The Degradation of a cuckold husband

This is a true story of a recent encounter with a young inexperienced cuckold couple

Sometime ago, I was contacted by an absolutely gorgeous young hot wife in her 20’s on a swingers website in the UK. The ice breaker mail was as expected, warm and cordial. Princess; as she liked to be called, was looking for an experienced Dominant Black Man to join her in dominating her submissive cuckolded husband she called ‘boy’.

They had been married for approximately 5 years. She had stopped all forms of penetrative sex with her ‘boy’ for well over 3 years. She had also restricted him to wanking himself off only at night on her command. He was however still allowed to watch porn. He had no say on who where or when his mistress played. He was always left in the dark as to any arrangements princess made. He will from time to time, try to steal information from her phone, on line profiles or email addresses. He was a very intelligent computer savvy professional in his day job. However, princess was even better at this than he was and knew of all his failed attempts in the past. She only told me this when we met for the first time in her house mind you.

We started exchanging text messages early on and after a few days had a short telephone conversation where she vocalised her excitement about meeting her first ever BBC. We agreed to meet the following weekend and I drove the short distance to them on a bright summer’s day. All the while, I was expecting some awkwardness on meeting for the 1st time. I already knew she was a model judging by the pictures we had exchanged.

I arrived as planned at about 5pm and knocked on her door. The face that greeted me was even more stunning than the pictures. As soon as she let me in, she instructed her cuck hubby who was sitting watching TV, dressed in a casual jeans &shirt to make his way to his spot in her room where he would normally stand for hours on end in nothing but a pair of panties and a black gimp mask on her command. He immediately knew what was expected of him even though it caught him by surprise. He left us as instructed and Princess and I sat back for a conversation

This was when she opened up completely about the nature of their relationship. I was blown away by her sheer determination to train him into a chastised sissy cuckold boy. We talked at length over a few drinks while cucky boy stood like the obedient slave he was upstairs in her room. She confessed she had always wanted to try a BBC but never had the opportunity till today. She wanted to be submissive to her Black Dom while dominating her cuck boy. Half an hour later, I had worked out where she was in her training and where she was hoping to go. Cucky was to have his first experience of several things that evening. All of which were unknown to him at the time

I instructed princess to follow me up the stairs and took charge of the proceedings from that point forward. Cucky boy was seating in a chair naked except for his mask in the corner when I walked in; which immediately got my back up. He could not see anything but heard everything going on. I walked straight up to him bellowing; who gave you permission to sit down slut? He jerked in his chair wanted to say something but before he could utter a word, I slapped his erect pecker (clit from now on) hard 3 times in a row. He jumped out of the chair apologising for his insolence. Then I explained to him the reason princess had brought me here for the night. It was for him to learn his place in her life. He was to watch and see how a real man fucked his trophy mistress. He was also to record the entire night on a camcorder. He nodded fervently as I gave him instructions and warned him If I observed the slightest reluctant on his part to do as he was told, he was going to experience a sharp punishment meted out to worthless husbands like him. This was the 1st time another Man had spoken to him this way in what he presumed was his house. He muttered something under his breath to which his mistress responded by pulling his nose hard. He whimpered and begged to be forgiven immediately. Princess then reminded him the house now belonged to her. He had been reduced to giving his mistress all his earned income every month for the last 2 years by this time. Lucky for him, he understood this fact quickly and responded by saying he knew Princess was his owner and will remain so for the rest of his life. I pulled his mask off and sent him out to get the camcorder set up. The evening was now ready to begin.

Princess walked over to me and started off with a long sensual French kiss with eyes closed. She slowly stripped off my clothes while taking hers off as well. Cucky boy was now back in his corner. She instructed him to sit down with his face at the level of my Cock. Princess was a vicious tease, she went down to her knees and slowly slide my 8+ inches fat black pole through her plump red lips and down her gapping mouth for the longest wettest deep throat I have ever had. She slopped and gagged on me several times until I was completely embedded in her throat right up to the hilt. All this was done 1 inch away from cuck boy’s face. The slobber drooled down her chin his feet. The look on his face was priceless! This was the 1st time his trophy wife performed a deep throat. He had been labouring under the false impression she was unable to do this. For the rest of the night, cuck boy was shown why he will never be able to satisfy her again. He kept getting hard watching his princess submit to my BBC and I kept slapping his little clit back to the flaccid position. I had to show him why he was a useless cuckold once again so, I instructed princess to take off her by now soaked panties, pulled a mask over his head and stuffed it in his mouth.

