A perfect cuckolding relationship part 2

The room was a single room with a bed and side table. It had just enough space for us to get our clothes off without bumping into one another. As a black dom who enjoys the attention of attractive submissive ladies, I suggested Mel took my clothes off as I did the same to her. We were locked in another long sensuous kiss as she went to task on my trouser buttons 1st. She wanted to free my smoothly shaved rock hard cock in her hands before engulfing it in with her red lips. I have a business fashion style, cotton trousers, fully fitted dress shirts with French cuffs, Italian leather shoes and fitted jackets. Mel dexterous fingers made light works of my carefully selected attire. I was naked (including my socks) in seconds. Her white short figure hugging dress in turn came off in one single stroke to reveal a toned 5ft 6inches physique. She wore no underwear.

Standing naked in front of me; in heels with her long straight legs, blew my mind. I wanted her on her back so I could explore every inch of her body with my hands and tongue. I was dizzy with a desire to bury my face in between her bald pussy and taste her femininity. She smelt so good I could only imagine how delectable she would taste. All I could think of was a need to feed my 5 senses.

When I am with a desirable woman, I enjoy that first few minutes when she is totally naked. I like to take my time to appreciate her beauty visually. Then, I am overwhelmed by a desire to experience the feeling of her soft smooth skin, as I gently run my hands all over her naked body. The taste of her skin as I kiss her softly from head to toe increases my excitement. Hearing her means of pleasure as I bury my face in her pussy smelling and tasting her essence completes my need to feed all 5 senses. At this stage, a burning desire to OWN her takes over me, it translates into an intense lust, a need to take what I want; like a teenager in love, sometimes with absolutely no regard for what she wants. It is a primal urge of all Dominant men to possess a woman completely in the heated throws of love making. For me, it is a desire to take into myself all she has to offer physically and emotionally. I believe women sense this intense lust instinctively in the presence of true Dominants and respond with a perfectly complimenting desire to submit totally to his control.

At the same time, Mel was also burning with her lust for me. She later told me she was yearning to taste my precum and cum even before we had left the living room downstairs. She had an uncontrollable urge to feel my massive hard cock invade her throat and explode into her mouth. She wanted to feel my balls as they jerked in spasms, delivering to her senses my salty, musky, thick ,white creamy cum. She craved the satisfaction of knowing she was able to please me to completion. The flow of my cum, as it trickled down her throat into her gut was the evidence she sough. This for her was proof of her desirability.

We kissed for along time, she trying to go down on me, while I kept leading her towards the bed. Eventually she gave in and sat down on the edge of the bed. As I placed my hands on her shoulders to ease her back gently, she engulfed my cock in an enclave of hot, wet, slippery delight that caught me by surprise. I stood still and focused immediately on the sensation coming from my loins. She gave the wettest blow job I had experienced to date. Her tongued rolled rhythmically on my head in tune with the gentle bobbing movement of her head; up and down my shaft. I felt no sharp abrasion of her teeth, she completed each stroke with a slurping sound that drove me wild, her skill at sucking cock was unsurpassed, she took me in deeper and deeper with each bobbing movement until my cock impaled the deep recesses of her throat. She wanted my cum. I could sense it. Her unflinching focus on what she was doing convinced me she would have it in minutes if I did not slow things down. Somehow, she sensed I was holding back and looked up into my eyes as my cock slowly pulled out from her warm red lips. She kept her eye locked onto me and continued, slipping down in between my legs to kneel so she could continue taking me deep throat without breaking our by now, locked gaze. I tried to hold back but it was simply impossible. I felt the warmth build up in my loins as the 1st wave of cum blasted its way from my contorting balls, an electric sensation raced through me, me face became warm as a flush overwhelmed it, I saw her eyes widen momentarily as she felt the spasms which delivered the essence of my manhood to her eager waiting throat. I let out a loud moan and broke eye contact. The feeling was too intense. This incredibly beautiful woman was down in between my legs yearning to swallow all my balls had to offer. My orgasm came hard, it came in sharp bursts of electric pleasure, my entire body shuddered as I erupted over and over again in her mouth. Mel placed her warm hand under my balls and started massaging them as I slipped into the last throws of spasmic pleasure. She continued to massage, suck and deep throat my hard cock not letting go until she was sure I was completely drained. She had succeeded in her quest.
To be continued…
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