goals to get his wife blacked. Not that he was a timid man by any account, he simply went into a state of panic worrying it may all go badly wrong etc etc.

Eventually we met for the 1st time at a salsa club and I danced with her for a long time; all set up without her knowledge of course. The three of us got chatting and the rest of the night went well. I invited them to a meal at my favourite 5 start hotel restaurant 2 months later and succeeded in penetrating her well constructed walls. The conversation, lubricated by a fabulous choice of wines, went from naughty to salacious and much further. Fantasies were thrown about freely, experiences exchanged, the atmosphere heated up and I got really hot under my collar. I placed my hand on her bare thigh beneath the table, whispered seductively into her ears; it is time you set that submissive in you free.

She smiled back, gave me a non-committed kiss on the cheek and replied that is your job not mine. Hearing this, I knew her wall had come down. We continued the evening and hubby asked what I was doing for the rest of the night. Going home alone for a well deserved rest I answered. Alone? Why so? Because Sophia will need some time to think about things. She looked disappointed and replied, I brought along something else to wear for tonight you know. Good things come to those who wait. Let us meet again in a few weeks. It will give both of you enough time to reflect. Hubby reluctantly agreed as it was an answer he had not anticipated. He looked at me questioningly. I looked back and mouthed the words, trust me. With that we completed our dinner and called it a night. I spoke to him later that night and encouraged him to talk to Sophia as often as possible about what she was thinking about. Unsurprisingly, she could not get the thought of meeting me again out of her mind. The seed was now sown and it simply needed to grow.

We made our plans for a Saturday night. I wanted to see her in something elegant and sexy. She gave me her telephone number and the seduction took off. I absolutely love the exchange of suggestive messages during working hours and boy did we indulge. Sophia was by now completely out of her shell and pouring out the most erotic fantasies buried deep in her kinky mind. 3 weeks passed and the night came.

I opened my front door, in walked this elegant statuesque hottie in a black dress, high heels, black overcoat and wavy long brunette locks looking sophisticated and smelling of Channel. Hubby, a big strapping gentleman followed behind. I let her in, shut the door, she dropped her bag and we immediately locked lips in a passionate lasting French kiss that took hubby by surprise. The night started off well

Finally we peeled off each other slowly looking each other in the eye. She had a sultry turned on look about her that ignited my passions as well. I walked her to the living room, got her a glass of Rose and a soft beverage for hubby and sat next to her to catch up on the last 3 weeks. Hubby was mostly quiet, darting at the wall clock occasionally. He was excited and wanted us to get straight on to it. I on the other hand wanted Sophia to enjoy the entire experience of her 1st Blackman in a classy way. We held hands as he told me how turned on I had made her 3 weeks ago. Declining her invitation to come along home with me at the time made her want me even more. She played with her black dildo every night fantasising about our 1st time together. She was surprised at how nervous and excited she felt about tonight. She had been worried she may become fearful and cancel our date but the opposite was the effect she experienced. She wanted ALL her fantasies fulfilled now. As she talked, I would lean in and kiss her soft lips, sucking her upper lip gently then switching to the lower, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear how beautiful and sexy she looked. She wanted to finish her glass of Rose but 30minutes later, she could not wait any longer.
Take me upstairs James. I am dyeing to have you in me?

I stood up, held out my hand and took her up to my room gently. The kisses started again, softly, gently and above all slowly. It was our time for passion. The speed with which our clothes came off was surprising. Take off my clothes I whispered. She dove straight for my belt and I was naked in less than 3 minutes. I pulled her dress up to reveal a dark red Basque complete with red lace panties and suspenders. She came prepared with red nails, red lipstick and seamed back line stockings; like the ones you see in burlesque shows. She knew how much I liked 40’s-50’s fashion and she indulged me in my favourite visual delight. As I leaned back into the bed she went down for a trademark wet BJ. Laid on my back, hands behind my head looking down at her wavy hair bopping up and down on me we engaged in a much anticipated tryst. Hubby had his camcorder and camera busy as expected. Sophia turned out to be an extremely passionate, hungry woman. Locked in 69 we indulged in pleasuring one another. She tasted sweets, musky and delicious, the kind of taste I can never get enough of. She pulled off from our 69, turned onto her back and said, Get inside me, I can’t wait any longer. Her 1st orgasm came hard and fast as we locked lips in the missionary position. She was soaked and squirting in minutes, her kisses were passion filled and rhythm wild and frenetic until her 1st cum after which it became fast and in tune. She moaned with passionate delight, gushed on my black pipe a few times and finally broke free for some air and much deserved rest. My bed had a few wet patches by then.

An hour of pleasure culminated in my trademark eruption into her by now gapping cunt. I took my time to strip her completely naked so I could take my time to enjoy her beautiful form in its entirety. I kissed her from head to toe, turned her over and softly massaged her neck back and legs as I studied every each of her female form. My visual sense was fully satiated, the erotic smell of Channel, cum and her juices captivated me. Her soft warm unblemished skin felt glorious. I sometime find it hard to understand why women feel uncomfortable about their bodies after having c***dren. Has it not occurred to you your body with all the effects of life is exactly what turns most men on so much?

After taking her entire form in as above, I placed her on her back and instructed her to make love to me so I could cum deep inside her. She had by now cum so many times her body was compliant and relaxed. Her gaze was sl**py and her embrace light and soft. She was almost spent. In this state, I took Sophia as my new submissive married hotwife. This was for me; she knew it and opened herself for this. We kissed as I thrush into her deep and gently until my loins came alight with a warm heat. I erupted into her with a deep groan and finished it locked in a passionate kiss. Frederic her hubby looked on with amazement.

This was how Sophia’s ‘first black man’ experience finally happened. It took a little over 2 years to enact. She is now fully inducted into the popularly described s****rhood of ‘once you go black, you never go back’

Coming soon, her next fantasy enacted.

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6 months ago
looking forward to reading about it!! how many of you ?
6 months ago
Part 2 already in the pipeline
6 months ago
Starting next week.. She will be experiencing her 1st ever GB
6 months ago
Another great story ..Looking forward to part 2
6 months ago
excellent can't wait for "the" ENACTMENT of their fantasy
6 months ago
Great start. Bing on part 2