An unforgettable weekend part 1

This a true story of a cuckolding experience I had a few years back. The events are still so vivid in my mind I thought it will be a good thing to put this down in writing somewhere

Many years ago, I worked in Newcastle, UK and lived in London. My trips to Newcastle would start at 5apm on a Sunday evening with a drive to London Heathrow or Luton depending on where the airline with the best offer. I would arrive in Newcastle late and stay over in a hotel for the rest of the week. Occasionally, I stayed the weekend if there was something interesting to do up north.

On this particular weekend, I had been chatting to a friend on line who suggested I attended a swingers club he was familiar with. I had been to maybe 2 or 3 clubs only at this stage of my experience as a Bull/Dom. I describe myself more as a curious single man at this stage. Anyway, I contacted the club and was given an invitation to attend on a Friday evening as well as the Saturday if I felt like it.

Bear in mind, I was not entirely sure what the liberated scene was all about at the time, so I set off with a single intention to meet people and simply be social. The host was a gentle giant of a man who was always smiling and positive. I was shown around the club as is customary for a 1st timer. Afterwards, I got myself a soft drink and stepped into the lounge/social communal room. It was large room with settees and foot stools lining the walls. The night was a cold winter night, a gentle fire had been set to ad additional warmth which was now smouldering and coming to its end. I introduced myself to a couple sitting quietly in a corner and sat next to them. Another couple was playing in the middle of the room for all to see. I was the only black man in the club.

The couple sitting next to me were a mid 30’s well spoken sophisticated couple who had met in high school and got married shortly after university. They narrated their story of how they got involved in the swinging scene as it was called in those days. After a seemingly long conversation the wife, a beautiful brunette suggested I joined the couple in the middle of the room playing. I mentioned the rule of asking 1st especially as I was a single guy to which she responded ‘they are friends of our’ I know she will like to have a BBC. Obviously, the thought occurred to me being the only black man there was bound to be a few women similarly interested in the interracial taboo so we entered into a conversation with the playing couple. Sure enough, I was invited to join them in a threesome for the entire club to watch and promptly did.

We played for well over 2 hrs with couple cheering and suggesting we try different positions. I was in my elements, thoroughly enjoying the scene. After something close to her 6th multiple orgasms she was completely spent and I had yet to cum at all. I was congratulated on my stamina with everyone commenting how hot it was to watch etc.
By now it was getting close to midnight and I was thinking it was time I called a taxi and made my way back to my hotel when the couple I had been sitting next to offered to drive me back because they had seen enough and wanted to have their fun in private at home. .

I accepted the offer, got dressed and made my way to their car. I sat behind the driver expecting Gill (not her real name) to sit with her husband in front. She slide into the back seat with me and proceeded in telling me how hot it was to watch me. She wanted to have me to herself that was why her husband (Alan) offered to drive me home. They already knew I was staying in a hotel for the weekend and I had nothing to do for the weekend in Newcastle.

I did not need much convincing. Gill and I started kissing, touching and caressing each other as Alan changed course and headed to their house.

The drive was short 15 mins or so. Gill hurried up to their bedroom while I sat in the living room waiting with Alan. When she returned, she was in red lace lingerie, high heels and had applied some red lipstick. She was absolutely stunning! Gill wasted no time in chit chat, she walked up to me and sat on my lap facing me. We started kissing passionately with Alan snapping away with his camera. In less than 5 mins I was totally immersed and forgot about Alan’s presence completely. The next 1hr was sublime. Gill and I went at it like a pair of teenage lovers. When I exploded into her for the 1st time that night, it was a toe curling heavy grunting orgasm. It was indeed an explosion because I was suddenly aware of Alan’s presence as he zipped across the room to hold Gill up to prevent her from falling off the settee.

This was just the beginning of the weekend. Gill crawled to the carpeted floor; rolled onto her back enjoying the afterglow of an energetic sensual fucking session and muttered, Sharon (not her real name should have some of this). I smiled as I lay next to her also spent and asked, who is Sharon?

She responded; Sharon is my s****r.
To be continued

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