An unforgettable weekend part 4a

The Saturday night
This is a long chapter. Enjoy!

Sharon arrived at 9am on the dot. This time, I opened the front door and welcomed her in with a kiss. She looked ravishing. Of the 2 ladies, Sharon was definitely the hottest. She was obviously the younger of the 2 and kept her figure a lot better than her older s****r. She planted a peck on my cheeks and handed me a bottle of champagne to open later on. I took her coat and walked her into the living room.

Gill rushed over to her and they kissed each other full on the lips, tongue and all. My eyes popped open! Hun? s****rs kissing? What the f**k? Alan looked up at me and laughed. James you look like you just saw a Ghost. I told you. I quickly gather my senses and composure, walked across to the kitchen to set the champagne on the table. I served out 3 flutes of champagne, passed them round and sat next to Sharon on a 3 seater settee. The next half hour went quickly with each of us downing 3 flutes of champagne each to loosen the spirits.

Gill was telling me a story of their 1st lesbian night together which incidentally happened in the same room with Alan upstairs unaware of what was happening many years ago. They had all come back from a night out; Alan had retired to sl**p early and heard the story from Gill the next day. After downing my 3rd flute of champagne I went out to the rest room. When I came back in, the 2 s****rs were in another embrace kissing in an exhibitionist manner.

Alan pointed me to join them. I planted my self in-between the pair of them, stretched myself energetically and leaned back into the settee with my arms wide, hands on both shoulders. Gill looked at Sharon and said to her, you go 1st. This was how the most memorable night of my 10 years experience started.

Sharon came in for a kiss, I saw the desire in her eye, although fully dressed, my cock was already rock hard, pushing against my trousers painfully. As Sharon’s lips made contact I felt Gill tug on my belt. I was getting undressed by Gill while Sharon took my virginity. The virginity I write about here is not that of a threesome with 2 women, but with 2 s****r. I was beyond turned on by what was unfolding. There was no way I would be able to hold out for long from cumming quickly the 1st time. I am lucky though, my 2nd cum of an encounter takes a long time. The 3rd, 4th and 5th take even longer. So I had no fear of underperformance. I often remained hard after the 1st cum so much so, I would cum and continue fucking until the 2nd cum pierced through me more than 1 hr later.

I was still busy focusing on kissing Sharon I did not realise Gill had taken all my clothes off. I sat in between these sexy s****rs one kissing and the other going down on my big throbbing black cock for 10 mins. Gill sucked fast and made slurping sounds, I could feel the pressure on my cock head as she strained to take me in deeper. My cock gets fatter from tip to base, so women always found it hard to deep throat me. Gill’ straining throat induced a gag reflex on a few occasions. She tried a few times but eventually gave in to defeat and concentrated on slurping my shaft and cockhead until she could taste pre-cum oozing from my tip. Then they switched, Gill came up to take Sharon’s place.

Sharon’s blow job was softer, she sucked on my head barely applying any pressure, her slurps on my shaft was slow, sensuous, deliberate, it was like she was enjoying sucking me more than I was enjoying the pleasure of her oral skills. Her bobbing blonde hair covering my field of vision so I could not see her lips as my cock disappeared through them. The skin contrast of my dark shaft disappearing into those full open pale lips is an undeniable turn on that makes interracial sex so arousing for me. Loosing that field of vision however, did not bother me as I was also being pleasured by Gill’s throat exploring kisses. She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth, when I gave her my tongue she sucked on them hard. Both of them were like yin & yang. Sharon’s style was soft and sensuous while Gill’s was fast and lustful. Alan was fully dressed, wanking his pale cock which to my surprise was also massive.
Sharon then came back up to join Gill and I in a 3 way kiss. Sharon was at the same time giving me a hand job. To describe this scene as an unbelievable dream cum true will be putting it mildly.

Sharon beckoned to Gill and they both suggested I lay on my back on the floor. By now, Alan had gotten out a mattress covered in a cream coloured sheet and placed it in the middle of the living room. I slide onto my back waiting for what next might happen. Both ladies knelt next to my cock and gave me visual feast of pleasure, taking turns to suck my cock while kissing each other. I pulled Sharon bum over to me gesturing the 69 sign and was rewarded was Sharon’s tight pussy starring down at me. I went to town on her young wet cunt, sucking eating slurping, swallowing and tongue fucking her pussy. I wanted her to cum in my mouth. She was so sweet to eat; I momentarily lost my concentration on the pleasure emanating from my cock and balls. Gill was tonguing my arse while Sharon continued her relentless sucking of my already rock hard pole. I heard her moans increase as I buried my nose and face into her cunt with my tongue flicking on her clit. This sent her over the edge and I was rewarded with my 1st cum of the evening, hot cunt juice trickled into my mouth slowly at first then a sudden squirt. I swallowed ravenously. Darn, I love the warmth and taste of cunt juice.

Both s****rs continued their relentless oral attack on my BBC, balls and ass. I was oblivious to everything else going on around me. Just the smell, taste and wetness of Sharon’s pussy feeding me her squirts when I heard some shuffling down below, Gill has stopped sucking my balls and Cock. Sharon stopped as well. I continued eating her pussy not giving a care in the world for what was to come next. Then it happened. Gill descended on my vertical black pole…
To be continued

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