An unforgettable weekend part 3

Sharon and I woke up fully an hour and a half later. We all know the embarrassment of unpleasant morning mouth odour. Sharon was keenly aware of this and was not in the mood for kisses. Neither was I. We both had no toiletries to get cleaned up with. She was however a straight talking lady and apologised by saying I need to get freshened up quickly. I nodded and told her I understand. I am staying the weekend here and have nothing to get cleaned up with. Sharon looked at me surprised, really? You are staying? Till when? Monday morning. Wicked! I added Gill told me I was staying when you slumped back to sl**p. Didn’t you hear her? I was shattered she responded, but in a good way. I will be seeing more of that big cock of yours then? With pleasure I responded.

This is what Gill has been enjoying all these years. I was being a good girl in my marriage she said. Her ex had been a possessive jealous type. She said it was OK at first; it made her feel she was important to him. She told me it turned her on knowing he would fight for her but after the first 2 years it all changed. He became aggressive and started drinking too much. She decided having babies with him was not a good idea and eventually she plucked up the courage to leave

So what is there to do in Newcastle on a weekend I asked? I am from London, working up here in the week on a contract job. She stood up butt naked and stepped over me, reaching for her thong. Sharon had great body confidence. She was after all still young, in her 20’s and according to her, had just had the best sex of her last 5 years. I teased her saying your ex was not that good? How come you stayed with him for that long? She looked down at me with thoughtful eyes and said, I don’t know. We both laughed, started tidying up the living room and putting things where they belonged. A few broken plant pots were s**ttered about. She got the Hoover out and went to work in the living room while I focused on the kitchen dinner. We got dressed and Sharon disappeared upstairs to talk to Gill. By now I was aware of my bad breath and was aching to get a shower. I made myself a cup of tea after rummaging through the kitchen cabinets and made one for Sharon as well. Gill and Sharon came back down. They were surprised I had made Sharon a cup of tea. We joked and continued with some small talk before Sharon finally said it was time for her to head home I am coming back tonight though, so don’t you run away James. I ain’t going nowhere was my response.

Gill walked Sharon to the door, came back and told me to go up to the bathroom for a shower if I wanted. There is a new toothbrush in the bathroom for you. It is still in its packet. I thanked her and disappeared up the stairs. Alan shouted morning James from the bedroom as I shut the bathroom door behind me. I freshened up and met both of them down in the kitchen. Gill made us a full English breakfast, it was delicious. We talked about her plans for the weekend. She listed a few things she wanted us to do, go to a sex shop to check out some toys and gadgets, get some new lingerie, fuck me shoes etc. We would all go out together and come back a little late in the day. Sex shop? Cool, Alan and I will find something to do while you do your other shopping? No, we will all be together. Alan took over. I like to see Gill flirting with another man when we are out so, she will flirt with you all day, trust me, she is good with that. You don’t mind? I said thinking you must have f****y and friends in Newcastle who might spot us. No, we are not doing this in Newcastle; we are going to another city. Ahh got ya. Now I am game!

We headed out to Sunderland and spent the day as planned. Gill walked with me while Alan came behind watching us acting like couples. We got a number of strange looks especially in the female shops. Gill and I walked in with Alan coming in a few seconds later and joining us as we talked about what she wanted. It was clear the assistants were trying to figure out who was with whom.

We got back home at about 7pm. Gill went upstairs to model the outfits, coming down to perform a dance, teasing and joking about how easy it was to get us hard. Eventually we agreed on a black and white combination with fuck me boots for the night. Gill called Sharon to ask when she will be arriving. She updated her on what she will be wearing for the night. All through the day, Alan filled me in on what to expect. Gill and Sharon were bisexual. Alan had fucked Sharon before because Gills wanted to watch them together. Since Sharon’s divorce, Gill had been relentless in trying to get them both together again. He knew how complicated things may get if he ever succumbed to Gills encouragements, so told me to go for Sharon and keep her busy all night. So long as I was there, he will not be needed was his assessment of the situation.

I was all ears. Fascinating stuff this was. I asked if I was likely to fuck both of them in the same room. Alan looked at me pitifully, it sounds like fun now to you mate? I will ask you how you feel in the morning. The way he said it suggested to me I was not the cat that got the cream. Instead, I was the one who was going to get fucked to exhaustion.

to be continued
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