An unforgettable weekend part 4c

I slumped onto Sharon’s back and continued watching the s****rs complete their snowballing. I had just cum hard the 2nd time. Bearing in mind we had been out in Sunderland for most of the day, this 2nd orgasm knocked the wind out of me. It was barely midnight and I was exhausted from all I had experienced so far. I wanted to shut my eyes and sl**p. But this was not to be. Alan, even though he had experienced fucking Sharon before was also amazed at the filthiness of the 2 s****rs. I eventually eased off Sharon’s back and slid onto the sofa. Half sitting, half slumped. Eyes rolling into the back of my head, I felt a ringing in my ears. My mind was blown. Before this night, I thought I had experienced some remarkable nights in my time. This evening lay waste to those thoughts.

Most people tend to think back over their past experiences and conclude they were much better than the present. That is where the adage; the good old days comes from. Tonight, I took my hat off to the ladies of Newcastle. These s****rs reset my standing scale for debauchery. It was like I had been propelled into a higher level of sexual interaction. This was beyond ‘swinging’ as far as I was concerned. I was certainly in the territory of fetish and kink tonight.

Gill took pity on me and told her s****r to get me some water to replenish my lost fluids. I was sweating profusely and breathing hard. Alan looked down at me saying, F*****g h**l James, you got some stamina on you I give you that. You have been fucking for over an hour straight with hardly any break. I responded in between catching my breath; I used to be called the Duracell man. I had a girlfriend who once said she believed my cock had its own pumping machine which allowed it to stay hard even in my sl**p. Gill cut in, I hope that machine still works cos I am going to test you on that. Come test me anytime girl. I can handle it I boasted. Talk is cheap, she said. James go get a shower, you are soaking the settee Alan quipped. I got up agreeing with him. A shower will do me good. Up I went to the bathroom to have a good long shower.

I came back downstairs to all 3 sitting and chatting away blissfully. I joined them, this time sitting next to Sharon. She had a warm friendly air to her and the straight talking language of the Northern lass; as she liked to say. I must confess, there is something attractive about the Northern woman. She says what she means with no grey areas.

I personally prefer to play with people who ‘know’ that they are playing, they don’t confuse play with love, women who like to strut their stuff, enjoy sensuality, companionship and uninhibited fun. The sight of such women, who genuinely enjoy sex on their own terms get me going. It is reciprocal in that sense. Knowing your play partners are enjoying themselves feeds my lust and a positive loop of sexual energy kicks off.

Women, who are confused about what they enjoy, introduce doubt described as ‘different shades of grey’. I have seldom come across Northern ladies with this problem. It is a common occurrence down in Southern England I find. Once I hear that phase, there are different shades of grey in my approach to sex etc. I instinctively become guarded. It tells me she needs time to understand herself well enough before she can engage freely with other libertines.

Gill and Sharon had no grey areas in their thinking. They were acting out their inner SLUT without shame. I found this refreshing and tremendously erotic. I whispered into Sharon’s ear I wanted to have her and Gill together again. She laughed out loud and told her s****r; James wants seconds with us Gill. I felt a twinge of embarrassment then caught myself out of it thinking, I just had the best night of my life fucking these 2 s****rs, why am I embarrassed to declare I wanted more? Gill’s response snapped me back to reality. She was one hell of a SLUT. She asked me how I wanted them this time. I told her I had always had a fantasy of a threesome with me on my back and the 2 women taking turns to ride me while the other sucked by balls. The one sucking my balls will from time to time pull my cock out of the pussy of the cowgirl, deep throat my cock and slide it back into a waiting pussy. When that was done, the cowgirl will move forward to sit on my face. The BJ fem will then take her position riding my cock until the fem I am eating out gets off my face and becomes the BJ fem in the next cycle. Gil looked unimpressed, is that it? I thought you were going to ask to fuck our asses with that thick cock of yours. Again, I felt embarrassed that my most cherished fantasy was such a small request in their eyes. Alan laughed stood up and excused himself from the room. On leaving the room, Gill stood up and said RIGHT, let’s put that big cock of yours to work. The next 2 hours was filled with the realization of my fantasy and a lot more unimaginable FMF fantasies. I had the kind of experience I watched in porn movies that night, with Gill directing the changes and Sharon gushing several times more.

The most distinct memory I still have of those 2 hrs was me on top of Sharon, fucking her missionary style while French kissing both s****rs in a 3 way kiss. I remember it well because, it was Gill’s whispers into my ears telling me to ‘fuck her James, fuck her hard, fuck my s****r and fill her up’ that drove me over the edge for my 3rd orgasm into Sharon one more time. By now, all I could think off was sl**p! Alan had stealthily retired upstairs, leaving me to satisfy these ‘insatiable’ women for the rest of the night.

There comes a stage during a marathon fucking session when every stud who has experienced a FMF threesome such as I have described above, realises he is now in over his head. Two horny sexually charged women will lay waste to the fittest of studs eventually. Having cum 3 times that night, I had now reached that stage where the tables turned. I became worried I was not going to survive the night. Gill wanted more of me. Sharon, having gushed a good number of times was just barely getting into her stride. Observing these, I gauged my situation. I was slumped on the settee, thinking to myself ‘these women are going to kill me’

I had to come up with the goods. I had not anticipated they both wanted to play through the night till the early hours. My cock was as limp as a soft carrot. I started giving excuses.
 You know I was up all day. So was I snapped Sharon.
 If I had just an hour of sl**p when we got back I would have had the staying power for an all nighter. Excuses, excuses retorted Sharon.
 That champagne has gotten into my head. You didn’t drink that much James
 Let’s just relax for some time and I will get my 4th wind back. You are closing your eyes already exclaimed Gill. I thought you said you were going to show us what Black men are like.
Nothing I said worked. I knew I was on a hiding to nothing. I was loosing face and I could not control my body’s demand for sl**p. The weekend is not over yet, we are just taking a break was my last attempt to redeem myself. Both s****rs were on each side, coaxing me to get it up. They wanted more. I sat up with them, drank a few glasses of water and started kissing Gill first; light playful kisses. I pulled Sharon in to join us. I went down on Gills nipples and drove my fingers in between her thighs. I worked my way down her belly to her cunt and settled down there to eat her out until she came. Sharon stroked my cock and commenced her slow throaty BJ. I continued in the oral position for as long as I could, swapping pussies to eat out until I started feeling my cock get hard again. Sharon was the one sucking me when I got hard again. Gill, not to be robbed of her last Black Cock of the night got up without saying a word, turned me onto my back and sat straight down on my cock. She rode me mercilessly, gushing several times, Sharon whispering in my ears to keep on going. They both knew this turned me on immensely. I got my wind back full scale and we fucked and sucked until 5am that morning. I took both s****rs asses, fucking hard in doggy position this time with condoms on. Sharon’s ass was again the tighter of the two. It was a beautiful sight watching Gill stretch Sharon’s ass with a set of dilators for me to fuck and vice versa. Gill at one stage rimmed my ass as I fucked her k** s****r. On more than one occasion, both s****rs were down sucking my pole and balls to get me erect again. We fucked in the 69 position, again taking turns to sit on my face and my pole. The fucking got really dirty, I was eating Sharon’s ass in 69 with me on top while Gill rimmed me as Sharon sucked my pole. Every position I could think of was tried out that morning. They did eventually fuck me into submission. At 5am I conceded defeat, threw in my towel and begged to be sent upstairs.
Sharon got dressed and left for her place almost immediately.

To be continued in the 5th and final part.
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