An unforgettable weekend part 5- THE FINAL CHAPTER

The Sunday evening
It was 630pm. Sharon had left in the early hours of Sunday. I retired to bed almost immediately. The 5 bedroom house was quiet except for sl**ping libertines recovering from a long night. They lived in one of the more desirable areas of Newcastle. Alan was a successful entrepreneur who had been lucky early in his business career and was relatively comfortable. The k**s were away for the entire weekend so we had no reason to worry. After a night of satisfying 2 sex mad s****rs, all I could think of was sl**p, sl**p and more sl**p. Alan's predictions had indeed come true. I had been fucked to exhaustion.

I was woken up at 6pm by Alan who could not stop laughing at my sorry attempts to get out of bed. You look like you are ready to go another night he applauded. I told you didn’t I, you won't be smiling in the morning. I sat up eventually, laughed with him and responded, last night was the best night I have ever had. Suffering for it though, but it was f*****g great. Gill is one hell of a minx. She worked me out after you went to bed, did not get to sl**p until 5am. I know he said, she came to bed still feeling horny and wanted more from me. You did not finish the job James he said disapprovingly. Is she always that horny? I asked. When she gets in the mood there is no stopping her. We have been together since I was 19yrs old you know. Yes you told me yesterday; she was not like that when we met though, after our 1st boy she changed. A good change too, I said. I must find myself a gorgeous sex mad woman like that. Be careful what you wish for James.

Lucky man I said, you get to have all that fun with both s****rs. I have to say, they are both very hot. You will stay up in Newcastle for another weekend then? I f*****g will. There is no way I would get a weekend like this down south. Alan laughed at my comment. We know how to have fun up here in Newcastle. The bathroom is all yours. Cool. I jumped out of bed and headed straight for the shower. Come down when you are finished. I have cooked us a good roast. You like mushrooms? , I like any food really. I don't have any food fads; it’s all good in my view.

I walked into the kitchen dinner, hellooooo James said Gill. Slept well? Yes I did thank you; I grinned at her. I wanted you to join us in bed this morning you know. After all that last night? No way! I was shattered I laughed. There was NO WAY I could perform after I went up this morning. Absolutely no way! You were good though, your stamina was impressive. Still have a buzz for you she smiled. Did you sl**p well? I asked. Will sl**p better tonight I am sure. I didn't really clock on to what that meant until later on. What time do you start work on Monday? 9am I said. The taxi arrives at 830am to pick me up. Ok she responded. I was seated and tucking into a roast dinner by this time. Alan is a good cook isn't he? Nice food.

So what's the plan for tonight? Going anywhere interesting? Alan responded, I think you need to rest after last night don't you think? Sharon called earlier; she wants to come back for another Saturday night when you are in town. At this rate, I will move up to Newcastle for good I laughed. Up to you James if you want to go out somewhere? No, I am quite happy to just chill. I could go back tonight or you drop me off in the morning. Gill looked at me surprised. You are staying tonight aren't you James. Yes I am; if you guys are happy to have me. Gill laughed out loud, I will have you tonight, all to myself again she responded.

After dinner, we talked about our experiences of clubs and house parties in UK and Europe. I found out a lot more about their relationship; especially how Gill evolved from 'normal girl', to Hotwife cuckoldress brunette in 6 years. We talked about cuckolding and our understandings of what D/s relationships were all about.

It turned out Alan's perception was that they were a regular couple, with a reverse cuckold element. Why reverse I asked because, Gill gets very turned on by watching me with another woman he said. He called her his cuckqueen.

Gill opened a bottle of white whine and asked if we wanted some. I turned it down as I am not really a drinking person. A glass of wine once a month is more than enough for me.

We moved to the living room. Gill sat next to me, Alan on the opposite end of the room. Gill leaned onto my shoulder with legs raised on the settee edge. My left hand fell onto her left breast. The picture was one of Gill and I playing BF &GF with Alan; the submissive cuckold, watching us gleefully. We continued chatting with music in the background for several hours. Occasionally Gill and I kissed and groped each other into the sofa. It was like a polyamourous relationship with Gill in the centre of the triangle.

Gill opened up, telling me how she desired a 3 way long term relationship with a black guy. I was her kind of guy to engage in this fantasy with. The scenes she described were vivid and erotic. She wanted a guy who will come to her office to fuck her on her lunch break, go away on weekends with her. She would go away with her GF to Europe and I would book a room in the same hotel. She would sneak into my room and we would stay up all night fucking. We would send pictures to Alan. She would lure one of her married friends into a setup in the hotel bar where we would pretend we just met. We will work on seducing her friend into coming up to my room with me where the lucky friend will join in for a FFM threesome. Gill was one hell of a woman. She liked girls as well and figured if both of us seduced the friend, she will have a good chance of eating her pussy and converting her into a bisexual married woman for her benefit. She had absolutely no inhibitions. Alan I could tell was proud of his dirty slutty wife. I had no doubt they were in love; judging by how they talked so freely about sex and group sex in particular. The conversation got me so horny my cock grew for the first time that Sunday evening. I was surprised I could even manage a hard on but Gills description of her fantasies did it.