I warned him if his little clit got hard again he would receive a harsher punishment. The useless cuck could not control his clit. His mask had 2 eye socket holes so he was now able to watch and learn. I led princess to their matrimonial bed got her in the doggy position and made him serve us by licking her already wet pussy for me so I could plunge my BBC into her dripping wet pussy. When she was finally unable to wait any longer she turned to her back, push his face off the bed and spread her legs wide. I leaned in and slid into her tight, young, dripping wet and warm pussy. I started with deep strokes maintaining a succession of deep and shallow strokes, 9 deep, 1 shallow, 8-2,7-3, etc until I got down to 1deep 9 shallow and reverse my strokes back up 2-8,7-3 etc. Before long she had her 1st whole body orgasm. She shuddered uncontrollably and let out a loud moan as her orgasm engulfed her completely; all the while I maintained my succession of strokes. We slowed down, embraced, kissed each other softly and lovingly. It was like we were 2 lovers making love for the 1st time. Cuck boy shuffled uncomfortably on his knees as we disappeared into each others warm embrace. His discomfort was now being made obvious as he shuffled on the carpet, clearing his throat with the aim of breaking our bond. We looked up at him, giggled to ourselves and went back to enjoying the after glow of a massive orgasm. We sat up facing him, and started teasing him with questions. Have you ever made your mistress cum so hard? Can you see why she will never have you inside her again? Do you know what will befall you if we ever find you with a hard on fantasising about satisfying your princess? He was unable to make eye contact for the entire time while answering our questions which made us laugh at him even more.

Part 2
At the end of our short break, princess got on her knees and started giving me another mind blowing blow job. Her upturned ass was facing cuck boy and I was watching him seated at the foot of the bed. Princess whispered to me ‘he has always resisted licking my arse’. I immediately motioned to him to get down behind his mistress and stuff his tongue into her arse. His eyes betrayed his thoughts but he jumped up and indeed buried his entire face where it belonged. He pulled a few faces each time looking up tentatively to see if I was watching him. I grinned harshly, pulled a riding crop off the bedside table to remind him of his place once again. This was his 1st time yet again. As I moaned to the pleasure of princess deep throat I again verbally humiliate cuck boy asking if he has learnt his lesson yet. I warned him if her arse was not loose and wet for my fat cock he will have to pay for that. His enthusiasm went up a notch. He licked, sucked and stretched her arse out with a series of rectal dilators until I was good and hard once again. By now I was convinced he had learnt his lesson and kept his useless clit down for the rest of the night.

To tease him further we had him sitting still while princess sucked and slobbered all over my thick cock 2 inches from his face again for another half an hour. Princess went down towards his clit on several occasions to blow hot air on his worthless cock to tease it up but cucky boy had learnt his place by now and dared not get a hard on. Then we got him in the 69 position to watch as my monster cock stretched his mistress’s pussy wide. He got several mouthfuls of her cunt juice in the process, eating her out when I pulled out so I could bury myself back into her hot, tight and beautiful pussy again. At this stage he wanted to cum so badly but princess had his clit in a vice. All the while our bitch cucky boy was juggling his duties serving us with the other duty of filming the entire event. We made him stand at the door with his mouth stuffed with princess’s panties while we kissed, made love and discussed the next step of his training. He listened in as we made a list of chores for him to perform. We decided there and then he was to have a CB6000 chastity device as a birthday present and I would keep the keys. He was reminded he no longer had the pleasure of ever fucking princess again. Her pussy belonged to me and anyone I introduce her to from mow on. Cuck boy having finally submitted to the superiority of my Black Cock was sent out to my car to get my iPad. He obeyed quickly. By the time he got back we were making love again! To finish his training for the evening he was made to film us fucking until I emptied my sac in princess’s pussy. I pulled his head down into her and f***ed him to clean and swallow every last drop of thick cum. He did not resist at this stage and felt totally humiliated as he had again, never done this before. He knew if he refused he was going to get a most severe beating. As he knelt in front of princess’s cleaned pussy, we laughed hysterically at his pathetic embarrassed face.

He looked like a little puppy in a cage. We introduced him to his new name 'bitch boy' which again surprised him. We could see he was barely coping with his degradation so, princess pulled me into her again and we started another round of love making and erotically long full-on French kisses.

Princess enjoyed 3 more full body orgasms each leaving her breathless through the night. Bitch boy was completely bewildered. He confessed after much teasing he had only ever been able to make his mistress cum once in a night of unfulfilling sex for her. To seal his fate, I ordered him out of the bedroom to stand outside naked with princesses panties d****d over his head and face. A 2nd black lace panty which was again completely soaked with a mixture of my cum and her juices was d****d over his nose. I instructed him to breath deeply through it so he could smell the outcome of our fucking. We locked the door with him standing just outside and made him listen as we fucked yet again! He was invited back in 20 mins later to watch his model mistress wife experience another full body orgasm before we called it a night.

Bitch boy made a copy of the entire night for me on a USB stick and handed it to me saying ‘thank you for fucking my wife and showing me why I am a cuckold Master J’

The next day, I got a call from princess sissy boy had experienced cuck angst after I left at 2am the next day. He had felt overwhelmed by this experience. The truth had finally hit him that his trophy wife was now a BBC slut. He could not handle the thought of loosing his princess to her Dom black lover. The spineless sissy was threatening to run off to lick his wounds the very next day. He told his mistress he was calling an end to his flirtation with the cuckold lifestyle. Unfortunately for him, it is too late; princess is now owned by a Superior Black Dom. His degradation will continue....

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sir luv how u punish cuck bois clitty
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perfect story
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mmmmm luv the humiliation