A perfect cuckolding relationship part 4

Mel was tight, very tight. I literally struggled to get half my pole into her for a good 10 minutes. She was not k**ding when she said I was her first black cock. Our first fuck was beyond description. We both burned with lust and satiated it over the next hour. Mel wanted to please me, she vocalised it, asked several times if I was enjoying her body and then asked what else I would like to do with her. Take me anyway you want. You have a gorgeous body. In between breaths she complimented. This turned me on even more. She came hard on my pole sitting on top. Doggy style was absolutely impossible. We settled for a sitting face to face position which was easy because she was a slim size 10. When I came we were locked in a passionate kiss with my arms wrapped around her and she pressing into me to take my cum into her. I filled the condom with probably the most intense orgasm I had to date. We kissed softly, looking into each others eyes. It was no longer lust but desire; pure passionate desire. We were hot and sweating and broke our embrace slowly. She did not want to let go. In the process of our ‘lust making’ we had broken the side table.

We got dressed, knocked on the door and Geoff opened up. You two took a long time, I thought you were planning to stay in their all night. Mel smiled, kissed him fully on his lips and said to him, thank you. You enjoyed that did you? He asked, very much. You James, did you enjoy her. Yes I did. You are a very lucky man to have such a passionate wife. Lets go down stairs and talk for a while Geoff requested. Sure I said.
We had a few drinks, talked about the ‘holy grail’ of swinging i.e. finding the perfect couple, woman or man that ticks every box for NSA sex. Geoff took my number and email address and promised to contact me sometime. With that, they bade me their goodbyes and left for the 2 hours+ drive back home. I ended the night with another couple who had been watching my moves all night and wanted to k**nap me. I left the party at 6am having fucked this other hot wife for a good 3 hrs; taking regular breaks of course.

One week later, I received an email from Geoff. It was long and detailed. In summary, Mel wanted to see me again and wanted us to talk about a long term arrangement. I was invited to theirs for a weekend. She wanted me to arrive Friday evening, enjoy the night together, and then accompany them to a party, finishing off back home together on Saturday night. She wanted us to have Sunday breakfast together and talk through what they both had in mind. I was not going to say no, but for some strange reason, they were both very anxious I might turn their offer down.

I did visit for the weekend. The Friday night was the 1st of many nights Mel & I would share over the next 3 years. We slept in their matrimonial bed from that first night; Geoff sl**ping in the guest room. Over the course of Saturday, we talked earnestly. Mel wanted to take me as her long term lover. Geoff wanted to be our diligent cuck hubby. He spoke about his desire to be totally submissive to us; as it was Mel’s choice to take me as her lover. She spoke about the connection we shared, how intensely she felt it and how comfortable she felt with me. She said it was Geoff’s idea to explore swinging but after our first night at the party she was convinced what she wanted was a younger intelligent man who she connected with. Mel was a beautiful confident woman in her work life but confessed to being a submissive sexually. Geoff was unfortunately a submissive as well so she was unable to find true sexual fulfilment with him. She desired a dominant man who would draw out the submissive in her. I was seriously impressed with the sincerity coming out of them and found it impossible not to say yes to their offer. Having met Gill (the woman I give credit to for setting me on the course of 3 way relationships in my last story less than a year before this), I was elated to think I was actually going to get a chance to experience a relationship I had been fantasising about for months. To crown it all, this fell onto my lap rather than having to go through months of kissing many frogs to find my proverbial prince.

Why was this relationship in my view a perfect cuckolding relationship?

