an encounter with my married hotwife girlfriend

Last Friday. I met with my cuckold couple again. We had been exchanging text messages for a fortnight in preparation for this event. My instructions are always warmly delivered; I am not one of those brutish aggressive Doms out there. I made her aware of my intention to take both of them to the next level. She was initially apprehensive but also excited. One early morning before we met, she received a text from me telling her how I had woken up with a raging hard on for her. She was excited and asked what I wanted her to wear. My instruction was simple; I want my Hotwife girlfriend in my favourite colour. RED. She did not disappoint. I exchanged a number of flirtatious texts with her through the rest of the day, getting her mind tuned into our next meeting.

We will be doing some shopping for new clothes, perfumes etc I texted. Her outfits were from now on going to be what I liked to see her wear. She would change her perfume to my favourite fragrance. I had already bought a number of Hotwife accessories and jewellery for her to try on. I directed her to a website we will be shopping from when we were cuddled up for the night on her matrimonial bed; we sl**p in the master bedroom together while hubby spends his night in a spare bedroom by the way. She was to prepare hubby for the next level.
HW-Prepare??? She exclaimed.
Me- Yes, he must be prepared to follow through with instructions given. He will become more involved with our dates.
HW- Really? I'm sure he will enjoy that!
Me- Meet me at the door on arrival. I am staying the night as usual.
HW- What will you like to eat
Me- my usual..

The evening duly arrived. After a long drive caught in traffic, I rang her door bell. She opened the door. Wow! A sexy curvaceous blonde Hotwife in a figure hugging red dress, red lipstick, nails and high heeled shoes. Hair looked perfectly straight, long and smelt delicious. We kissed passionately before dropping my travel bag on the floor in a corner. We walked to the cavernous living room. Hubby was sitting in a corner chair, camera in hand. He had turned on the hi fi. Soft sensual music perfused the room. The lights was dim. He had an excited smile on his face. He knew exactly how I liked my evenings played out. We sat together cuddling on a seatte. A bowl of strawberries was already by my side table. I picked one up, took a bite and shared it with my girlfriend with a long sensuous French kiss, both of us taking turns to roll the bits into each other's mouth until it was all gone. Hubby started snapping away almost immediately. After a few minutes of this, we sat back, I looked at hubby and asked, why did it take you so long to update the blog? It takes an awfully long time to write he said. I agreed. An entry does take a while to put together. You have to recall the scene right and transfer it as elegantly as possible from your mind to screen. I am glad you take it so seriously. I like to read them and you will continue right up to the time we met. Agreed. I have changes to make to our encounters from now on. I know, I have been told. Whatever pleases your girlfriend is good with me. That's settled then.

I turned to my Sexy delighted girlfriend, picked up my iPad and we started our on-line shopping with hubby still sitting and watching us. We discussed outfits, styles and what we should get for our next meeting; all the while kissing and whispering to each other. We picked a few items we both liked, I paid and instructed her to try them on and get hubby to send me photo shots when they arrived. Do you want me to try ALL of them on?... Yes of course, I replied. A long evening dressing up and taking pictures await. My girlfriend likes posing for photo shoots you see. It makes her feel sexy and desired.

I have a surprise for you I said. She looked at me excitedly, oh.. What is it? She was immediately back to her 'suburban self conscious respectable wife mode' again. You will like it, in fact you will love it. I pulled out a jewellery case and presented her with a number of necklaces, wrist chains ear rings, waist chains and ankle chains with various inscriptions, QOS, HW, Cuckold, BBC only etc embedded or dangling from each one. I ordered her to sit back, then called hubby to put them on her one at a time. As soon as they had all been placed in their rightful places; the BBC anklet was placed on her Right bare ankle by the way (hint), she stood up suddenly. I have a surprised for YOU she said. I sat back amused, a surprise? Yes, one I know you will like. I picked another strawberry, slipped it into my mouth and said go on.

My married hotwife girlfriend pulled up her dress to reveal a white thong with ' I love Black Cock' inscribed across it. I beamed widely. My softly spoken respectable conservative white middle class mother and wife had finally come to terms with her other side. I thought to myself, she has accepted her inner SLUT at last.

I was very pleased, very pleased indeed. My cock rose at a rate I have not experienced in a long time. Get down here and take my clothes off I said. She hurriedly pulled my belt off, zips down, trousers, socks and shirt off, kneeled between my legs, licked the tip of my 8+ thick Black pole slowly; while looking into my eyes, and made me watch as my pole disappeared through her red full lips into her waiting warm moist juicy mouth. I rolled my eyes up, looked in hubby's direction; he was wanking furiously through his trousers. I leaned back to enjoy a most amazing blow job. She was eager, already soaking wet and horny. I know because as soon as she was convinced I was rock hard, she stood up, pulled her thong to the side and descended on my pole in one single move, engulfing me in her hot, respectable married pussy with no regard for her hubby whatsoever. Sas started to ride me. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until her 1st shuddering orgasm ripped through her. Her moans speeded up as her orgasm took on a multiple flavour. One after the other, she shuddered, breathed hard, mourned rapidly into a rising climax and shuddered yet again as she was engulfed by a full bodied orgasm! She had 5 separate multiple orgasms in less than 15 minutes of riding me hard. Her face and chest flushed red with lust, beads of sweat broke out from her forehead, the air between us heated up with desire, she kept going; moaning softly at first then crying loudly as the next wave ripped through her. It was an immense act of sheer self control that prevented me from blasting my cum deep into her married pussy. To break the cycle, I pulled her into me for a long wet and slurpy kiss. Her focus shifted from her desire to experience the next wave of pleasure to satisfying my lustful desire to kiss her passionately. Her breathing slowed down as she lost herself in my mouth, both hands holding her face to me, eyes locked on each other, we kissed like star crossed lovers. This is what she craved, a return to the beautiful emotions of her younger years when sex was not just sex but an emotional bonding expressed physically. It made her feel alive again, feel desired, feel wanted by a dominant man who knew what he wanted and also knew how to give her what she desired. I delivered it in great measure. The look in her eyes expressed this glaringly and she received it with glee right in front of her husband who was stood up next to us, furiously snapping away.

