An unforgettable weekend part 2

Alan went out to get us cold drinks as we lay down exhausted. He came back in a few seconds later and started a conversation with Gill about the events leading to their arrival in the club. They had both been at home when Sharon came to see them. She was recently divorced and had complained to Gill she was not getting any ‘action’. Alan & Gill had tried comforting her to no avail so when she left she was still in a low mood. Apparently, Sharon knew about their swinging lifestyle and was envious.

Alan raised his concern and said, oh no that is not a good idea. I looked up at him then turned to Gill. She had a cheeky look on her face which confirmed to me what had just happened. Gill had said nothing but Alan caught on pretty quickly and tried to put an end to the idea immediately.

Gill was not to be stopped. She picked up her mobile phone darted to the downstairs toilet and shut the door behind her. I just laid there thinking, this is not really happening is it?

Well, it was. Sharon had wasted no time in getting showered and driving across to us. It was close to 2am at this time. Alan started tidying up frantically, he did not want Sharon observing anything sexual had gone on which I though was slightly odd. He later explained to me although Sharon knew about them, she had never actually done any swinging in her life. He felt the night was likely to end badly for all of us if Sharon ‘freak out’. He also worried about the after effects if she did not approve and told the rest of Gill’s f****y what she had seen. I got the picture, got dressed and we quickly made a plan to introduce me as a work colleague staying over for the night.

To say our plan was pointless and effective would be an understatement. When Gill opened the door for Sharon and she walked into the living room, my jaw dropped. Sharon was a super sexy 28 years old blonde. She was in a black dress and have very little make up on. She had applied a thin layer of lip gloss, smelled fresh and sweet. She had her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her face was smooth with no blemishes. She looked like someone on a mission to seduce. She gave me a look that left me in no doubt she knew what was going on. Alan, sitting further away immediately excused himself saying he was calling it a night and heading to bed. He said in a resigned voice, James, you can sl**p here in the living room or go up to the guest bedroom anytime you are ready. Good night.

Gill was at the door introducing her s****r to me. Sharon was by now sitting next to me. She looked and smelt delicious with a beaming smile; like a cat that had gotten the cream. After a brief introduction, Gill also said her good night and headed upstairs with Alan. She knew her s****r well enough to know what she liked. She pulled the living room door shut with her final goodbyes saying to Sharon, don’t make too much noise you 2, we will be trying to sl**p up there.

Sharon wasted no time; I could see the lust in her eyes as I was certain mine was bl**d red with the same. We kissed lightly, teasing initially; she pulled back a few times, looked me in the eye and came back in with her mouth slightly open to invite me in for a tender French kiss. She rolled her tongue over mine, licked my upper lip, darted her tongue in and out of my mouth and finally leaned backward onto her back, inviting me to take her anyway I wanted. I did not disappoint. I had the hardest hard on I have had for some time that morning. We laid out all the settee seats on the living room floor and proceeded to fuck each other brainless till 7am in the morning. That Friday night was the most memorable nights I recall.

We were woken up at 8am or so by Gill who opened the door and exclaimed f*****g h**l what happened here. The living room looked like a bomb had gone off in it. Sharon steered briefly and slumped back to sl**p. I looked up to Gill who smiled back at me, winked and told me, I want you again soon big boy. You will be staying here for the weekend! With that she left us alone and went back upstairs to Alan...

Sure enough, I stayed the entire weekend leaving on daybreak Monday morning to have a shower get changed and head off to work.

How the Saturday unfolded and even better, my trip back to my hotel on Monday morning comes in part 3 4 and 5…

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