 I was extremely attracted to Mel and she was to me.
 We connected on many levels other than sex.
 Mel was totally submissive to me.
 Geoff worshipped the ground she walked on and actually wanted us to fall in love for real.
 They were both very much in love.
 It really did feel like I was in a 3some relationship for all of the 3 years we were together.
 We actually talked about everything sincerely, writing out boundaries we all agreed not to cross. The relationship started well. Open discussions, no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives. We talked openly all through the 3 years it lasted.
 All 3 had opportunities to have every fantasy fulfilled.
 We had nothing to distract us (i.e. c***dren) from enacting every conceivable fantasy we all had.
 We travelled to Newcastle a few times to meet Gill and Alan.
 We shared many weekends and holidays together; they came to my flat in Cyprus on a weeks holiday and I to theirs in Spain.
 We attended parties as a true threesome
 We had disagreements of course, mostly Geoff feeling left out and jealous. On such occasions, I sent Mel to spend the night with him in the guest room. He was always locked in his cage of course.
 We arranged and attended cuckold couple parties together.
 We travelled to clubs as a threesome. Geoff always sl**ping in his own room. This became the case after I found him on Mel on a particular weekend away to Manchester when we all shared a room. I went to the loo for a quick break and came back <1 minute later to find him attempting to fuck Mel who was still sl**ping. He was like a little boy stealing sweets. He looked up at me with fear in his eyes. I was surprised to see him, a professional intelligent man, trying to steal a fuck from his wife and having been caught, looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
 They stayed over at mine for weekends as well
 After a few too many sneaky fucks where Geoff got on top of Mel while she was tired or briefly exhausted following a long session together, we finally decided to lock him in a cuck cage. He wore that cage for months. I on a few weekends would hold on to the keys. When Geoff misbehaved, I took the keys home with me for a week. Geoff eventually became the completely chastised cuck husband he fantasized about.
 Geoff did not fuck his wife for more than 2 years of our relationship.
 I gained a wealth of knowledge about 3 way relationships, becoming quite familiar with many unusual behaviours cuck husbands demonstrated as relationships progressed
 Mel was the kind half of our domination of Geoff. I got increasingly meaner towards him [according to him] because he always broke rules cheekily.
 Mel and I went out together on dates and Geoff obeyed most of the instructions he was given.
 From my point of view, I had my fantasy of a FMF threesome enacted on many occasions to the point where I became very good at lasting all night with two women.
 Although Mel was not bi, we connected with a good number of bi women who joined us for night of uninhibited pleasure.
 We explored BDSM safety within the relationship and I came into myself as a sensual dominant using them both as my canvass.
o I would send Mel to sit on Geoff’s face and feed him my cream pie.
o We would take showers and baths together.
o Geoff always made morning breakfast, sometimes bringing us breakfast in bed.
o We went out shopping for toys, clothes and BDSM gear together.
o On many occasions I bound & gagged Geoff in a chair in the corner of our bedroom pulled a gimp mask over his face and made him listen to us fucking. I would pull his mask off for a few minutes while Mel fed him our cream pie then slip the mask back on.
o He would stay bound & gagged to his chair naked while we went out for the evening
o We would instruct Geoff to kneel at the foot of the bed and eat Mel’s cunt anytime I withdrew from her cunt until I was ready to get back in.
o I would line Mel’s cunt with whip cream then fuck her till I filled her up. Geoff’s job was to eat the cream and cum mix.
o Often times, we will both go into Geoff’s room, wake him up, instruct him to stand by the bed then fuck on his bed till I shot my load. He will then clean Mel up after which we simply turned the light off and slept in his bed. He slept on the sofa or at the foot of the bed on those nights.
o A long held fantasy of mine to fuck at a wedding was role played. They were attending a Saturday wedding on a weekend I was staying over. Mel had my cum oozing down her inner thigh all the time at the wedding, coming back to my car for a top up through the day.
o Geoff will drive us to secluded lay bys where we fucked in the car as he played his part as a security guard
o Mel’s fashion sense was reshaped, choice of perfume, accessories, bed sheets, underwear, her entire wardrobe changed over time to what I liked. Geoff was only too pleased to do the shopping.
o My clothes replaced Geoff’s in ‘our’bedroom.
o Mel had no wedding ring on whenever we were together. She made a show of giving it to Geoff for safe keeping until I left. She never came to mine with her wedding ring on.
o Watching movies in their living room, Mel & I sat together frequently loosing interest in the movie and fucking on the sofa. Geoff knew to clean her up at every opportunity.
o Geoff got a birthday present of a video of Mel & I together on nights he was not invited along.
o I took Mel away for weekends and she came to mine on her own when she was off work.
o We surprised him on weekdays by fucking in their matrimonial. He will come home from work to find us in bed.
o We called him in work on many occasions as I fucked Mel

I could go on about the benefits of my 3 years with them. The relationship came to an end when I decided to relocate. We parted amicably and agreed it was best to stay out of touch for the 1st year after our breakup to allow each of us time to move on.

Once a year, I send them an email asking how they are getting on. The replies have been varied. They eventually decided to exit the lifestyle a year ago after trying unsuccessfully to replicate the relationship we had. The frog kissing became too much for them to put up with and they became an exclusive couple again.

I will write some short stories about scenes we played out over the years...

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Amazing story.You have excuted all the aspects of cuckolding.