When she finally came round, she sat up with me still deeply embedded in her married BBC owned pussy, looked down at her reddened pussy and said 'oh, that was amazing'. We turned to hubby, he knew without a word being exchanged, and offered us a glass of lemonade each to quench our thirst
S and I sat immobile in the same position for a few moments, smiled and said almost at the same time, 'let's go to bed'. Holding hands, I led her upstairs to the massive en suit master bedroom which had been immaculately cleaned for us to spend our umpteenth night together.

Hubby followed drinks in hand, placing them on each side of the bedside tables and stood at the door quietly watching as Sas and myself discussed what she would wear in bed for me. She excitedly brought out several items of clothing she had bought recently which she knew would impress me. I picked a white and black chemise which she promptly slipped into. We lays down together, kissed and talked about my plans to take her out on a date. Hubby was to act as our driver. She wanted to come stay the night at mine sometime, we made plans to go out to a club together, hubby coming along and other times staying at home waiting for our return. Hubby will drive her to mine, stay in my spare bedroom while we spent the night in my master bedroom. We would take weekend trips away. She was now fully ready to become my married Hotwife girlfriend. All this with hubby listening in. I looked up at hubby and asked what he thought of our plans. He replied, anything that makes Your girlfriend happy is fine with me. I was pleased to hear this yet again. I called him to sit at the foot of the bed. Slowly, Sas and myself started caressing and kissing again, the next round was about to start...

Part 2
After a long session of passionate kisses, Sas, feeling a desire to have me inside her again, went down on me to get me rock hard yet again. I placed her on her back, instructed hubby to hold her legs open for me as I slid my pole into her waiting married cunt. She had been telling me how she loved being my SLUT, how she longed for our nights together because she knew she would cum more in one night with me than she did in a month of hubby fucking her. She could not say no to anything I wanted her to do. She went crazy anytime I whispered dirty words to her when fucking. I would call her my married slut, tease her by telling her how good she felt when she fucked her black boyfriend, how fucking her boyfriend made her feel dirty and wanton. You love fucking my black cock don't you... Yes, yes, yes, she would respond and in seconds cry out as another shuddering orgasm ripped through her entire body. Tell him you love fucking your black boyfriend I said. She pulled her head back, looked up at her hubby and said; in between orgasms... I LOVE FUCKING MY BLACK BOYFRIEND. HE MAKES ME CUM BETTER THAN YOU. HE OWNS MY CUNT. This drove me wild, my thrusts took on a new ferocity, I pumped my pole so deep into her my lower abdomen, AM GOING TO CUM INSIDE YOU! yes yes fill me up she moaned, this took me over the edge, I exploded in her like a derailed freight train 2...3...4......5............6 massive jerks, toes curling, deep guttural sounds coming from me, a 7th jerk! Am cummmmiiinnnnng........

When I came round, sweating profusely, I slide of her beautiful curvaceous body barely supporting myself with one elbow. I felt dizzy, that 1st cum was massive, I looked down and saw copious amounts of gloppy thick white cum flowing from my married girlfriends cunt. Before I hit the bed on my side, hubby was already snapping away with his camera! The air was thick with lust. I was breathless. After the frenzy of picture taking, Sas jumped out of bed, trying to prevent my cum forming a massive wet patch on her side of the bed. I laughed as I watch her slink into the en suit bathroom for a quick clean up. She came back out saying.... That was a lot! I replied I know!

We took a long break, hubby sat at the foot of the bed telling us how perfect we looked together. After a brief period chatting, I instructed Sas to change back into her red dress, I was hard again and wanted to take some pictures of us fucking with her red dress and her new accessories on. We fucked again for another hour before deciding to call it a night.

We said our good byes to hubby who went downstairs to clean up the living room and kitchen, set the house alarm, ensure the lights were all turned out before retiring to his bedroom. His last words to us was, I am going to work at 8am in the morning, so I guess I will not see you until our next meeting. I said my goodnight once again and with that, Sas and I went to sl**p in each other's arms.

I was was woken up the next morning by Sas, asking if I could move my car from the triple garage drive way for hubby. I got dressed moved it and came back up to bed. We were now alone in the house. It was not long before the kissing cuddling and caressing began again. When we are together, it is like fireworks, we turn each other on so much. We fucked again for a full hour, switching positions, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, 69, on and on we went breathing hard, fucking with the passion of teenagers, sweating, wiping each other's sweat down with towels. It was amazing. Hubby called at one stage and was told, we are busy! Call back later. He reminded Sas the k**s had to be picked up from the sitter that morning. They will, she snapped and hung up. Off we went again. After my 3rd massive orgasm and her 30th or more of the night, we were spent. We slumped back into bed exhausted.
We talked about my plans to take her to the next level which she was excitedly looking forward to, then got up to take a shower, freshen up and head downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Sas prepared a quick breakfast of tea, toast, orange juice and cereals which we both eat while chatting absentmindedly. We watched some news on the kitchen flat screen for a while before we finally decided to start our day. Hubby called again wanting to know what we were doing. He was in work and suspected we were still in bed fucking. He would have loved to listen in as we fucked but we did not give him that opportunity. Maybe next time .......

Our next encounter is in a few weeks...
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