An unforgettable weekend part 4b

Gill descended on my vertical black pole BAREBACK in one single stroke. As I felt the walls of her warm, slippery wet pussy engulf me, my heart raced. I could not contain my glee. My cock now had all my attention. I wanted to feel every part of her dripping wet married cunt as she started grinding her hips into me. I heard the beginnings of her moans but my entire body and mind was now focused on fucking her wanton cunt. I thrush my hip up into her, fucking hard and deep as she in return rode my cock like a professional jockey. Her grinding motion was driving me crazy. I had my face; eyes, nose and mouth deeply imbedded in Sharon’s sweet tasting scented cunt. Barely managing to breathe, I was grunting hard, pumping my pole as deep into Gill as I could get it. Gills cunt felt amazing. She squeezed her muscles tight on my shilong in an attempt not only to fuck my brains out, but also to milk me dry of whatever spurts of cum was waiting in my balls. I grabbed Sharon’s ass, took a deep breath, buried my face back in her young shaven cunt, stuck my tongue into her pussy and thrush my hips as hard and as high as I could.

All the while I was thinking, there is no way these 2 s****rs will let me fuck them both bareback on the same night. I had placed condoms in strategic locations all over the living room and Alan had given nothing away to make me think otherwise. I suspect he was not certain himself how the night would unfold. At no stage in the day did I labour under the false assumption bareback sex was on offer. But alas, here I was, laid on my back, eating out a 20+ blonde hottie and getting fucked by her older s****r bareback. I could honestly say it was the best surprise of the weekend.

The mental picture in my head as this was all going on took me over the edge, I pulled back off Sharon’s pussy took another deep breath and announced.. Am Cumming! This seemed to spur Gill on. Her moans and grinding became more urgent, I heard her moan go off into a muffle as Sharon grabbed her head and pulled her into a deep tongued French kiss. I exploded like a ruptured dam and emptied my balls into Gills soaking cunt. I was already feeling the wetness of fresh hot cunt juice on my thigh; oozing down to balls, but when I exploded into Sharon with a loud groan, she flooded my thigh with a fresh gush of cunt juice. I blasted at least 6 spurts of spunk into her married pussy with her husband watching and her s****rs tongue deep in her throat before my orgasm subsided. The entire scene was surreal. I had just fucked a pair of hotties bareback who also happened to be s****rs. It could not get any better.

We broke off our triangle of lust and sat up together. I was thirsty as hell. Champagne was not an option after so much body fluids had been exchanged. There was a wet patch where my head was as well as the sheets under my balls. The 3 of us had cum, not simultaneously but definitely very hard.

Alan supplied the water and again sat back to continue watching. Gill by now was interested in getting Alan involved; a concept he was deeply against. So Gill got up and went to sit between Alan’s opened legs. Sharon and I sat together recovering from our 1st massive orgasm. My cock was incredibly still rock solid hard. I was so turned on by it all. We watched Gill coax Alan in to allowing her to suck him off. It took Alan a while to acquiesce to this but having watched what just happened he was too turned on to refuse. His wife was a very dirty SLUT. He knew it and loved her for it. She was now teaching her younger s****r the ways of an ethical SLUT. Sharon loved it. As we watched Gill suck Alan off, she slowly got on all fours. Sharon and I watch her lustful style of sucking; she sucked like her life depended on it. Her cunt was pointing out at me. I could see my cum oozing out of her apposed pussy lips. The sight was too erotic. Sharon looked and me whispered in my ears to enter here from behind while she got on her back and sucked my balls at the same time. I imagined the scene in my head and promptly crawled to Gills waiting pussy, got onto my knees and plunged directly into Gills wanton married slutty cunt once again. Sharon wasted no time in getting in between my legs and started sucking my balls as I fucked her s****r. The sloppy cum made her pussy feel sleek on my throbbing cock. Sharon’s tongue engulfed my balls as I started my slow rhythmic doggy style fucking of her older s****r. Cunt juice mixed with my thick cum flowed down my balls into Sharon’s mouth. The sounds she made convinced me she was enjoying the taste of our juices mixed together. She sucked, tongued and swallowed each gush of cum and cunt juice with an hmmmm sounds coming from her every time she swallowed. I was enjoying this slower fuck now as I had expended a lot of energy thrusting into Gill when she sat on my cock the 1st time.