This was where my ongoing interest in taboo sex, interracial sex and BDSM was born. I credit Gill for introducing me to the concept of polyamourous longterm 3 way (and more) relationships. She planted the seed of possibilities in my mind. She described multiple scenarios and possibilities coming off the back of a secure trusting polyamourous partnership. I did experience one such relationship a few years after meeting Gill & Alan. It was in my view, a perfect cuckolding relationship which lasted 3 years. I will write a blog of this experience in time.

We retired for the night just after 10pm. Neither of them was working the next day so were not in a rush to retire but it was on Gills' instigation we went upstairs at 10pm. Gill wanted to fuck, and there was no turning her down. Gill led me to their bedroom. Alan simply sat on a dressing table chair and watched us fuck for an hour. When we were done, Alan joined us in bed. Gill wanted us to sl**p together with her in the middle. Her fantasy of a threesome in the middle of the night was her goal to fulfil tonight.

That Sunday night, Gill woke up 4 times to fuck me. She would wake me up by saying; I am so horny, fuck me James. She got on top twice and I spooned her once. The best fuck of the night was when I was woken up yet again to fuck. On that occasion however, I was already awake this time with a canal desire to fuck her. It was a sudden lustful desire that led to my getting on top and fucking her hard until I came in her married pussy again. Alan never joined in to our night time fucks. After her 2nd rousing, Alan got up saying Gill, I want to sl**p. Gill told him to fuck off in a horny lustful tone while spooning me. Alan got up and left for another room at that stage, leaving us to continue fucking on the bed together. He later came back to bed when we fell asl**p again. At seven o'clock, my wrist watch alarm went off. I was shattered, had hardly had any sl**p, my head was pounding. I moaned to myself, fuck, it's going to be a tough day in work.

The Monday morning.

Gill was brilliant; she got up, turned the shower on and prepared me a hot breakfast. It felt like she wanted to look after me as much as she did Alan. I was stuck to the bed like Velcro with heavy eye lids. I had that morning exhaustion you get when your body was exhausted but the brain knew you had to get up. She peeled me off the bed, pushing me into the shower to freshen up so I did not leave late. While eating breakfast, she went upstairs to wake Alan; who was to drive me to my hotel. Alan came down, served 3 cups of tea out into 3 cups with lids on them and took them to the 4x4. I freshened up; my clothes had been washed and ironed by Gill on the Sunday so I was fresh and ready for the day. Gill wanted to come along in the Mercedes so we jumped into the back seat with Alan driving.

Alan asked if Gill wanted us to park by a lay-by on the way. Gill and I were undressed and fucking in the back seat. This was another of her fantasies. To fuck a black guy in the back seat of a car He took our gasping responses as a 'yes' and found somewhere to park. It was supposed to be a 15 minutes drive to my hotel. It turned out to be an hour and more. He served us our cups of tea while we took short breaks. Alan kept an eye on the time and folded my clothes away so they did not get rumpled. A thoughtful cuckold thinks ahead. Gill finally decided it was time to let me go but, wanted me fucking her doggy style until I came in her married cunt outside the hotel drive-in as a goodbye present for the weekend? The windows of the Mercedes 4x4 were tinted so we were certain no one would see us.

My weekend ended with me cumming in Gill in the missionary position (my favourite), legs spread wide open, locked in a passionate kiss. The missionary position remains my all time best position to cum because, it represents her complete submission and acceptance of my invasive lust. The mental thought of me fucking a married woman in the backseat of her husband’s car with her hubby driving, passing us towels and drinks was the picture that sent me over the edge for the umpteenth ejaculation of this unforgettable weekend. I got dressed with the heavy smell of sex in the car, checked myself, stepped out of the 4x4 and waved them goodbye.

We became good friends from then on. Newcastle – the land of the toons is the location for the best weekend of my liberated life. Someday, I hope to go back up there for a few years.

Thank you Gill and Alan, I hope you enjoyed reading my narrative of that weekend we met for the first time.

Ps- all 3 participants in this true story encouraged this narrative. They wanted to read my perspective of our tryst anonymously. They remain eternal friends.

Love you guys xx James

The End.

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