I determined to continue fucking until she had another vaginal orgasm, clitoral orgasm with Sharon’s tongue or Alan came. Gill seemed to relish this position and dug her face into Alan’s cock. She grabbed at his trousers, pulling it down off him with Sharon helping to get them off as well. Then my thrusts changed. I got my 2nd wind and went to town on Gills cunt. I knew I was unlikely to cum for the next hour and wanted to keep some of my cum for Sharon’s pussy as well. With Alan now fully involved Gill ordered Sharon up off her back to join her in sucking Alan off. Sharon wasted no time. She got on all fours next to Gill and they both took turns to suck on his pale white cock, kissing and passing his cock from mouth to mouth as they carried on.

Watching them turned me on so much so my interest shifted to wanting to fuck Sharon bareback as well. I stopped fucking Gill. She looked back at me with a ‘why did you stop?’ expression. I motioned with my eyes at her s****r’s ass which was sticking out invitingly. She smiled, wink and bobbed her head sideways, saying; go on Tiger. I slipped behind Sharon and set my cock on her pussy lips. I felt her pussy with 2 fingers- darn it was wet. As I slowly eased my self into her gorgeous pale blonde pussy, I was reminded how tight she was for me to enter for the 1st time. I was unable to push my 8+ fat pole into her wanton pussy like I had done Gill. Sharon had never been with a black man before me, she has taken Alan’s cock before, which was long but not half as fat as mine. I eased in and gave her shallow strokes to start with, her wanton cunt quivered but resisted, so I slapped my pole against her clit a few times to get her juices flowing just how I like it. She looked back at me, obviously aroused with the slapping effect on her clit and wriggled her ass into a better position for my bare Big Black Shilong to invade her tight inviting white cunt. Slowly and gentle, I fucked her, her moans muffled by Alans cock in her throat. Gill had by now left Alans cock to Sharon to swallow and was enjoying the sight of her little s****r getting spit roasted by her husband and her new black lover. She sat back against a seatte and masturbated as she watched me fuck her baby s****r for the 1st time that weekend.
As my thrush got deeper and faster Sharon started to moan loudly. Her cunt was ejecting splashes of warm juice on my cock and the carpet; she was gushing and gushing hard. A sudden wave of intense lust came on and I pounded into her pussy with vengeance. Her pussy was tight like a vice but because she was so wet my thrusts went all the way to my balls. I fucked like a raging bull, wanting to explode inside her young white cunt with her s****r watching and egging us on. Sharon went crazy; my hard deep strokes were hitting the right spot. Her 1st orgasm came from my deep penetration. She groaned then open her mouth and let out a whining sound of pleasure, as she started to cum on my cuck, spurts of cunt juice blurted out at me, Sharon was Cumming so hard it made me want to cum inside her desperately, but I was not anywhere near my next explosion. Sharon’s head was buried in between Alan’s leg, she dared not suck on his cock should in case she bit it. As she started descending from her orgasm Alan let out he was about to cum, I was fucking and sweating profusely, lust had again overwhelmed me and I was in a fucking frenzy. I pulled Sharon’s head back with her hair, she had her mouth wide open and Alan burst out directly in her mouth, every single spurt went in as he thrush his cock forward into her inviting mouth. I pulled Sharon’s hair so she could turn round to show me the cum in her mouth. She obligingly made a gurgling sound as she showed me Alan’s cum coating her tongue and floor of her mouth. Gill jumped up to her intent on sharing Alan’s cum with her little s****r, this was too much for me to handle. I called out ‘SHARON AM GOING TO CUM ‘and with that emptied my self into her hot soaking wet cunt completely.

To be continued…

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